Best Battle Ropes 2020 (Top 10 Ropes & Buying Guide)

10 Best Battle Ropes 2020

  1. Titan Fitness Poly Battle Rope
  2. Zeny Battle Rope
  3. NEXPro Battle Rope
  4. Power Guidance Battle Rope
  5. Iron Bull Strength Battle Ropes
  6. Garage Fit Battle Rope
  7. Super Deal Battle Rope
  8. Yaheetech Battle Rope
  9. AmazonBasics Battle Rope
  10. Profect Sports Battle Rope

Battle ropes are a fun and exciting way to workout and to build cardio proficiency while toning your upper body and core at the same time. These tough ropes are heavyweight and sold in long lengths so you can swing them around to create waves in different directions to fatigue your muscles.

Many fitness enthusiasts have never used battle ropes before, but even those that have will likely have a difficult time choosing good quality battle ropes if they go to buy one of their own. There are high-quality ropes, low-quality ropes and a bunch of products in the middle. That’s why we created a guide on selecting the very best battle ropes. Hopefully, with help from this guide, you’ll be able to sort the good ropes from the bad and decide which ropes are worth their cost and which should be avoided. Check out our list of the 10 best battle ropes you can buy.

Best Battle Ropes 2020 Reviews

#1. Titan Fitness Poly Battle Rope

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Get a solid upper body workout and tough cardio workout at the same time using the Titan Fitness Poly battle rope. This rope is made from a tough polydac material that sheds very little during use. It’s comfortable to hold and solid enough in construction to have a good tough feel when you first purchase it. The rope is available in many different colours and two different diameters, making it simple for you to choose the rope length that you like best. The ropes are sold in lengths between 30’ and 50’, giving you the chance to pick the length that will work best for your needs. On top of that, the ropes are also sold in two different diameters. Choose from a standard 1.5” rope, or opt for the larger and more difficult 2” rope to workout with.

No matter what one you choose to go with, you can get an impressive workout with these ropes and each one is durable enough to hold up well over time. Add one onto your personal collection and have a tough workout rope available. These polydac ropes are much more affordable than the Manila alternatives anyway.


Available in 30’, 40’ and 50’ lengths

1.5” and 2” diameters are available

Made from durable Dacron fibres

Won’t shed

Water resistant

Sturdy handles


× Smells strong when removed from the package

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#2. Zeny Battle Rope

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Achieve an affordable workout with help from one of these Zeny Battle Ropes. These ropes are made from low-cost PolyDac material that’s designed to shed less and offer good reliable performance after use. The rope is offered in a 1.5” diameter and is just 30’ in length. It’s a good lightweight battle rope that will prove a challenge for most fitness enthusiasts.

The rope itself is simple to use and comes with heat shrink caps on either of the handles for gripping comfort. It’s lacking the length and thickness for some users though. On top of that, the rope is stiff feeling and not as durable as some of our ropes on our list of the best battle ropes.

This more lightweight rope is good for beginners searching for an affordable option and will work well for lifters that don’t need to lift very much.


Heat shrink rope caps for comfort

Great Value

PolyDac construction


× Stiff feel

× Quite a rough texture

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#3. NEXPro Battle Rope

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For a good sturdy lightweight battle rope, the NEXPro battle rope is one of our favourites. This rope is made from a mix of polyethene and Dacron and is soft and comfortable to the touch and more lightweight than many standard battle ropes are. The rope is woven into 30’, 40’ or 50’ lengths, giving you plenty of different options to work with depending on your preferences.

It frays slightly during use but is built to hold up to regular use over time and most users report high levels of successful workouts with this product. These NEXPro ropes feature a 6000D Oxford waterproof sleeve for additional protection and are sturdy enough for regular use for most workout programs.

They’re lighter than many similar sized battle ropes, which is their benefit for users looking for a less strenuous workout. Each rope comes with heat shrink caps at either end to help hold it together and to make it as smooth as possible to handle. It’s a good sturdy rope, brilliant for beginners.


Offered in 30’, 40’ and 50’ lengths

Comfortable heat shrink caps

Tough Poly Dac construction

Smooth and comfortable fibres

Lightweight and travel-friendly

Made from natural materials


× Only available in 1.5” diameter

× Quite lightweight

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#4. POWER GUIDANCE Battle Rope

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The Power Guidance Battle Rope is one of our favourite products because it’s just a well-made piece of equipment. The rope itself is made from 100% DACRON, giving it a heavier weight than many of the other battle ropes of the same 1.5” thickness. The rope is wrapped entirely in a protective polyester sleeve that helps to protect it from too much damage during use. It’s crafted in a three-strand twisted weave and is designed for maximum strength.

This rope comes in 30’, 40’ and 50’ lengths and features a set of heat shrink handles designed to hold the ropes together more tightly during use. The set also includes a wall or floor anchor with a set of concrete screws, making it easy to create a stable anchor point.

Add this beauty to your weight room or use it outdoors for a hard workout. The rope is one of the heavier options we’ve tested at the 1.5” thickness, making it comfortable but challenging for even the fittest athletes.


Covered with a protective nylon sleeve

Made from 100% Dacron

Equipped with heat shrink handles

Includes anchor as well

Heavyweight design

30’ 40’ and 50’ lengths


× Only comes in 1.5” thickness

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#5. Iron Bull Strength Battle Ropes

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The Iron Bull strength battle ropes are an impressive product that is built for long-term performance. These tough ropes are made from a good quality polyDacron combination and woven together tightly. The whole thing is wrapped in nylon sleeves for added strength and stability during use.

These battle ropes are sold in 40’ or 50’ lengths and they’re heavyweight and tough ropes. Each of the ropes comes with an anchor kit including a built-in strap and a carabiner for attaching it in position. Once locked in place the rope is a tough piece of equipment that will beat you up and offer you a challenging cardio and strength workout.

Both the 40’ and 50’ ropes are high quality and they’re both a challenging workout as well. the only downside to this rope is that it is only offered in 1.5” thicknesses, but it’s heavy enough that it still offers a very challenging workout without requiring a thicker rope.


Comes with an anchor kit

PolyDacron construction

Equipped with a nylon sleeve


× Only offered in 1.5” thickness

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#6. Garage Fit Battle Rope

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The Garage Fit battle rope is a premium product and an easy addition to our list of the best battle ropes for sale today. This tough rope is made from a thick polyester blend with a maximum hardness that makes it more difficult to fray than the more affordable options are.

This rope comes with a thick nylon wrap around it, enhancing its durability a bit more to help it last through many more gym sessions. The rope comes equipped with heat shrink caps at either end that are a thick rubbery material for a good solid grip during workouts. This rope can be purchased in 1.5” and 2” thicknesses and is sold at lengths between 30 feet and 50 feet depending on the difficulty of workout that you want.

Each of the ropes is a tough quality product and they’re an excellent investment if you’re looking for a tough workout that will get your heart pumping. Add them to your home gym and get to work. This rope doesn’t come with an anchor but is equipped with an anchor strap for easy attaching.


1.5” and 2” thicknesses

Offered in 30’, 40’ and 50’ lengths

Sturdy heat shrink cap handles

Tough polyester blend product


× Quite expensive

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#7. Super Deal Battle Rope

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The Super Deal Battle Rope is on our list of the best battle ropes because of its budget pricing. The rope is more affordable than many of the other options sold today, making it a worthwhile option to look at if you’re looking to spend less on a battle rope.

The product is available in 1.5” and 2” thicknesses and is available in lengths from 30’ to 50’. It has a good weight to it and is comfortable in the hand for most workouts. The rope itself works well during workouts but isn’t as sturdy as other more highly priced battle ropes. It will wear out more quickly, especially when used on rough surfaces like concrete. If you have a smooth place to practice that won’t wear the rope out too quickly, this battle rope is a good product. Otherwise, the poly Dacron strands will wear out quickly and leave you with a worn out battle rope that will begin to fray.

If you want a budget product, this is a decent option, but there are other ropes that will last far longer during everyday use.


Offered in 1.5” and 2” thicknesses

Sold in 30’, 40’ and 50’ lengths

PolyDacron construction


Three-strand construction


× Less durable than other higher priced options

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#8. Yaheetech Battle Rope

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If you don’t mind working out with a 40’ battle rope that’s 1.5” in width, the Yaheetech battle rope is a good all-around value. This rope is made from 100% Dacron strands woven into a tightly constructed rope. The product is built to last and features a 600D Oxford sleeve that’s fully waterproof to offer excellent abrasion resistance during use.

Even though this battle rope is one of the more affordable options, it’s very durable and built to last. The outer sleeve holds up well to heavy use and will help prevent fraying giving this rope a longer lifespan. At either end of these battle ropes are heat shrink sleeves that serve as excellent hand grips. Hold tight to these handles and you can get a smooth and rigorous workout with help from this battle rope.

It might be a bit too short for some users that are looking for a 50’ rope length, but for most users, this battle rope offers the perfect amount of difficulty and durability for the price.


100% Dacron construction

Strong three-strand construction

Tough heat shrink handles

Protected by a 600D Oxford sleeve


× Only available in 40’ x 1.5” size

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#9. AmazonBasics Battle Rope

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The AmazonBasics are impressive battle ropes that make it to our list for offering good value for their cost. Each of these different battle ropes is made from a PolyDacron blend and put together in a three-strand weave.

They’re thick and heavy and tough enough for ongoing use. These ropes can be had in 30’, 40’ or 50’ lengths and in 1.5” and 2” varieties. The ropes are very affordable compared to our premium battle rope list items, but they are easier to break as well.

The strands of polyester that make up this rope feel pretty soft and will wear out over time through heavy use. The ropes aren’t likely to last nearly as long as a high-cost jacketed rope, but they are a good starting point for many users.

If you’re searching for an affordable battle rope to add to your home gym, one of these might be a good place to start. You won’t spend too much on it and can start working out almost immediately.


Both 1.5” and 2” versions of the rope are available

Sold in 30’, 40’ and 50’ lengths

Made from a tough polyester blend

Comes with a limited one year warranty


× Less durable than jacketed options

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#10. Profect Sports Battle Rope

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As one of the most expensive battle ropes on our list, the Profect Sports battle rope is an interesting product and one that many fitness enthusiasts likely wouldn’t purchase as their first option. The rope is heavy and built to last. It’s made with quality PolyDac construction and has a nice weighty feel that gives it a bit more heft than many of the other ropes we’ve tested.

This rope is also wrapped in one of the toughest sleeves we’ve tried so far, what Profect Sports calls a DuraMax sleeve. The sleeve is very tough and the rope itself holds up well to repeated use. It can be had in a wide range of lengths and sizes from a small of 1.5” by 30’ to the high of 2.5” x 50’. For most people, the 2” by 50’ or 40’ battle ropes will be just right, but high-level athletes with large hands can go up to the 2.5” battle rope for a serious challenge.

This rope is one of the most costly on our list, but it’s also likely to last the longest, making it a good investment for fitness enthusiasts that have worn through a low-cost battle rope, or for long-time gym users that have experience with battle ropes and know they will use one regularly. It’s the battle rope that you invest in when you want a product that is going to last over time, and you should enjoy excellent performance from it.


100% PolyDac construction

Equipped with two heavy anchor straps

Wrapped with a DuraMax protective sleeve

Heavyweight and durable rope

1.5”, 2” and 2.5” widths

30’ to 50’ length ropes


× Expensive

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Best Battle Ropes Buying Guide

Choosing high-quality battle ropes isn’t always simple to do and it takes some serious analysis. You must look closely at the details like the material type, the rope diameter, the rope length, the jacket type if there is a jacket at all, and the overall value for each rope. We looked at each of those characteristics and more when making our list of top-recommended battle ropes. After comparing each of these different qualities you should have a better idea of which battle rope is the right one for you.

Rope Length

Male athlete on the beech training with battle ropes

There are three standard lengths that battle ropes are sold in, 30’, 40’ and 50’. Each of those lengths is fine and can work well, but there are drawbacks and considerations for each. The 30’ length is lightweight and best for cardio workouts and less experienced users. These ropes aren’t as smooth to use though and will pull and jerk around more during use because of their short length. The 40’ rope is a nice mid-point that offers mostly fluid motion and a bit more weight. The 50’ length is the heaviest, but also the most comfortable to use. All movements will be nice and fluid and should provide a pleasant experience for you as you try to get your workouts in. One of our most popular rope lengths and widths is 50’ by 1.5’ and that’s something that countless people make use of.

Rope Diameter

When choosing a battle rope to work out with it’s important to consider the different rope diameter options there are available. The main rope diameters that most users choose are 1.5” or 2.0” but some also opt for 2.5”. The 1.5” diameter is the most standard option and offers a good balance between cardio and a good muscle workout. 2.0” diameter battle rope is designed for a more intense workout and ends up providing a tougher muscle workout for athletes looking for a challenge. 2.5” battle ropes are for only the most extreme athletes and should be purchased for people with large hands, lots of grip strength and an already very solid level of experience using battle ropes.

Material Type

There are only two different types of material rope that make sense to purchase when buying battle ropes. Manila or PolyDac. Manila is a hemp and natural fibre based rope that’s known for its strength and comfort, but also for shedding little fibres during use. Manila is the more expensive option but loved by many users. PolyDac is the more affordable option and is made from a blend of polyethene and Dacron. Together these materials are impressively strong and they won’t shed as the manila does. They also often cost less than Manila does as a rope material.

Material Quality

Along with looking at the different types of material offered for purchase today, it’s also important to look at the actual quality of the rope itself. One of the simplest tests to see just how high quality a battle rope is is to look at its price tag. The more affordable ropes tend to be lower quality. Also, touch the rope to see how it feels. The top-end battle rope feels softer to the touch with finer strands of material woven together. If you can feel all the individual strands of the rope, it’s likely not very high quality.

Jacket Quality

Many battle ropes don’t have a jacket at all, but the ones that do tend to be more durable and also come with a higher price tag. If you are comparing different battle ropes that all come with jackets, make sure you compare the durability of these different jackets. Some are considerably harder to wear out than others. Nylon is the most common jacket material used, so feel and look at the nylon jackets to see which are the thickest and which are thin and likely to break during use.


Finally, you have to consider the overall value of the rope. You can have the toughest battle rope in the world and still have it be a bad value if it’s significantly more expensive than other ropes that are slightly easier to fray. After all, you can work out with those slightly softer ropes just fine for a long time before they wear out, which makes them more affordable options more desirable. The same can be said about the cheapest ropes too. Just because a battle rope is priced at the lowest level doesn’t make it a good deal. Many of the cheapest ropes quickly fray and fall apart, leaving you to buy another. It’s important to find a balance between good quality and durable rope, and a rope that’s affordable enough to be worth purchasing.

Hopefully, those considerations make it a bit easier for you to decide on a battle rope for your own personal use.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my review article here at BFG Muscle.  Have you used battle ropes before? How do you incorporate them into your training? Have any other question?  Please leave your questions and comments below.

Best battle ropes

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