Best Lactose Free Protein Powders 2020 (Top 15 And Buying Guide)

15 Best Lactose Free Protein Powders 2020

In a rush? Here are our Top 3 Overall…


  1. 100% vegan and free of artificial flavoring and sweeteners
  2. 24 grams protein per serving!
  3. Delicious and easy on the digestive system
  4. Bulk Discounts on more tubs


  1. Absorbs 30% faster than leucine from whey
  2. Delicious flavors from organic cocoa & vanilla
  3. 100% Clean, premium protein shake
  4. Revolutionary Oryzatein® organic whole brown rice grain protein


  1. Made from naturally fed, hormone-free cow whey and clean of artificial sweeteners
  2. Industry’s highest protein-by-weight ratios at 88%
  3. One of the cleanest proteins on the market
  4. 100% USDA Organic Certified


Once upon a time, it was near impossible to find a good protein supplement if you were lactose intolerant.  However, times have changed and now there are plenty of options to chose from, and some really good ones at that.  For this reason, I have created a list of the best lactose free protein powders 2020 you can currently buy.

Most people automatically think of Whey when it comes to picking a protein powder.  This is for good reason as it is digested extremely easily by the body and contains a full amino acid profile to aid in the recovery of your muscles.  However, if you are lactose intolerant, due to whey being a byproduct of milk, this can cause some issues.

Fear not, as this is no longer an issue.  There is a large variety of high-quality protein powders for you to choose from.  Below you will find information on the different types of protein that will be safe to consume if you are lactose intolerant.

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What Does Being Lactose Intolerant Mean?

When you hear of someone being lactose intolerant, you instantly think they can’t tolerate milk.  This is true to a certain extent, however, it’s actually a form of sugar called lactose found in milk that is the problem.  Anyone who is lactose intolerant has problems digesting this sugar.  If you are lactose intolerant, the best way to think of it is, that you have a sensitivity to all milk-based products, due to most containing the sugar lactose.

There isn’t a cure for lactose intolerance, and the only thing sufferers can do is stay clear of products that contain the sugar lactose in them.

When it comes to being lactose intolerant, it’s not one size fits all.  There are many different degrees which go from one person suffering after just a sip of milk to another being able to have 3 or 4 glasses before they start to feel the symptoms.  However, whatever level you suffer from, it’s advisable to avoid all products contain lactose.

Symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable and can include pain in the abdominal area, diarrhoea, bad gas, bloating vomiting and nausea.

Best Lactose Free Protein Powders 2020 Reviews

#1. Transparent Labs Organic Vegan

Save 11% Transparent Labs Coupon: BFG11

Transparent labs have built an incredible reputation for producing sports supplements that are totally free of artificial ingredients. All their products are third party tested, and they even provide certificates to prove it.

Introducing, just about the most unique lactose free/ dairy free protein powder in the industry… Transparent Labs Vegan Protein… going the extra mile being 100% USDA Organic Certified.

This ProteinSeries Organic Vegan has a solid protein base of 2:1 rice to pea protein ratio. This creates a 10/10 smooth mixability, as well as creating the most ease on your digestive system. I know with whey products I’ve used in the past created havoc on my digestive track… boating.. gas.. you name it.

Well with Transparent Labs Organic Vegan protein, you don’t have to worry about any negative side effects on your body…

Packing in a whopping 24 grams of protein for muscle recovery and 4 grams of fiber for anyone who is focused on complete health optimization, this product does it all.

All users report super smooth mixability and consistency in their T Labs Vegan Protein Shakes and all who previously had dairy/ whey protein gut issues, are happy to report complete ease on their digestion and 0 side effects they’d previously had with whey or dairy products.

Transparent Labs Organic Vegan User Review

“I’m not vegan, but I purchased this product because it’s got the same benefits as the regular protein powder and it doesn’t leave me bloated due to the whey.” – Jennifer L. (Verified Buyer)

Chocolate and Vanilla protein flavors available, with new flavors coming out shortly. Taste is crucial for many people, as I know I love to sip on a delicious protein shake… this protein powder is by far one of the tastiest!

Whether you use a shaker or a blender, the powder mixes really well.  We tried it with both water and milk, and there was not a single lump to be found.

Buy in Bulk Discount Deals to make it super affordable…

We really can’t recommend this product enough.. It will be our go-to for the year 🙂


√ Packs a powerful 24g of protein per serving

√ Great 100% natural flavor

√ Highest quality and minimal ingredients used

√ Increases Power, strength and performance

√ More efficient muscle growth and recovery 

√ Free of artificial sweeteners, coloring, preservatives and gluten-free


× Only available directly from manufacturer’s website

#2. Performance Lab Protein 

Performance Labs might have just come out with the most powerful protein powder on the market, making this plant-based protein the most easily digested powder today.

Introducing their signature Oryzatein Brown Rice Protein ingredient, it’s most unique to any other product in the industry. Do you commonly have gut/ stomach issues after drinking most protein shakes? I know I’ve always had issues with whey protein and my stomach were never good friends.

With their patented organic brown rice protein, this powder gets digested at a 30% faster absorption rate than whey! What does this mean? Your gut will be in great shape, no bloating or uneasy feeling… plus faster protein synthesis means faster and more effective delivery to your muscles that need it most!

Worried about sugars or artificial flavors? Don’t be… Performance Lab Protein has none of this.

Worried that this Protein powder will taste bad, since it’s all-natural? Don’t be… Performance Lab protein is flavored and sweetened with the delicious organic cocoa, vanilla bean, cinnamon (great for metabolism) yacon root, monk fruit and stevia.

“It’s the cleanest, best tasting protein powder on the market…”

And Himalyan sea salt addition?? This is crucial for post-workout recovery as it’ll infuse over 84 trace minerals back into your body that is lost during working out or sweating.

From enhancing muscle strength, power, endurance and overall athletic performance, Performance Lab does it all! It promotes healthy muscle recovery, appetite control and is even enhanced with Probiotic Bacillus Coagulans, which is essential for a healthy gut and overall mood support.

This is our new Go-to Protein Powder and will be for awhile now…

Grab their Bulk Discount Deal… if you buy 3 you get 1 tub free! This makes it one of the most affordable protein supplements overall.


Totally Plant-based/ Easily digested

30% Faster Absorption than Whey

√ Bulk Discount Deals

√ Increases Power, strength and performance

√ More efficient muscle growth and recovery 

√ High quality and minimal ingredients used

√ Free of artificial sweeteners, coloring, preservatives and gluten-free

√ Mixes really well


× Only available directly from manufacturer’s website

#3. Transparent Labs 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate

Save 11% Transparent Labs Coupon: BFG11

Aside from the #1 T Labs Protein Powder above… coming up as a superb and unique protein powder as well, is their sister product… Transparent Labs 100% Grass Fed Whey. For people who don’t experience stomach bloating or any side effects from whey, this is THE Go-To! It’s as clean of a product as it gets.

I can honestly say that their 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate lives up to the extremely high standards they have set out.  If you are only interested in consuming the best and serious about smashing your goals, then this is the protein for you.

We love that Transparent Labs they stay away from all the unnecessary stuff and focus on using only high-quality ingredients.

With very minimal ingredients used, each 32 g serving provides a whopping 28 grams of protein giving it one of the highest protein to weight ratios you will find on the market.

100% free from preservatives, gluten, food dyes, and artificial sweeteners, the only other ingredients you will find are stevia and sodium chloride (salt) and that’s it.

Review by Brandon G. on 16 Jul 2020review stating The best protein powder out there!


Transparent Labs 100% Whey Isolate Video Review

“The Whey Protein Isolate by Transparent Labs I can honestly say is the best hands down. This is the only company that I truly trust when it comes to quality supplements with the best taste and clean ingredients! Thank you Transparent Labs!” – Brandon G. (Verified Buyer)

The powder comes in 8 different flavors, and due to the use of stevia over artificial sweeteners, you get a very natural taste.  We personally love this but if you like your shakes to be really strong and sweet then you may be more suited to using a different product.

Whether you use a shaker or a blender, the powder mixes really well.  We tried it with both water and milk, and there was not a single lump to be found.

Although we feel this product is great value for money considering its quality, the price tag may however put some people off.  It’s a premium product that comes at a premium price.  With supplements, you usually get what you pay for, and although there are cheaper products out there, you will most probably be purchasing a lesser product.

Buy in Bulk Discount Deals to make it super affordable…

We really can’t recommend this product enough.


√ Packs a massive 28g of protein per serving

√ Great natural flavor

√ High quality and minimal ingredients used

√ Free of artificial sweeteners, coloring, preservatives and gluten-free

√ Mixes really well


× Only available directly from manufacturer’s website

× Premium-priced, but the highest quality


#4. Future Kind Organic Vegan Plant Protein Powder

Save 10% Transparent Labs Coupon: BFG10


Whether you are Vegan or Not, Future Kind Organic Vegan Plant Protein Powder is For You….

If you’re searching for a healthy and Vegan-friendly protein powder that you can mix in a wide range of drinks and food items, this Future Kind (Lactose-Free) Organic protein powder is worth looking into. The powder is jam-packed with good stuff, it has a beautiful naturally sweetened vanilla flavour and is something that you can supplement your diet with all day long.

Did I mention this protein has a whopping 34 servings per container! This is unheard of, as many products contain only 20-30 servings. This supplement, used once daily, will last you over a month! Very excited about this…

Each scoop comes with a super clean 20g of delicious creamy (non-gmo, made in USA) pea protein isolate, 0 sugars and just 1g of carbs. The powder comes with the lowest calorie count I’ve seen, with only 85 calories per serving, and it’s an excellent option if you are looking for a way to sneak in more protein throughout the day, without having to worry about all the addons other protein drinks come with. This organic protein powder is a diet-friendly man/ women’s best friend. 

This powder can be mixed into smoothies, it works well in brownies, sauces and other cooked products when mixed in carefully. You can drink this by itself with water or a better step further with coconut or almond (nut) milk…. which makes it super tasty. It’s worth adding #1 to our list of the best lactose free protein powders because it’s high in nutrients and has 0 bad stuff.

The best part about this protein is the LOW PRICE! It’s lower than most products out there and also comes with free shipping for orders over $60. This is one of the most budget-friendly protein supplements I’ve seen so far.

For an extra 10% off, Use Coupon Code: BFG10 


√ 20g protein per serving

√ Only 85 calories per serving!

√ Non-gmo, made in USA

√ Vegan-friendly

√ Lowest Price

√ Easily digested protein source

√ 34 servings per container (unheard of)!


× Only available directly from manufacturer’s website


#5. Detox Organics Protein Powder

Looking for a top-of-the-line vegan protein powder that is jam-packed with 4 Superfood Protein ingredients? Including Organic brown rice, organic quinoa, organic hemp and organic pumpkin seed (which pumpkin seed butter by the way is my new love… find it at Sprouts Market in the US), Detox Organics has just about all the essential protein foods in 1 serving!

With a total of 21 grams of protein per scoop, this supplement boasts 0 sugars and only 1 gram of fat! Perfect product for healthy weight management and easily digested protein-synthesis.

Detox Organics Organic Protein can also be added to delicious recipes, acai bowl meal replacements or the standard quick shake.

Flavored and sweetened with natural organic vanilla, pink himalyan sea salt, organic stevia extract, organic Luo Han Guo Fruit, and Organic Cinnamon Bark. This protein supplement powerhouse not only does the job in the recovery department extremely well, it’ll have you feeling great without all of the artificial additives that other products have out there.

Another go-to… We really can’t recommend this product enough.


√ 21g of High-Quality Protein per serving

Certified USDA Organic, Non GMO, Dairy Free, Soy Free

√ Only 160 Calories with 0g of sugar 

√ Natural Organic Healthy Sweeteners 

√ Mixes really well

√ Keto, Paleo, Vegan Friendly 


× Only available directly from manufacturer’s website

× Premium-priced, but the highest quality

#5.  Legion Whey+ Protein Powder

Click to see price

Legion Whey+ is a concentrated whey protein powder that’s designed to help get more protein into your diet conveniently. The powder packs in 22g of protein per serving as well as 136 mg of calcium. We really like how this product has very few fillers and it’s carefully processed to avoid GMOs, hormones and antibiotics. It’s a good solid protein supplement option for those that are health-conscious, and the concentrated form of whey protein should work well for building muscle.

We love that this powder comes in five different flavours, and each of them has something special to offer. It mixes well with milk or water and can be mixed into a variety of smoothies, shakes and other solutions. The powder blends with ease and turns out smooth when mixed properly. The flavours taste pretty natural and go well with other natural ingredients.

We really like the taste of this powder and its ingredient list, but it is a bit on the expensive side for offering 30 servings per container, so it’s going to cost you more than some of the other best lactose-free protein powders that you can get elsewhere.  See Full Legion Whey Review Here


√ 136 mg of calcium per serving

√ 22g of protein per serving

√ Non-GMO

√ Free of hormones and antibiotics

√ Five flavour options


× Just 1g of fibre per serving

#6.  Optimum Nutrition Platinum HydroWhey

When you’re searching for a high concentration of protein per serving and you aren’t too concerned about price, Optimum Nutrition Platinum HydroWhey is an excellent product to consider. This protein powder is very potent with a massive 30g of whey protein per serving. This makes it easy to mix into shakes and other solutions and get all the protein that you need before or after a workout.

Not only is this powder packed with protein, but it comes infused with 9 grams of BCAAs per serving, and there are 15.5 grams of naturally occurring amino acids as well. Overall this product is a very good mixture for building muscle mass and recovering after a tough workout.

We really like all the different flavour options that you get with this protein powder. Choose from options like Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Mint or Turbo Chocolate and enjoy how they change the shake’s taste after you mix it up. Speaking of mixing, it’s easy to get a nice smooth consistency with this product because the powder has been instantized.

The only thing we didn’t like about this protein powder is that it’s a bit expensive to purchase compared to other options, it does offer between 38 and 40 servings per container though, making it comparable with other premium protein powders that we’ve tested.


√ 30g protein per serving

√ 9 grams of BCAAs per serving

√ Mixes easily

√ Contains 15.5 grams of naturally occurring amino acids

√ 240mg of potassium


× Quite Expensive

#7.  Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Organic Plant-Based Protein

Click to see price

When you’re searching for an effective Vegan protein powder solution, the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Organic Plant protein is a good solid option to go with. It packs in 24g of protein from peas, brown rice, Sacha Inchi and a mix of ancient grains. The powder itself mixes into water or other liquids very smoothly and isn’t difficult to get free of clumps, which is something that we really like about it.

It comes in a huge variety of 20 different flavours, so there is always another option for you to test out. Anyone looking for a healthy protein supplement that minimizes the additives and chemicals will really like this powder. It’s free from GMOs, artificial flavours, sweeteners and most other additives that you wouldn’t want in your protein powder. While we didn’t enjoy all the flavours that we tried, many of them are quite good.

This powder looks cheap at first glance, but a container only contains 19 servings, so it’s comparable to the other premium powders on our list of the best lactose-free protein powders. It’s a decent option for someone looking to spend a bit less on each powder purchase though. If you’re searching for an excellent Vegan protein powder, this is an option worth considering for sure.


√ 24g of organic plant-based protein

√ Non-GMO, Vegan,

√ Gluten Free

√ Features pomegranate powder for added vitamins

√ No artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours


× Just 19 servings per container

#8.  Dymatize ISO 100 Whey Protein Powder Isolate

Click to see price

Finding the best lactose-free protein powder isn’t easy to do, but the Dymatize ISO 100 Whey protein powder isolate is one of the best options that we’ve come across so far. This powder has a nice smooth texture and causes less stomach distress than most other protein powders because it is virtually lactose-free. This powder packs in 25g per serving and is offered in four different sizes, making it easy to get a good size for your needs. The powder is available in 15 different flavours, so there is always a new option to test out as you get used to the powder.

We were impressed with how smooth the powder mixes together and the overall value that you can enjoy from the powder if you are willing to purchase the 5 lb container at a time. With a whopping 71 servings per container, this powder is an excellent value in that size.

For building muscle or recovering after a tough workout, this powder packs a lot of important ingredients to help out. It features 2.7g of Leucine, 5.5g of BCAAs and 25g of protein and together these ingredients should give your muscles what they need to grow and develop over time.

This powder is one of the highest quality that we’ve tried and offers a pretty good flavour as well, making it easy to recommend to everyone that we know.  See Full Dymatize Iso 100 Review Here


√ 15 different flavours

√ 4 size options to choose from

√ 71 servings per 5lb container Cons

√ Good value

√ 25g protein per serving


× Some may find the flavour to be a bit bitter

#9.  MuscleMeds Carnivor Beef Protein Isolate

Click to see price

If you’re looking for a protein powder that’s going to help you put on muscle while helping you stay lean, MuscleMeds Carnivor protein isolate is a very dependable solution. It’s high in protein with 23g per serving and offers very little that you don’t need while packing in everything that you do. This protein powder is impressive because it manages to be dairy, gluten and lactose-free, while offering a nice dose of protein in just 120 calories per serving. That means you can avoid putting on much weight while getting the fuel you need for muscle gain.

This powder is tested by many athletes and serious weightlifters, and they have good results using it. The one issue that this powder has is that it doesn’t taste great. It doesn’t have the added fillers that other powders have to make it taste like a milkshake. Instead, it has a somewhat unpleasant taste, but that can be fixed by mixing it with juice or some other substance with a strong taste. Anyone looking for a great tasting smoothy additive probably won’t want this powder, but we added it to the list of the best lactose-free protein powders because it’s a highly concentrated solution of protein with little else added.


√ 23g protein per serving

√ Gluten, dairy and lactose-free

√ A highly concentrated protein solution

√ Just 1g of sugar and 120 calories per serving


× Doesn’t taste great

#10.  Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder

Click to see price

Finding a delicious protein powder that’s going to give you all the nutrients that you need without a bunch of added calories or carbs is tough to do, and you don’t exactly get that with this Isopure Zero Carb protein powder either, but you get all the nutrients and a kick of protein that should be provided by a protein powder.

We were very impressed that this 100% whey protein powder comes with 25g of protein per serving and 5g of BCAAs per serving as well. It is designed to really help improve muscle repair and muscle gain all at the same time. This protein powder also packs in plenty of nutrients and vitamins and it does that without adding in any gluten or lactose as well. This makes it a good option for a range of users, even those with some allergy restrictions.

The only real downside of this powder, other than it not being cheap to purchase, is that it doesn’t taste great. We tasted many of the 11 different flavour options available, and most of them aren’t delicious enough for you to want to drink them alone all the time. We had good luck combining with things like almond milk or even some juices. Most of the flavour options don’t taste horrible though, and it’s possible to drink them quickly. They mix quite well and you can use them in a shaker bottle without needing a blender while on the go. See Full Isopure Zero Carb Protein Review Here


√ 25 g of protein per serving

√ Comes with added minerals and vitamins

√ Free of lactose and gluten

√ 3 different tub sizes

√ 5 grams of BCAAs


× Not great tasting

#11.  Bulk Supplements Egg White Paleo Protein Powder

While most protein powders come flavoured, and packed with different additives to give you something similar to a milkshake or a smoothie when you get done mixing it up, that’s not what you get with this Bulk Supplements Egg White Paleo protein powder. Instead, you get a dry form of egg whites. It’s as simple as that.

Egg whites are considered a complete protein and if you’ve read any dieting book in the last decade, you know the value of eating egg whites. Unfortunately, preparing standard egg whites is cumbersome and you can’t just bring them along with you wherever you go. That’s where this supplement comes in. This protein powder is dried up egg whites in a very fine form that you can add to whatever you want. It has very little flavour at all, which means it mixes well with most things.

It packs about 15g of protein per serving, and you need very little to get that amount of protein. The solution has very few fillers and is considered a complete protein source as well. This option is good for bodybuilders, athletes or just someone in a hurry that wants to get more protein into their diet. Toss it into a recipe while cooking, add it to a drink or use it any other way that you want. It’s one of the most versatile and simple protein options on our list, which is why we consider it to be one of the best lactose free protein powders.


√ Very few fillers

√ A complete protein source

√ Lactose-free

√ Dairy-free


× No flavour options

#12.  Equip Prime Protein Beef Isolate Powder

Finding a high-quality Paleo-friendly protein powder is difficult to do, but this Equip Prime Protein Powder Isolate is a good option worth considering. This powder might not be cheap, but it packs in a good punch of 100% beef protein that’s not based on cow milk like most other powders today. This protein is made from a mix of meat, collagen and gelatin from grass-fed beef, and it’s a highly nutritious solution.

This protein powder is on our list of the best lactose free protein powders because it’s designed to pack in a complete protein, it mixes very well and it doesn’t taste too bad either. The powder utilizes a bit too much stevia and has a noticeable aftertaste for that reason, but it’s still enjoyable to drink. The powder comes in two different flavours, vanilla and chocolate, and both are decent options. With 24g of protein per serving and no sugar and just 1g of carbs, this powder is a healthy option worth considering. It’s also just 100 calories per serving, helping it fit into most diet plans too.


√ 100% grass-fed beef protein solution

√ Has a full protein profile made from collagen and gelatin as well as meat

√ No additives

√ 24g per serving


× To much stevia added

× Strong aftertaste due to the stevia

#13.  Naked Nutrition Pea Protein Powder

Vegetarians looking to pack in protein without having to eat hundreds of nuts, or tons of beans will enjoy this Naked Nutrition pea protein powder. It’s a very pure product with few additives, and it’s free of soy and lactose and a good Vegan-friendly option as well.

The powder makes use of peas and brown rice to hit the massive 27g per serving that it offers you. It’s good for anyone looking at adding more protein to their diet, but the 5.7g of BCAAs per serving makes it good for those looking to pack on some muscle as well. The protein comes in 1lb. and 5lbs. containers and is offered in four different flavours so you can pick and choose exactly what you want.

It’s important to realize that this protein powder doesn’t taste great. All of the flavours have a distinct aftertaste, but that’s what you get with a top quality protein powder. It’s designed with minimal additives and sweeteners to keep it as healthy as possible. It doesn’t taste great, but can be mixed to taste better if care is taken with the additional ingredients included. We love this protein because it includes everything that you need to keep your calorie intake low while getting essential protein and nutrients. It’s a good supplement to an everyday diet.


√ 27g of protein per serving

√ Just 2g sugar and 2g carbs

√ Packs in 5.7g of BCAAs

Only120 calories per serving

Soy Free


× Doesn’t taste great

× Strong Aftertaste

#14.  Nutiva Organic Cold-Processed Hemp Protein

Hemp is well-known for its health benefits, and this Nutiva Organic Cold-processed hemp protein is an excellent tool for getting more of the healthy nutritional benefits from hemp conveniently. The powder offers 15g of protein and 8g of fibre per serving. It’s cold pressed and offers a small amount of Omega-3 fatty acids per serving as well. It is featured in 4 different flavours and offered in a few different size options as well.

This versatile protein powder is a good staple for any Vegan diet, but it works just as well for the meat-eating bodybuilder looking for a healthy supplement for protein. With a whopping 8g of fibre per serving this powder should help you feel fuller while aiding in digestion.

The only real downside to using this hemp-based protein powder is that it has a strong flavour. You probably aren’t going to want to consume it in water by itself, unless you don’t mind really strong and slightly unpleasant flavours. Instead, it’s best when combined with smoothies, milkshakes, sauces in your daily recipes or anything else that has a strong flavour. You won’t notice the protein so much and can use it to pack in extra health nutrients to your food so you can get even more out of a meal.


√ 8g fibre per serving

√ Cold pressed solution for minimal processing

√ High in Omega 3 fatty acids

√ Only 3g of fat per serving

√ 5 size options


× Horrible aftertaste

#15.  Now Sports Natural Unflavoured Pea Protein

Affordable Vegan protein powders are hard to come by, but that’s exactly what you get with the Now Sports Natural Unflavoured Pea Protein. It’s designed to have a minimal taste that mixes into most other solutions well. The powder is very cheap if you get it in its larges 7 lbs. size making it a good long-term protein solution if you are looking to cut the cost of supplementing daily.

The powder itself packs in a whole lot of good things that are important to weightlifters, athletes, or just anyone looking to feel full longer and lose more weight. The powder has 24 g of protein per serving and includes BCAAs for all the bodybuilders reading this. It has a huge amino acid profile, giving you an excellent blend of essential and non-essential amino acids with every scoop that you use.

If you want a delicious protein powder that you can mix with water and drink on its own, this likely isn’t the right option for you unless you like the taste of pea protein on its own. It isn’t an overpowering flavour though, and this makes it excellent for adding to different mixtures that include at least one strong flavour. When you mix the two together you can create a pleasant-tasting solution that’s packed with protein goodness. For the overall value and the nutritional quality of this powder, it’s impossible to ignore and we highly recommend it to anyone looking to get more protein into their diet.


√ 24g protein per serving


√ Free of corn, sugar, dairy, egg, and nuts

√ Vegan-friendly

√ Highly affordable


× No flavour options

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Lactose-Free Protein Powder Buyers Guide

We had a brief look above at why whey protein is usually the first choice of gym-goers and athletes.  It’s absorbed by the body quickly and contains all the essential amino acids for proper muscle repair and recovery after your grueling sessions.  The downside is, most whey products contain a high amount of lactose.  So for anyone with an intolerance, this just isn’t a viable option.

Below I will look at all the different protein sources available.  All these are suitable for anyone who suffers from lactose intolerance.

Whey Protein Isolate

Seeing Whey as the first protein type on the list may surprise a few people.  However, this is not whey in its basic form, its whey isolate.  What this means is all the lactose and fat have been removed giving a super high protein concentration of 95%.  This is a fantastic option for anyone who suffers from lactose intolerance, as you are still getting all the benefits of normal whey protein, like a complete essential amino acid profile.  Whey isolate usually tastes really nice as well.  You will find quite a few options for this type of protein on our list.

Brown Rice Protein

Long grain brown rice protein is naturally free of lactose, so is a good option to choose.  However, unlike whey, it isn’t a complete protein so you would be wise to buy a product where it is mixed with another form of protein to make the full amino acid profile up, essential for muscle repair.

Pea Protein

Although there is not as much research on pea protein as there is on whey, you can rest assured it’s still a great source of protein if you are lactose intolerant.  It made from Yellow peas and like brown rice protein, is naturally free of lactose.  The major benefit of having pea protein over brown rice protein is that it’s complete and contains a full spectrum of essential amino acids.

Soy Protein

Soy protein is made from soybeans, is free of lactose and like pea and whey isolate protein contains a complete essential amino acid profile.  There is more and more research going into soy protein and its benefits.  Some being it may help promote bone and heart health.  However, research is still ongoing into this.

Beef Protein

Possibly my least favourite source of protein, however, if you are lactose intolerant it can be very useful.  It’s generally sourced from gelatin (hooves, hides, ears, ligaments and cattle bones) which might be enough to put some people off straight away.  It’s then treated with heat as part of the process to extract the collagen hydrolysate.

The major downside for me is compared to whey protein the levels of both essential and non-essential amino acids are much much lower.

Lactose-Free Protein Powders FAQs

Do I Need Lactose-Free Protein Powder?

While this is a topic to discuss with your dietitian or physician, here are some reasons why you may use lactose-free protein powders, whether you’re lactose intolerant or not.

  • To boost nutrient balance for meals, snacks, or drinks that are low in protein
  • To balance out a protein deficiency in their diet
  • To consume as a post-workout recovery drink
  • To aid in gaining muscle mass especially when used to supplement strength training, weight training, and other athletics

Most of all, lactose-free protein powders do not cause digestive problems.

Lactose, the sugar found in milk, is normally broken down during digestion with the aid of lactase, an enzyme in your body. If you’re lactose-intolerant, your body doesn’t produce enough lactase to digest the sugar well.

As a result, undigested food passes through the large intestine where it’s broken down by bacteria. This leads to a variety of gut issues, from gas and bloating to even diarrhea.

That’s why lactose-free protein powders have become widely popular- so lactose-intolerant people can also stay active and healthy without feeling too discomforted.

What If I’m Not Lactose Intolerant? Can I Still Use Lactose-Free Protein Powder?

Yes, even if you’re not lactose intolerant, you can still opt to reduce lactose content in your diet. Many have been looking for supplements that contain few and simple yet effective ingredients, and that includes lactose-free protein powders.

Although you’re not diagnosed with lactose intolerance, you may have a sensitivity towards it. Getting rid of lactose-free options may help your digestive system to function more smoothly with fewer to no gut issues at all. Removing from or merely reducing lactose in your diet could be something to consider these days. If you’re making this change to your diet, be sure to contact your physician or dietitian before switching to lactose-free.

Which Protein Powders Are Best for Lactose Intolerance?

Good alternatives to regular protein should provide a complete protein that has adequate amino acids.

Some of these include plant-based proteins like peas, brown rice, hemp, soy, and grains. There’s also egg protein, beef bone broth isolate, and whey protein isolate with which lactose has been filtered out.

These protein sources are an amazing means of getting the protein intake you need daily so you can control your metabolism, build lean muscle, and stay energized throughout the day.

Do Lactose-Free Protein Powders Provide Complete Protein?

When we say complete protein, we refer to a source of protein that has a sufficient amount of all nine essential amino acids. You need to obtain these amino acids from your food because your body cannot naturally produce them.

Here’s the good thing about how they are consumed: you don’t have to take in all of these essential amino acids in one sitting. Whether they are taken in separately or simultaneously, they’ll still give you their multiple benefits.

Some lactose-free protein sources can be deemed as complete proteins, like egg protein. Only a few plant-based protein sources are considered to be complete proteins on their own just because some of them may not have been dosed with adequate amounts of one or more of these aminos.

That’s why you may see mixed findings on whether plant-based protein sources are complete proteins or not. Nevertheless, supplement manufacturers have already been dropping plant-based protein blends that they claim as being a complete protein source.

How Much Lactose-Free Protein Powder Should I Consume?

It’s always best to follow the recommendations on the product label. However, if you find that these servings are too big for you and you don’t really all of that protein in one sitting, you can try reducing the serving size.

Depending on your preference, you should be able to come up with a blend that’s not too overpowering. After all, this drink will still help you in boosting your protein intake and balancing your nutrients.

However, when it comes to how much protein powder your body really needs, this is an issue you have to discuss with your physician or dietitian.

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  4. Hey man great article here ! I’m actually thinking of buffing up my body soon ( cuz my mom is nagging me ) so I think i’dhave to watch my diet as well. Thankfully i’m not lactose intolerant but your list does provide some nice sources of protein, particularly brown rice and soy which I already enjoy.

    • Hi Lucas

      Yeah the good thing about these protein sources, is they can be taken by anybody, whether you are lactose intolerant or not.  And usually they are easier on most peoples stomachs than other options out there.  

      Brown rice is my least favourite source, but only because it doesn’t taste as nice as some options…

  5. Hi there…

    Interesting article you have written!  I am lactose intolerant and am trying to lose weight around my middle.  I did HIiT tabata for 30 minutes a day and was losing weight but my knees suffered.  

    I found another exercise – Pilates, but it is not so fat-burning.  As for protein drinks  – very few are tasty.  I suppose adding fruit would spice up the taste though/

    Thanks for sharing such an informative article.  I really enjoyed reading it.

    • Hi Stella

      Losing body fat isn’t about how much cardio you can throw at yourself.  The problem with using cardio as a tool for reducing body fat is, as you improve, the only way to add further improvements is by spending more and more time doing it.  

      Cardio is not needed to drop body fat.  Weight training is much more important as this will directly affect your metabolism in the long term.  After that you need to be eating in a slight calorie deficit to drop body fat.  Basically eating slightly less than your body needs for that day.

      In terms of the lactose free protein.  Go for Transparent Labs Vegan, Whey Isolate or Performance Lab.  These all have an amazing and natural taste to it.

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    • Hi Matan

      You can drink whey protein at any time of the day you like.  I personally have a shake in the morning, after a training session and at night.  Whey is an amazing source of protein and I really find have it multiple times throughout the day massively increases my recovery.  

      Legion whey is an excellent choice.  A high quality product that also tastes amazing.

  7. Such an awesome products. I must say that I have used most of them but my number 1 is definitely Legion Whey protein. I even heard that it is one of the most popular protein powders. You think it is true? 22 grams of protein is more than enough to help us in building muscle

    • Hi Daniel.

      I personally either buy Transparent Labs Vegan or Isolate, or Performance Lab’s Protein (Best bulk buy deals).  I go between the two and they are both my favourite products.  When taking T Labs Isolate, it may be physiological but I really do feel my recovery improves vastly.  This is by far my number one product to recommend when it comes to whey isolate protein powders.

  8. Thank you for this great review on lactose free protein powders.  I have many friends who are lactose intolerant and are looking for different solutions. Protein shakes and powders are becoming more and more common but unfortunately if you are lactose intolerant….. then quite often your choices can become limited.  I can see from the video the lactase & lactose combination is actually the problem here. It surprises me to hear that whey isolate is actually one of the best things that people who don’t like lactose can have.  See you learn something new every day!  Science has come along way I can see. I never imagined that we could one day be drinking yellow pea protein.  Optimum Nutrition Platinum HydroWhey looks pretty good. Are the plant based and animal based products still able to be shipped worldwide or are their quarantine issues?

    • Hi Gleny

      Yeah there are so many choices for people who are lactose intolerant now.  Even when people are not, I often still recommend whey isolate over normal whey.  In general you do pay a bit more but I have never had anyone come to me with stomach problems from taking it.

      There should be no problem at all with shipping the plant based proteins abroad.  I will do a bit more research on this side of things though, and update my article if needed.

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    • Hi Kenny

      I’m really glad you found my review helpful.  I will be doing lots more supplement reviews both good and bad to help people only pick the ones they really need to take towards their goals.


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