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Best Medicine Balls 2020 (Top 12 Medicine Balls And Buying Guide)

12 Best Medicine Balls 2020

  1. AmazonBasics Medicine Ball
  2. DYNAPRO Medicine Ball
  3. J/Fit Soft Medicine Ball
  4. TRX Training Slam Ball
  5. Goplus Duel Grip Medicine Ball
  6. Cap Barbell Medicine Ball
  7. Valeo Medicine Ball
  8. ProSource Soft Medicine Ball
  9. Titan Duel Grip Medicine Ball
  10. Champion Sports Leather Medicine Ball
  11. Millard Double Grip Medicine Ball
  12. FILA Accessories Weighted Toning Soft Ball

The medicine ball has been around in gyms for years, but it’s only recently they have become more popular than ever.  Fitness fanatics and athletes all across the world have rediscovered the benefits of this old-school piece of equipment, and it’s now been included more and more within peoples daily training programs.  This is why I have created a list of the 10 best medicine balls currently on the market.  If you are looking to improve core stability, speed, strength or explosive power then I would definitely recommend including some medicine ball training within your plan.

There are now many different varieties of medicine balls and they have all had a hip makeover to bring them in line with the times and appear more modern.

Medicine balls will make an excellent and affordable addition to your home gym due to the vast amount of exercises you can do with them.  They are brilliant for advanced users looking to improve performance but at the same time, unlike kettlebells, there is little technical expertise required to master making them a hugely fun and addictive addition to any beginners training program.

Like kettlebells and dumbbells, medicine balls come in a variety of weights, meaning you will always be able to progress and improve.  It’s time to start twisting, turning, and slamming your way to improved strength, power and fitness levels you never thought were possible.

Best Medicine Balls 2020 Reviews

#1.  AmazonBasics Medicine Ball

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The AmazonBasics Medicine Ball is a good product to use to supplement your everyday workouts with. This ball is featured at 10 different weight levels, making it simple to pick the weight that you want to use for your workouts. The many different options also make it possible to move up to a heavier ball later on.

This product made our best medicine balls 2018 list because of its build quality and ease-of-use more than anything else. It’s made from a tough rubber material that holds up really well to regular use and abuse. The rubber has a thick feel to it and will hold up well to lots of banging, slamming and tossing, which is just what you want from a medicine ball that you’re going to be lifting and dropping.

We really enjoy the textured feel of the AmazonBasics medicine balls, because they are very easy to hold onto while working out. You won’t have an issue with dropping this ball during standard workouts unless you really want to drop the ball, and that’s a good thing.

The one downside that we noticed about this medicine ball is that it’s far too bouncy to be used as a slam ball. If you are looking for a medicine ball that you can use for all your different workout routines, including a slam routine, this one just isn’t going to work very well. It bounces up on impact far too much. Other than that, this is a good quality medicine ball at a decent price and comes strongly recommended.


√ Offered in 10 different weights

Tough rubber build quality

Textured exterior material for grip

Featured in several different colours


× Too bouncy for use as a slam ball

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#2.  DYNAPRO Medicine Ball

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Medicine balls are a versatile workout aid and we were impressed with the performance of the DYNAPRO medicine ball products. These balls are designed to offer excellent grip and to give you just the amount of weight to make your workouts more difficult. There are four different weight and colour options to choose from, letting you adjust slightly from a low of 6 lbs. up to a high of 12 lbs. We were a bit disappointed in the lack of a higher weight ball, but the balls provided can still be used for tough workouts when used properly.

We were really impressed with the excellent grip that you can get while using these medicine balls. They feature two different textures, a marble texture and a diamond texture, and together you can get just the right hold that you’re looking for. You’ll feel the difference between the different faces of the ball, but no matter where you grip the ball it’s not going to slip or slide at all.

This medicine ball is a solid workout tool as long as you need something to lift, toss or roll around. It doesn’t work too well for slamming because of its bouncy design. Each of these medicine balls is made from a tough rubber material and filled with air to make them virtually burst proof. They’re tough, hold up well to repeated use and are just reliable medicine balls overall.


4 different weight and colour options

Tough rubber build

Grippy multi-textured design

Burst resistant design


× Strong rubber smell at first

× Only goes up to 12 lbs.

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#3.  J/Fit Soft Medicine Ball

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If you’re searching for a softer and more cushiony medicine ball you’ll love what the J/Fit Soft Medicine ball has to offer you. This speciality medicine ball is designed for tossing, throwing, catching and moving around for weighted movements, and it is wrapped in a soft shell for maximum comfort and grip.

These medicine balls are more expensive than many others on our best medicine balls of 2018 list, but they are made to an exceptional quality standard. The balls feature a triple stitched soft covering that helps you really grab on and get a good hold during use. They are more comfortable than the harder style balls are, especially for throwing and catching.

We were impressed by how tough the outer material of this ball feels during use. There are nine different weight options to pick and choose from when selecting one of these balls, and each of the weight options is slightly different. You can go with a low of 6 lbs. all the way up to a massive 30 lbs. for a good workout no matter what fitness level you are at. These balls are built to be uniform size no matter what weight they are, so they always provide a nice comfortable feel when you work out.


√ Goes up to 30 lbs.

9 different weight options to choose from

√ Uniform size on al balls

Tough construction considerations

√ Triple stitched soft covering


× Not made for slamming exercises

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#4.  TRX Training Slam Ball

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If you’re searching for a tough slam ball that you can beat on the ground over and over again or just an ultra-durable medicine ball, this TRX Training SlamBall is a tough and reliable product. On the outside, its tough rubber shell actually looks very similar to a tire in the way that its tread is formed. This ball features a wide and tough tread that makes it very easy to get a nice firm grip on it during use. The tread is a bit rough on the hands, especially if you have softer hands, but a pair of gloves or some time to toughen up your hands fixes that issue easily.

These balls are available in size from 6 lbs. all the way up to 50 lbs. and are designed for people of all different fitness levels. These balls are covered by a one-year warranty, but with how tough they are designed you are unlikely to ever need it.

Each ball is filled with sand, giving them very little bounce at all, which is perfect for use as a slam ball. We added this ball to our best medicine balls 2018 list for being one of the best products we’ve tested for slamming, but these balls are good for most other medicine ball exercises as well as long as you can get past the rough tread feel.


√ Unique grippy tread pattern

√ Tough ball built for slamming

Strong rubber shell

Available from 6 lbs. up to 50 lbs.

Protected with a one year warranty


× Tough tread can feel abrasive over time

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#5.  Goplus Duel Grip Medicine Ball

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The Goplus Duel Grip medicine ball is an interesting product just because of the way that it’s formed. It looks like a traditional medicine ball with two handles moulded into it, and that makes it more of a unique product. It’s made from a tough rubber material that holds up well to long-term use, and it’s heavily textured making it easy to grip.

The Goplus Duel grip ball features two very prominent handles that make holding it for some exercises easier. It can make the ball a bit more uncomfortable for tossing and catching though, and some owners just don’t like the shape that it comes in.

Other than being a bit awkward for some throwing and catching exercises, this medicine ball is a versatile tool for getting in shape at home or the office. It comes in weights between 6 lbs. and 20 lbs. offering decent resistance for most users. The ball also has a nice neutral black appearance that will blend well in most gyms.

It’s a solid product that should hold up through many workout sessions well and that’s why we strongly recommend it to users looking for a medicine ball with handles.


√ From 6 lbs. to 20 lbs.

√ Textured finish

Tough rubber build quality

√ Two built-in handles


× The odd shape won’t be to everyone’s taste

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#6.  Cap Barbell Medicine Ball

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Most people are familiar with the Cap brand because of the weights and barbells the company manufacturers. The Cap Barbell medicine ball offers the same level of value and quality that other Cap products are known for. It’s a tough ball that comes in a range of sizes and works well for most standard workouts.

These medicine balls can be had from 6 lbs. up to 12 lbs. which won’t be heavy enough for everyone, but should have enough weight to satisfy most users that you run into. The balls are made from a tough rubber and have a nice grippy texture that your hands almost stick to. This makes it easy to hold onto and catch the ball when using it for different workouts.

This medicine ball is also surprisingly affordable when compared to the other balls sold today. It is a good entry-level ball that you can purchase when you don’t want to pay the higher prices of the more professional products. It isn’t meant for slamming and will likely break with repeated slams, but should hold up quite nicely for every day tossing, catching and weighted movements.

The only real complaint we have about these balls is that they are quite large in size. If you don’t want a slightly oversized ball, you probably won’t like these products, but if you have larger hands, or don’t think you will mind a ball that’s around the size of a basketball if not a bit larger, these are high-quality medicine balls.


√ 6 different weight options

Grippy textured finish

√ Affordable


× Only goes to 12 lbs

× Bigger than most medicine balls

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#7.  Valeo Medicine Ball

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Although it looks very similar to a basketball, the Valeo medicine ball is an effective weighted ball for different exercise routines. The ball is made from a tough rubber material that holds up well to regular workouts, and it features a textured exterior for enhanced gripping power during use.

These balls from Valeo come in a range of weights from a low of 4 lbs. up to a high of 12 lbs. and they are designed for use for a range of different workouts. They are cost-effective and good for most standard workout routines, though they can’t be used as slam balls.

We liked the feel and size of these balls during the testing period but didn’t like that they have a slight chemical rubber smell when you first unwrap them. The smell does go away, but it takes a few days to completely diminish. This ball has a decent bounce and it’s good for tossing and catching as well as long as you get one of the lighter medicine balls.


Between 4 lbs. and 12 lbs.

√ 5 weight options to choose from

√ Tough rubber material

√ Textured exterior for enhanced grip


× Strong rubber smell at first

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#8.  ProSource Soft Medicine Ball

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Soft with nice even weight distribution, the ProSource Soft Medicine Ball is a useful tool for most workouts. It’s made from a thick outer rubber material but features a soft exterior wrap to make it more comfortable to use. The ball is coated with a tough PU leather material that’s heavily stitched to hold it in position.

The balls are available in weights starting at 6 lbs. for lightweight workouts, and going all the way up to 20 lbs. for more intense workouts. They come in different colours depending on weight, making it easy to pick one weight from another if you own multiple balls.

We really like the soft feel of these medicine balls and that they maintain a consistent size no matter which of the weights you decide to go with. They aren’t very bouncy and absorb shocks when you drop them, making them better for more stationary exercises and tosses, rather than something like wall bounces.

The only downside to these medicine balls is their strong smell when you first unpackage them. It’s a strong rubbery smell and it’s best to air out the balls for a few days before using them all the time. Other than that, these medicine balls are tough, reliable and good for most workouts.


√ Four weight variations

6 lbs. to 20

√ Soft PU leather exterior

√ Same size no matter the weight

√ Cushioned exterior to absorb impacts


× Arrives with a strong smell

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#9.  Titan Dual Grip Medicine Ball

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Titan Fitness is a well-known company that specializes in producing training equipment that lasts through tough workouts and this Titan Dual Grip medicine ball is no different. It has a nice durable feel with thick rubber construction and a tough outer skin that’s designed to give you a solid grip without making the ball too soft and squishy. It doesn’t matter if you decide to go with the 6 lb. ball, or all the way up to the 20 lbs. ball, they are all the same size and designed for maximum comfort and effective performance.

The different balls feature a set of handles for maintaining a good solid hold while exercising. They are 10.5 inches in diameter and built for tossing, swinging, lifting and rolling around. These medicine balls are a good companion for most standard workout routines, though they aren’t designed to be slammed.

For everyday workouts, they’re a good value. This Titan Fitness product makes our best medicine balls 2018 list for being comfortable, easy to grip, and most importantly very durable for long-term use.


√ 6 lbs. to 20 lbs.

√ Tough rubber shell

√ Built-in handles


× Not good for workouts involving floor slams

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#10.  Champion Sports Leather Medicine Ball

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The Champion Sports leather medicine ball is an excellent deal if you’re searching for a tough exercise ball that holds up to regular use well. The ball is wrapped with a durable synthetic leather material that will withstand heavy use well. It’s stitched for strength and should hold up to everyday exercises. It’s important to note that this isn’t a slam ball, and slamming it would eventually tear the skin.

We really like that this medicine ball doesn’t come with a strong rubber smell like many of the others sold today. It’s available in a good range of sizes from a low of 4 to 5 lbs. to a high of about 20 lbs. you can get a weight that meets your needs no matter what they are.

The one thing we didn’t like about these fitness balls is that they come in a range of different diameters depending on the weight that you get. Many medicine balls maintain an equal diameter for each weight to give a nice uniform feel during use. If you’re searching for a specific diameter you can pick from the many different widths until you find one with these, but you won’t be able to enjoy that same size at different weight levels.


√ Tough synthetic leather exterior

√ Comfortable 11” diameter

√ No rubber smell

√ Soft, easy grip cover


× Diameter changes at different weight levels

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#11.  Millard Double Grip Medicine Ball

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Made from recycled tires, the Millard Double Grip medicine ball is a tough product that’s built to hold up really well over time. It’s a tool that you can use to lift, toss, sit on, roll around on or just to get moving. The ball features two built-in handles and has a textured surface for easy holding. It works well for tossing back and forth and is easy to use for most exercises that you could want to do.

While this ball isn’t a slam ball, it is built well to withstand regular throwing and bouncing. We like that it features a solid core weight, rather than sand or some other loose material because it won’t suffer from leaks as it begins to wear down over time.

This ball has a nice neutral look to it and is a decent training tool for someone looking for a heavy medicine ball that’s comfortable to use. It’s not soft, but it isn’t hard either. The ball is comfortable to hold, easy to grip and a good solid training aid. Add it to your home gym for a solid weight to toss around, or use it in a commercial setting. It should hold up well over time and the handles make it comfortable to hold and swing.


√ Solid weighted core

√ Built-in handles

√ Textured outer material


× Light Petroleum smell

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#12.  FILA Accessories Weighted Toning Soft Ball

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The Fila Accessories weighted toning soft medicine ball is a good product to add to your workouts if you’re looking for a small and lightweight medicine ball. It’s much smaller than most traditional medicine balls, making it easy to put between your legs, hold in a single hand and get more varied workouts in.

We strongly recommend this medicine ball in addition to larger and heavier balls to add variety to your workouts. The ball is soft to the touch, easy to grip and weighted with sand. It’s made with a tough outer skin that’s puncture resistant, and it offers just enough compression to make it comfortable to grab onto.

Athletes searching for a heavy medicine ball won’t get much from this product, but someone looking for a compact and lightweight medicine ball should be fine with the 4 lbs. or 6 lbs. options available. The balls come in two different colours, making them easy to tell apart from one another, and they are very comfortable to use.

This medicine ball won’t burst on impact if dropped and it doesn’t make any sound during use. It’s a perfect addition to an office for lightweight exercise in your downtime and is an affordable solution for someone looking for a yoga accessory.


√ Soft feel medicine ball

√ Comfortable grippy texture

√ Very compact


× Only available in lightweights

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Best Medicine Balls Buying Guide

What We Look For In Our Selection Of Medicine Balls

You can be safe in the knowledge, knowing that whichever medicine ball you chose from our list, you are getting a product that’s high in quality, durable and built to last.  Many of the products we have reviewed are made by top leading sports brands who are trusted by millions.

Choose The Right Material To Suit Your Exercise NeedsFit woman wearing a black top, black shorts and black trainers, running while holding a black medicine ball.

Traditionally medicines balls are generally made from high-quality rubber, but you can now buy them made from much softer material.  These are fantastic for partner work, as they allow you to throw and push them to each other as hard as you like, without the risk of causing injury.

However, although they can be slammed on the floor, over time you may find the softer material will start cracking (this would take many months of powerful slams mind you).  If floor slams are going to be your main activity then I would recommend going for a ball with a much harder material and that is also designed specifically for slamming.  These are generally called slam balls, not medicine balls.  Below you will see some of the popular materials used.

Rubber (textured) – When you are looking for a piece of equipment that needs to stand up to a crazy amount of abuse, then textured rubber should be your first choice of exterior material.  In the world of medicine balls, this material is by far the most common and widely used.  As well as being extremely durable and tough it also aids in you gripping the ball as it provides a lot more traction than other materials.  This is great not only for catching and throwing exercises but also allows you to concentrate on the exercise at hand without worrying about not being able to hold onto the ball.

Leather (Faux) – The very first medicine balls made were produced with a full leather exterior.  However, most modern medicine balls are now made with faux leather instead.  A few items on our list are made from faux leather, and these medicine balls are great for throwing around between you and your training partner as they are much softer then balls made from textured rubber.

You won’t find this happen so much with newer medicine balls made from faux leather, but past balls would lose their shape or the seams would break way before the faux leather would crack, meaning this material is still a great durable and tough option.

Look At The Weight And Size Of The Medicine Ball

It’s always a good idea to have a selection of different weights when it comes to medicine balls.  Initially, you would want to start off with a weight in which you can perform your selected exercise in good form, but also have the options to increase as you become stronger and more powerful.

You will find medicine balls from some brands stay the same size even as they go up in weight and others will vary in size as they go up in weight.  Usually, the lighter medicine ball will be much smaller in size than the heaviest.

Durability Is Important

Make sure the seams are reinforced – The seams of both fabric and leather-based medicine balls are by far the weakest part, so it’s vitally important that you choose one with double, or even better triple stitched reinforced seams.  This will massively increase its durability.  You will find we have carefully selected balls that meet this requirement, which means you will get 1000s of training sessions under your belt, without worrying about the ball splitting.

Look for balls with good shape retention – There are many medicine balls out there, whos shape will soon become deformed after lots of heavy use.  This is not ideal as not only can it make the ball awkward to hold, but also the weight distribution of the ball may become affected.  We have chosen medicine balls either with a firm and rigid exterior, meaning there is zero slack making it impossible for the components on the interior to shift, or from companies who have put their balls through vigorous and intense testing making sure they stay in exactly the same shape after many years of heavy use.

Wrap Up Time

In this best medicine balls 2018 list, I have brought together the best medicine balls of 2018.  Every ball has been thoroughly researched based on personal use and 1000s of other users reviews.

You will be able to find a medicine ball to suit all your personal exercise needs, whether that be for increasing explosive power by slamming the ball on the floor or using one to improve your core strength.  Although most medicine balls on the list will be able to withstand being slammed on the floor, there are certainly ones better suited to it like the TRX Training SlamBall.

Each medicine ball comes in a variety of weights to suit all strength levels.  Some balls will increase in size as they get heavier whereas others like the J/Fit Soft Medicine Ball stay the same size regardless of their weight.

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