Best Hydrogen Water Machine 2020 (Top 5 Buying Guide)

We have all had carbonated water. It’s plain old water with carbon dioxide dissolved in it. But have you heard of hydrogen water? This is a unique beverage in which hydrogen molecules get infused into the water. Hydrogenated water is healthy, and you can get a hydrogen water machine to infuse the water you drink with hydrogen.  We give you a full buying guide plus we review the 5 best hydrogen machines you can buy.

Sounds intriguing? Let’s find out more!

What is Hydrogen Water?

You must be wondering – does adding hydrogen to water make sense when the liquid is already made of oxygen and hydrogen? Well, hydrogen water is formed by adding hydrogen gas into water. Usually, hydrogen water is formed by infusing 7 mg hydrogen in a liter of water.

You can purchase bottled hydrogen water or use tablets that you can put in your water. Or you can have your very own hydrogen water machine that does the job. That way, you can replace your regular drinking water at home with something powered by hydrogen gas.

the Benefits of hydrogen water

Health benefits of Hydrogen Water – Why Hydrogen Water is the Latest Sensation

If you are a health enthusiast or fitness fanatic, you have probably heard of hydrogen water already. It is free from harmful elements or chemicals and is considered the healthiest beverage. We all know the health benefits of water and how it is essential to keep the body hydrated and maintain the volume of body fluid.

Proponents of hydrogen water’s benefits say that it is helpful in:

  • Raising energy levels
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Boosting post-workout recovery
  • Loading you up with antioxidants
  • Alleviates metabolic syndrome risks
  • Offering neuroprotection against many diseases

That’s not all, the effects of hydrogen on the human body are still being studied. It is also believed that it helps with the reducing the side effects that a cancer patient might undergo as a result of radiation treatment. You can see why hydrogen water is in demand.

But is hydrogen therapy really effective?

You see, the concept of hydrogen water is new. It was not until recently that scientists began studying it. In all this time, the only clinical literature that we have so far includes studies with very few human subjects. Multiple trials in the same condition have not been covered, either.

But even with a limited number of research works, the benefits of hydrogen water have already been proven. In other parts of the world, hydrogen-infused saline water is injected into the body. In the US, drinkable hydrogen water is gaining popularity fast, mainly due to its energy-boosting ability.

It has become an alternative to regular energy drinks because it does not contain sugar or caffeine. While we are not sure about the exact amount of hydrogen water required for the body and the perfect conditions of using it, users can vouch for its effectiveness as an energy drink.

why drink hydrogen water

How Does Hydrogen Water Machines Work?

One of the popular ways to get a constant supply of hydrogen water at home is using a hydrogen water machine. Many people install this device in their homes to enjoy water that’s rich with hydrogen. This way, they do not have to buy bottles of hydrogen water from the market.

But how does a hydrogen water machine work? These machines infuse water with hydrogen without changing the pH level of the liquid. It also doesn’t affect the taste or smell of water. It pumps molecular hydrogen into the water and gives you a beverage that’s rich in antioxidants.

Best Hydrogen Water Machine Reviews

It’s time to take a deep dive into the best hydrogen water machine reviews…

1. Lourdes Hydrofix

Lourdes Hydrofix price

Best Features:

  • High level of hydrogenation of water in a short time
  • Safe and high-quality materials with no toxicity or chemicals
  • Lightweight and small for easy transportation
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Certified hydrogen level for better reliability

Lourdes Hydrgofix Review:

The Lourdes Hydrofix, made in Japan, is one of our top choices for a hydrogen water machine to get hydrogenated water at home. The package includes the premium edition model, along with an inhalation starter kit, an extra cartridge, a measuring cup, and more. This device uses advanced technology that does not involve electrolyzation.

This water generating machine is equipped to bring the hydrogen level in the water to approximately 1.6 ppm. This product uses advanced technology with SEP/PEM, which makes it capable of producing pure and safe hydrogen water. The inhalation kit offers 120 ml/min of hydrogen, which measures 3600 ml or more per minute! The pH level remains neutral.

Made in Japan, this product is made of a high-grade material that is sturdy, durable, and completely safe for you. One of the best features of this device is its pitcher structure, which makes it portable. It will be easy for you to move the device around and place it in the best spot in your kitchen, though you might have a problem carrying it everywhere you go.

The full device weighs 1.75 kg, of which the pitcher itself weighs less than a kilo. The electrode of the device is made of pure titanium of medical grade. The pitcher has a capacity of 1.5 liters, and the material is free from BPA and BHPF. As proof of its capacity to generate healthy water, it comes with a certificate of the level of dissolved hydrogen.

2. Trusii H2ProElite System

Lourdes Hydrofix price

Best Features:

  • Infuses high concentration of hydrogen in water
  • Super convenient to place even in space-restricted areas
  • Easy to use even from the very beginning
  • Made of high-quality and safe materials
  • Comes with bottles that can retain hydrogen in water

Trusii H2ProElite Review:

The next product on our list of the best hydrogen water machines is the Trusii 1 Machine. The H2ProElite System is a pro-grade water system engineered to infuse a high concentration of molecular hydrogen in water. It is recommended because of its powerful performance. But that’s not all. People love this device because it is really easy to use.

With the help of this hydrogen water machine, you can get hassle-free access to antioxidant-rich hydrogen water for yourself and your family. The device implements the brand’s very own proprietary process of generating molecular hydrogen and adding it to your drinking water, with an average hydrogen level of 3.5 ppm to 6.5 ppm.

Besides offering a high flow rate of hydrogen water, the machine makes it easy to adjust the hydrogen level, and the water’s neutral pH level will be retained by the device. The water jug has a capacity of 3 gallons, which is sufficient for your family. It is made of a safe, BPA-free material. It is a complete package with high-quality, food-grade materials.

What’s more, the device is compactly designed for convenient placement in any part of your kitchen or dining area or on any surface. Because of its contemporary look, it will blend well with your home’s modern decor quite easily. It comes with six vacuum-insulated bottles of stainless steel with copper lining – and a tote bag to carry them.

3. Trusii H2EliteX System

Lourdes Hydrofix price

Best Features:

  • Premium inhalation unit with auto-shutoff system
  • Made of toxin-free, supreme-quality materials
  • Retains neutral pH level in the water
  • Comes with hydrogen-retaining bottles and a carry bag
  • Generates medical-grade hydrogen water for the entire family

Trusii H2EliteX System

Another device from the house of Trussi, the H2EliteX System, is a hydrogen water machine. It promises healthy water infused with high concentrations of hydrogen to give you a beverage of a clinical or pro grade. This is a combination water system that is touted as a revolutionary device in the hydrogen water industry, thanks to its advanced engineering.

It is a water infusion machine, and an inhalation system put together, making it one of a kind. This means that you will gain access to two types of hydrogen therapy with the help of a single machine. This makes it quite an exemplary hydrogen machine for the rest of the brands that are curating new machines of this kind. It is the ideal hydrogen water device to put in your house.

The machine uses state-of-the-art technology, with the brand’s proprietary process of generating hydrogen molecules to be infused in water. Plus, its design makes it perfect for any decor. It is a countertop unit that you can place anywhere in the house without occupying a lot of space. It comes with six stainless steel bottles and a carry bag.

This machine generates hydrogen-rich water with an average molecular level of 4.5 ppm to 8.5 ppm. The tank has a capacity of 3 gallons. The machine offers easy adjustability of hydrogen levels, thanks to the control and display panel. Despite being an advanced device, it is easy to use, with a higher rate of water flow and auto-fountain operations.

4. MEA-H2 High Efficiency Hydrogen Machine

Lourdes Hydrofix price

Best Features:

  • Easy-to-use hydrogen water machine with the latest technology
  • Adjustable flow rates of hydrogen
  • Easy-fitting probes of inhalers for convenient use
  • Compactly designed for easy placement
  • Cost-effective in the long run

MEA-H2 Hydrogen Machine Review:

The next device on our list is the high-efficiency hydrogen machine from the house of MEA, known for its high-quality water machines. The latest model, released in 2019, is better than all the previous models and has raised quite a storm in the industry. The brand promises to deliver a fresh unit straight from the factory to your doorstep after you place your order.

The machine uses the most advanced technology to produce pure molecular hydrogen, to be infused in water. This technology by DuPont is considered better than the SPE/PEM tech used by other machines. Engineered by a team of highly-trained and experienced experts, this device is considered an upgrade compared to the machines by MEA competitors.

The device is highly efficient, thanks to the placement of the MEA membranes. It is also durable and consumes less power to produce hydrogen water. The final product you get from this device is rich in hydrogen – and completely pure and safe. The electrodes are made of high-grade titanium and coated with platinum. It offers a flow of 300 ml of hydrogen per minute.

The machine generates hydrogenated water in a short time. What’s more, it has a chic and professional look, and it is compactly designed, making it convenient for you to place the machine in any place of your choice. Investing in the device ultimately proves to be cost-effective. One of the best features is that it brings you both drinking water and inhalation gas.

5. Vital Reaction® Home Hydrogen Inhalation Machine

Lourdes Hydrofix price

Best Features:

  • Offers pure hydrogen gas for inhalation for up to 60 min
  • Easy-to-use inhalation device that functions with just four buttons
  • Sleek and sophisticated look with a control panel
  • Comes with hydrogen tablets for hydrogenation of water
  • Gives instant energy and gradually improves health

Vital Reaction Hydrogen Machine Review:

Here’s a bonus device on this list – it’s a hydrogen inhalation machine with tablets from the house of Vital Reaction. The job of this machine is to split distilled water into oxygen and hydrogen. Thus, it allows you to inhale freshly produced hydrogen gas using the cannula. This gas is colorless and odorless, and it can be quite good for the body. This can boost antioxidants in your body.

You can use this machine for up to an hour, which is not exactly a short time. But the wait is worth it. To boost your hydrogen water consumption, hydrogen tablets by Vital Reaction come with the inhalation machine. All you have to do is to drop these tablets in the water, and within seconds, your hydrogen water will be ready for you to drink. There’s no waiting!

Both the inhalation of hydrogen gas and the ingestion of hydrogen water have multiple health benefits. The Vital Reaction inhalation device and hydrogen tablets together form a health-benefiting pair that deserves a place in your house. This device makes hydrogen therapy at home really easy. It gives you energy and antioxidants and alleviates stress. It also makes hair and skin beautiful.

The device, developed with the latest technology, functions in a straightforward manner, making it easy for you to use. Your energy-rich hydrogen will be ready at the touch of a few buttons that are set on the control panel. The entire device can be operated with the help of just four buttons to turn it on/off and to increase or decrease the time for which you want to inhale hydrogen.

Why people should drink hydrogen water

Hydrogen Water Machine vs. Tablets vs. Bottles

So now you know about the best hydrogen water machines. But why choose them? After all, there are simpler options for consuming hydrogen water, like hydrogen tablets and bottled hydrogen water. To understand the benefits of hydrogen water machines and if they are better than the other options, let’s take a look at a few details of each.

What Hydrogen Water Machine’s Do?

The hydrogen water machine is a device commonly installed in homes to get the benefits of hydrogenated water. These machines make chemical changes to the water, making the results more permanent. They infuse water with hydrogen molecules that are obtained through electrolysis.

There are different types of hydrogen water machines, such as water generators and water dispensers. A high-quality machine will make use of the advanced SPE technology for electrolyzing water. With the help of this technology, it gets pure hydrogen. Then, the hydrogen is infused into drinking water.

These machines give you healthy drinking water. That’s because, with the help of an exchange membrane, these machines keep out harmful gases from getting mixed with the water. Thus, you have pure water that’s packed in hydrogen molecules. Various machines use different technologies.

They are not as quick and easy as tablets or water bottles, as they can take between 3 and 20 minutes to bring an effective level of hydrogen into the water. The larger machines are also not portable. But for regular home use, hydrogen water machines are considered the ideal choice.

What are Hydrogen Tablets?

Another popular way of infusing hydrogen in water is the hydrogen tablet. These are just like any effervescent tablet available in the market. All you have to do is to put it in a glass or a bottle of water, and you will have instant access to hydrogenated water to boost your energy level.

Hydrogen tablets are easy to carry around, and you can drop one in your drinking water whenever you want to enjoy a sip of some energy drink. Its portability is its greatest advantage. Plus, it yields results within an instant. It raises the concentration of hydrogen in drinking water within a fraction of a second.

The advantages of hydrogen tablets are clear. But that doesn’t mean tablets don’t have any drawbacks. The major issue with hydrogen tablets is the limited time of dissolution. It’s true that tablets infuse water with hydrogen quickly. But this also means that the water will not be able to hold hydrogen for too long.

Since these work as effervescent tablets, the fizz in water will die down soon. This means that hydrogen will easily escape into the air shortly after the water has been hydrogenated. So, it is recommended that you drink the water quickly after the tablet has been added. You cannot save this water to drink later.

What Choose A Hydrogen Water Bottle?

Hydrogen water bottles are a device to turn regular water into hydrogenated water. It takes around 4-5 minutes to produce a bottle of water that’s packed with hydrogen. After the time has lapsed, your hydrogenated water will be ready, and you can drink the water directly from the bottle.

This bottle is devised with two electrodes of titanium and platinum. The bottle has a high-tech membrane that separates these two. Hydrogen water bottles achieve hydrogen lock by making use of a micro-nano technology. Thus, the time of hydrogen storage is also boosted.

There are other advanced hydrogen water bottles on the market, too, which are equipped with platinum coatings so that heavy metals do not precipitate. The advantage of hydrogen water bottles is that they are portable. You can take it to the office or gym or use it at home to enjoy your dose of extra hydrogen.

The bottle, too, has its own drawbacks – which are related to the time and cost of the device. While it may seem that the bottles are less expensive and may suit your needs for irregular or personal requirements, a single bottle cannot hydrogenate enough water for an entire family.

Besides, the time required by the bottle to add hydrogen to a single bottle of water is similar to the time taken by an advanced machine to hydrogenate a much larger volume of water.

Yes, then these are two different ways to get hydrogen water. The hydrogen water machine is not as portable as hydrogen tablets but has a healthier and more enjoyable drinking experience. So, you can say that the bottle is not exactly time-prohibiting or cost-effective in the long run.

Why Choose a Hydrogen Water Machine Overall?

As you can see, each of the popular sources of hydrogenated water has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. But it is recommended that for a large volume of healthy, hydrogen-rich water, you install a hydrogen water machine in your house. Despite its lack of portability, its advantages are clear.

  1. The hydrogen water produced by these machines will not lose the molecular hydrogen as the gas is infused by a chemical process.
  2. The machines are cost-effective in the long run as they last for a long time, preventing you from spending extra money on tablets and saving your money for each glass or bottle of water.
  3. It produces a far larger volume of hydrogen water in the same time that a bottle takes to produce only a single bottle of water.

Overall, machines are your best option. They will save you money and time and give you a profuse amount of hydrogen water. The beverage will be healthier, and you and your family will have constant access to this energy drink that’s rich in hydrogen molecules.

Take Away:

Hydrogen water is the latest-known revolution in the world of energy drinks. It is a sugar-free beverage that not only gives you an instant boost in energy levels but also raises your antioxidant intake. It also has plenty of other health benefits. The only way to have constant access to hydrogenated water is through hydrogen water machines.

Now that you are equipped with the best hydrogen water machine reviews, it is time for you to ditch the toxic energy drinks available in the market and replace the plain old water at home with this beverage. A hydrogen water device will give you water that’s pumped with molecular hydrogen so that you and your family can reap the health benefits of the beverage that has gained quite some popularity and will do increasingly over the next couple of years.

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