Best Calorie Counting Apps 2019: (Top 6 Apps To Download)

5 Best Calorie Counting Apps 2019

  1. MyFitnessPal

  2. Lose It

  3. Spark People

  4. MyNetDiary

  5. FatSecret

  6. Cronometer

Losing weight is hard, and keeping it off is harder. Long-term weight loss is all about eating just the right amount of food to keep losing weight without overdoing it. Eat too little food and you’ll starve your metabolism and make yourself more likely to binge eat and put weight back on. Eat too much food and you’ll lose nothing or very little over time. To balance out your food intake, you really need a tool to count your calories. Calorie counting apps are an important tool that all of us should be using to keep an eye on your calorie intake throughout the day. That’s why you should add one to your smartphone and computer as soon as possible.

Best Calorie Counting Apps Reviews

#1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal website homepage

MyFitnessPal is one of the most well-known and often recommended calorie counting apps available, and it’s one of our recommended items on our list of the best calorie counting apps. The app is available on Android and iOS devices and is simple to start using. The app reminds users to check in and provide their weights each day to help track changes over time. It also tracks exercise and connects to more than 50 different additional applications to help track exercise nutrition and other factors that you are already logging somewhere else.

MyFitnessPal has a massive database of more than 11 million different food items, which means that most raw foods and pre-made foods or packaged foods can be found on the program when logging information. This makes counting calories faster and more convenient and gives this app a distinct advantage over many other programs available today that don’t have the same sort of coverage. The app has powerful additional features like macro counting, heart-healthy foods and careful lists of verified food nutrient information for more accurate logging.


Food database with over 11 million items

Exercise tracking technology

Has the ability to track macros

Allows social interaction and competition

Android and iOS support

Connects to more than 50 additional apps

Offers access to recipes


× Some features are only available on the premium version

Apple Store

Play Store


#2. Lose It

Lose it website homepage

Lose It is a simple calorie-tracking app that is designed to make tracking vital nutrition information as seamless and quick as possible. We like that the app has a good solid database with more than 7 million food entries in it, but we were more impressed with all the different ways to log calorie information.

Users can snap a picture of their food and get a match from the database, they can scan a barcode, or do a quick search for the food item that they want to log. This software is designed to work with different health and fitness programs allowing users to connect additional health apps for optimal tracking.

One major downside of this app is that many of the features, including app connectivity to things like Nike+ and Run Club, meal planning, water tracking and custom themes are all trapped behind a premium service. Fortunately, that service is very affordable compared to offerings from other companies. Lose It is a simple program to start using and one that many fitness enthusiasts can benefit from.

Users might be disappointed in the lack of features in the free version, compared to some products like MyFitnessPal that seem to offer more without charging a premium.


Connects with fitness trackers, apps and other devices

Connect with other community members

Food database with over 7 million items

Barcode scanner support

Photo recognition tool

Affordable premium service

Works with WiFi Scale


× Premium required for many basic features

Apple Store

Play Store


#3. Spark People

SparkPeople Website Homepage.

Spark People is a pared down calorie counter compared to many of the other tools talked about here, but the service offers more help for dieting and exercise than other programs do. Users that are part of Spark People will enjoy access to a database of exercises split into muscle groups, excellent workout videos and instructional content and a good library of healthy recipes to choose from to make those important lifestyle changes.

The program also offers web and mobile apps for nutrition tracking and calorie counting. The site has a nutrition database with over 2 million different items, and it’s simple to track most items using the database.

Simply choose the item that fits the food you ate the most and add the right amount to your tracking chart to keep a close look at the calories that you are taking in. Spark People isn’t nearly as comprehensive as something like MyFitnessPal for calorie counting and nutrition tracking, but it’s a more powerful service for teaching about health and fitness.

Those looking to educate themselves more while losing weight will enjoy this program, while users looking for more accurate and simpler data logging capabilities will enjoy other calorie tracking solutions instead.


Nutrition database with over 2 million food items

Personalized fitness program

A large community of members and experts

Web and mobile apps

Personal trainer videos and workout programs available

Exercise library

Healthy recipes


× No additional app support

Apple Store

Play Store


#4. MyNetDiary

MyNetDiary website homepage.

MyNetDiary is a calorie tracking tool that specializes in keeping a record of your weight loss journey over time. The application tries to get you to update all of your information and to track your calories carefully over time.

It has a smaller database with just 988,000 or so food items but still has enough options to choose from to meet most user’s needs. The software is simple to use and picking out food items is as simple as typing in the name and choosing the best option. Frequently used items are listed at the top, letting you quickly grab items that you use all the time. The tool also comes with a helpful community of members, making it simple to get support and guidance from other members using the app as well.

This fitness tracking app comes with a whole bunch of additional features as well, but many of them are unlocked through the premium membership version of the program. With the premium membership, you unlock meal planning and recipes, activity tracking with a bunch of additional accessories that you can attach to your device.

Many more measurements tracked each day to keep a close eye on your overall body composition. Tons of custom reports and charts. Weekly exercise planning, self-adjusting calorie goals and much more to help you meet your goals. The premium service is affordable, but it’s still an added cost. Without premium, the tool works well for tracking calories. With premium, it works well for tracking much more as well and could be a powerful tool for diabetics to use as well.


Web and mobile apps

Enjoy dietitian support

Simple tracking tools

21 days of meal planning

A wide community of members

Monitor vitals as well as key nutrients exclusively


× Nutrition database has only 988,000 foods

× Requires premium for activity tracking and more measurements

× Some advertisements are shown

Apple Store

Play Store


#5. FatSecret

Fat Secret website homepage.

FatSecret is a 100% free calorie counting and food tracking program designed to fit on mobile devices and give you a simple way to keep track of the food’s you’re consuming. The software is available on nearly every type of smartphone and tablet and is simple to start using. The program works smoothly and makes it quick and easy to add your calorie information and to start calculating your nutrition as well.

The program works rapidly and gives you information about your exercise, your calories in and what sort of foods you should be eating as well. It’s simple, easy and can give you all the information that you need to start making healthier choices. You’ll be amazed at how much less junk you eat after tracking calories and making an effort to log all of them as well.

There aren’t many extras with this program other than recommended recipes and a good database of recipes to work with. The program also works as a food diary helping you look back at the different foods that you ate. You can maintain the weight journal and see your weight chart over time as you make progress.

All these different features come together and make FatSecret a pretty compelling software program. This program remains free all the time and there are no extras for you to unlock. Even though the software is lacking some key features that others have available, it offers everything without ever charging, and that’s very beneficial.


Microsoft, Blackberry, Android and iOS Tools

100% free

Simple calorie counting technology

A huge selection of healthy recipes

Exercise diary calculates calories burnt


× Smaller food database than other apps

Apple Store

Play Store


#6. Cronometer

Cronometer website homepage.

There are good and bad things about Cronometer, which is why it made it onto our list of the best calorie counting apps overall. The software is simple to use and logging calories takes only a minute or two to do. Nutrition information tends to be very accurate and the different data points provided can be depended on when taken from the software. With that said, there are only about 300,000 food items in the database, which is tiny compared to some of the more popular tracking apps available from other providers. This means that many packaged food items won’t already be in the database when you use the software and you will likely have to create some of your own custom items to track things effectively over time.

While the food database is lacking items a bit, this software solution tracks more than 60 different types of nutrients from the food you are eating. This is more than many of the other programs tracks, making it useful if you want to be very specific about the different foods you are taking in.

Use the software to keep a close eye on your overall diet and what foods you are eating on a regular basis. The software can also track useful biometric data to find out how healthy you are over time and to help give you a closer look at your health overall. This solution is free to use, and when signed up for it you can more effectively track nutrition trends that will help you lose weight over time.


Streamlined entry system

Tracks over 60 nutrients from food

Track biometrics

Keep track of exercise

Store additional notes

Comes with reliable mobile support

See in-depth nutrition reports


× Just 300,000 foods in the database

Apple Store

Play Store


Best Calorie Counting Apps Takeaway

Calorie counting makes it easy to see how much food to eat to lose weight. It’s possible to count calories on paper, and you can accurately determine just how many calories you’re eating throughout the day. Why would you want to count calories by hand though when there are so many apps designed for this purpose today.

Above are some of our personal favourites. Each one tracks calories effectively while helping you determine just how much food you can eat, but they all offer something different as well. By getting to know each of the different options it’s easier to determine which one is going to offer the most useful features to you, and what program you’ll be happiest with overall.

After you think you know which of the options you like best, try it out for a short period to see how you feel about it. Make sure that you try at least a few different options before you come up with the one that you like best. Take a look at our top recommended options above.

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Best calorie counting apps

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