Best Amino Acids 2020 (Top 14 Supplements And Buying Guide)

14 Best Amino Acids 2020

In a rush? Here are our Top 3 Overall…

#1>> Transparent Labs CoreSeries BCAABuy
#2>> Performance Lab BCAABuy
#3>> O.N. Gold Standard BCAABuy

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and they’re vital for building muscle, maintaining your energy levels during workouts and living a healthy life. Most people get all the amino acids they need through their diet alone, or through their diet and any protein supplements they take throughout the day, but many serious athletes aren’t getting enough of the most important amino acids for muscle growth and to maintain peak athletic levels whether they are running, lifting weights or working out in some other way. That’s why it’s useful to take amino acid supplements as well. We put together a guide on the best amino acids in supplement form, and how to pick out an option that’s going to work well for you.

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Best Amino Acids 2020 Reviews

#1.  CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine

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Save 11% Transparent Labs Coupon: BFG11

Transparent Labs CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine stands out as one of the best amino acids solutions for workouts because it’s affordable, offers a good mix of BCAAs and will help you take your workouts to the next level. This product is so impressive because it’s one of the cheapest products that we reviewed (buying in bulk), but packs in a huge supply of BCAAs per serving. You get 8g of BCAAs in each serving at the standard 2:1:1 ratio that most other products offer. You also get a further bonus 5 grams of L-Glutamine and 1g Coconut Water Powder for recovery and restoring electrolytes. This makes for a better recovery supplement than the rest, as well as making this product a very nice value for its cost.

As far as the actual taste and quality of CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine go, it comes in several different flavours, and most are pretty good. Some flavours, like green apple or sour grape, are incredibly sweet and might require more diluting to drink comfortably. Most have a pleasant taste though and this product mixes so smoothly that it’s enjoyable to drink even when just mixed with some water.

The thing we like best about this amino acid solution is that it has no caffeine in it at all. You can literally take the product right before going to sleep without a problem. It’s ideal for most lifters, even those that are sensitive to stimulants like caffeine. You’ll have more flexibility in terms of when you can take T Labs CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine because it has no caffeine, which makes it a more effective or beneficial solution. Add these high quality BCAAs to your workout and enjoy all the benefits for less.


√ 2:1:1 BCAA ratio

√ 8g amino acids in each serving

√ Contains no caffeine

√ Easy mixing with a smooth texture

√ 6 flavour options

No Artificial Anything

√ Highly affordable/ Bulk discount deals


× Some Flavours are extremely sweet

Save 11% Transparent Labs Coupon: BFG11

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#2.  Performance Lab BCAA

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Performance Lab BCAA is an interesting and unique amino acid supplement because it’s a very pure product that is very different from the others on this list. Instead of getting a powder that you mix up with a liquid like you would a protein powder, you get capsules that you swallow. Six capsules make up a standard serving of these amino acids. This product stands out for another reason as well, it has no additives at all… no artificial flavoring or sweeteners, etc.

In other words, when you take these amino acid supplements, you’re getting the core amino acids and nothing else. Each serving has about 1500mg of Leucine+(Ajipure and NutriGenesis), 750mg of Isoleucine+(Ajipure and NutriGenesis) and 750mg of Valine+(Ajipure and NutriGenesis), giving it 2:1:1 ratio which goes along with the carefully studied amino acid blend that’s sighted in most tests.

This product is easy to take, fast and it has no extras for you to think about. Compared to the powders that pack in as much as they can, it’s nice to see a product that gives you just the essentials. Forget about sugars, dyes and other additives that powders need to make good flavours, you get just those helpful amino acids along with the capsules themselves. On the other hand, you’re missing out on a lot of added amino acids, electrolytes and other items that you get with many of the powders. If you aren’t getting those things from other products this supplement might not give you as good of results as some of the more complete powder solutions.

If you’re searching for an affordable tool for getting the essential BCAAs into your day as conveniently as possible, P-Lab BCAA is the best product for that. It’s convenience and lack of extras is why we added it to our list of the best amino acids, and it’s really impressive for what it offers. Stop wasting money on fillers that you don’t need, and consider a product that gives you just the most important amino acids to help improve your fitness levels and performance.


√ Easy take capsules

Super Unique Ajipure with Ferment-A-Pure Technology

√ Contains Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine 2:1:1 ratio

√ No added ingredients

√ Vegan-friendly NutriCaps


× Not as many ingredients as others

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#3.  Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA Train + Recover

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Athletes searching for a low-calorie tool for enhancing their workouts just a bit more could stand to benefit from Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA Train + Recover supplements. These powerful supplements have a nice blend of BCAAs. You get a total of 5g of BCAAs per serving and they’re formulated at the 2:1:1 ratio, giving you a good blend of the most important amino acids for energy and strength gains.

This amino acid supplement for weight loss and recovery is offered in four different flavours, as well as an unflavored variation, letting you get just the flavour that you want for the food or drink that you’ll be mixing it in. At just 10 calories per serving, you don’t have to worry about throwing off even the strictest diet with these BCAAs. We were impressed by the addition of Rhodiola and Wellmune for endurance and immunity benefits, and athletes will appreciate the addition of electrolytes to this supplement.

Overall, Optimum Nutrition Gold is an affordable solution that packs in 28 servings and works as a good addition to a standard workout routine. Add it along with a good protein source and you’ll likely experience some improvements to your workouts over time. It’s a good investment and something that’s easy to take or to add into a daily routine. Toss this into a shake in the morning or before a workout and get those BCAAs into your body. The only downside that we picked out for this product is that it mixes poorly. You’ll be left with a bit of grit in your drink in the end, but if you mix in any fruits or other solids into a smoothie this isn’t really an issue.


√ 5g BCAA per serving

√ 200mg Rhodiola for endurance

√ 250mg of Wellmune to Boost Immunity

√ 220mg electrolytes for sports performance

√ 4 flavour options


× Doesn’t mix very well

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#4.  MuscleTech Amino Build Next Gen Energized

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If you’re serious about your workouts and looking for a tool to help you take your performance to a whole new level, MuscleTech Amino Build Next-Gen energized is a decent tool to help you take your lifts to the next level. It offers 8g of BCAAs per serving at the standard 2:1:1 ratio. There’s also a decent amount of B vitamins to help bolster your energy levels for your workout. At its current price, this amino acid solution is really affordable for offering 30 servings per container and can help you get the necessary amino acids that you need to maintain peak performance during workouts and during your recovery period afterwards.

The one advantage this solution offers over others, besides for being affordable, is the addition of Betaine. There are 2.5g of Betaine per serving. This compound has been tested to improve muscle endurance and should help give you that added bit of fuel to get through your tough lifts effectively.

While testing this product out we were overwhelmed with how sweet it is at standard dose levels. If you mix a flavour like Fruit Punch with just 8 ounces of water you are going to be in for a shock. We preferred to at least double the amount of liquid for a single scoop of this amino acid mixture to get a more enjoyable flavour. With that said, the solution has an enjoyable flavour and there are 8 different flavour options to choose from so you’ll have plenty of different options to test out.


√ 8 flavour choices

√ Standard 2:1:1 BCAA ratio

√ Good source of B Vitamins

√ 8g of BCAAs per serving

√ 30 servings per container

√ 2.5g of Betaine (for muscular endurance)


× Every flavour is extremely sweet

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#5.  Cellucor Alpha Amino

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Getting healthy includes a lot of serious work, and BCAAs have been shown to help make working out a bit easier. The Cellucor Alpha Amino BCAA formula includes the powerful 2:1:1 ratio of amino acids that have been studied and proven effective for performance and recovery enhancement for athletes. There are 5g of BCAAs in this product, and there are 13 amino acids total included in this formula. As well as the BCAAs, there are EAAs as well for improved endurance. You get a total of 3.75g of EAAs per serving in this substance which is another nice addition. Serious performance buffs will love that Cellucor Alpha Amino comes with Betaine and electrolytes as well for serious endurance and recovery benefits. It’s all these different ingredients that help this solution get on our list of the best amino acids supplements available today.

This product has a good flavour as well and most of the 6 different flavour options are very good. If you’re searching for a tasty amino acid solution, this is the one for you. It mixes well and most users remark about how good the different flavours are.

Our only real complaint about this product is that it uses some dyes that it probably doesn’t need. The dyes don’t take away from the product’s benefits, but it would certainly be better without them.

If you want a good cheap amino acid solution that pretty much has everything in it that you need for your workouts, Cellucor has you covered with this product and it’s hard to find much wrong with it.


√ 11 additional amino acids

√ 5g 2:1:1 ratio of important amino acids for peak performance

√ 0g of sugar, 0g of carbs

√ 3.75g EAAs

√ Includes electrolytes

√ Features betaine


× Includes dyes which add no benefits to the product

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#6.  Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy

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This amino acid blend from Optimum Nutrition is a powerful tool for optimizing your workouts, but it’s tough to say if it’s the best option at first glance. Essential Amino Energy is a unique blended solution that contains a wide variety of amino acids as well as extracts from black coffee and green tea. Together these ingredients are supposed to enhance your energy levels while promoting muscle development and recovery.

What you get is a product with 5g of amino acids per serving, a good blend of antioxidants and 100mg of caffeine per serving. For some, the caffeine is a major advantage, while others won’t want to use this solution for that very reason. It’s true that you’ll experience enhanced energy levels with this product, but you might have trouble sleeping and won’t want to use it late at night, especially if you are sensitive to caffeine. It’s also not clear if this Optimum Nutrition solution has the proven 2:1:1 blend of the three essential amino acids, but many users have reported good quality results with this product, so it’s still an improvement over not using amino acids at all.

If you’re searching for a very affordable product, that gets you caffeine, amino acids and also works in some healthy antioxidants, this product is a good bet. It comes in 11 different flavour options and will give you plenty to choose from when you are trying to find the best tasting solution that you can find. Read Full ON Amino Energy Review Here


√ 5g amino blend

√ Green Tea extract included

√ Good value


× Not set at the tested 2:1:1 ratio

× Caffeine may be an advantage to some but a disadvantage to others

× Not ideal for taking late at night due to 100mg of caffeine per serving

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#7.  Scivation Xtend BCAA Powder

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Enhance your strength and fitness with the nutrients that are packed into Scivation Xtend BCAAs. This powder-based amino acid solution comes in 18 different flavours and makes it easy to get some much-needed amino acids into your workout routine. It’s relatively affordable and packs quite a punch compared to other products on the market.

Each serving of Xtend comes with 7g of the 2:1:1 amino acid blend that’s been studied heavily. It also comes with 2.5g of L-Glutamine and 1g of Citrulline Malate for enhanced performance and endurance. It doesn’t have any carbs or sugars, making it useful for anyone dieting. The nutritional quality of this solution is very good, and it’s something that most athletes could benefit from. For its price, it offers a mid-level of the most important BCAAs, because most solutions have between 5g and 10g of BCAAs per serving.

While testing out this product we were impressed with some of the flavours, but some weren’t very good. This is definitely a product that you’ll need to test thoroughly before deciding on a specific flavour. There are 18 different flavours to choose from, and each one is very unique compared to the others. Try out several and choose the one that you like the best for long-term use for best results.


√ 7g BCAAs

√ 2.5g L-Glutamine

√ 1g Citrulline Malate

Included electrolytes

√ 18 different flavours


× Some flavours are poor

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#8.  Evlution Nutrition BCAA5000

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Getting essential amino acids throughout the day is helpful if you’re trying to build strength or physical fitness, but it’s not always easy to do. That’s why so many different amino acid supplements exist today. BCAA 5000 by Evolution Nutrition stands out because it packs in just the essential BCAAs at the perfect 2:1:1 ratio, and it does it with capsules instead of a powder solution. This is good for many people that don’t want to drink flavoured water mixtures, but it’s a poor option for those that don’t like swallowing capsules.

A single serving of this solution provides 5g of BCAAs, which means you’ll likely want to take a few servings per day. This solution doesn’t pack in any of the extra additives that many other products add, which means you know exactly what you are putting into your body each time you take the capsules. To users that like drinking flavoured drinks, this product isn’t an ideal option, but it’s highly convenient and easy to take.

We were impressed with how affordable these capsules are, giving you enough for a single serving every day for a full month at less than many other supplement packs will cost you. The one thing we were surprised by is just how many capsules it takes to make a single serving though. You’ll be taking a total of 8 capsules per serving, which is quite high. Other capsule supplements get the job done with as few as 3 capsules. If you don’t mind taking many capsules, this option is a good tool for helping you get physically fit and meet your muscle-building goals. If you don’t like swallowing many capsules, or you want some of the additional amino acids, electrolytes and other additives that other supplement products pack in, you might not like what this product has to offer overall. It’s a really good value though and gets the job done.


√ 5g BCAAs per serving

√ 2:1:1 essential amino acid ratio

√ Cheap with 30 servings per container

√ Not many additives


× No flavour options

× A serving size is 8 capsules

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#9.  OPTIMUM NUTRITION Instantized BCAA Capsules

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For users that want to take a lower dose of BCAAs per workout routine, most of the best amino acids solutions that we have on this list aren’t going to be a good option. This capsule-based BCAA supplement from Optimum Nutrition is another story though. It offers just 1g of BCAAs per serving, and keeps them at the standard 2:1:1 ratio that we look for when grading products. This serving size is tiny and much less than what most athletes will be looking for, which means you’ll have to up your dose to get a higher concentration of BCAAs. If you want to take a lower amount though, you have excellent control with this product.

There are 400 servings per container in the average size, which is still a good deal for the price even if you take as much as five times the actual serving amount each time. Other than Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, this product doesn’t have much else at all. This makes it ideal for athletes that don’t want all the extra that comes with other solutions.

If you’re trying to find a workout supplement that makes it easy to accurately control your overall BCAA intake carefully, this capsule supplement from Optimum Nutrition is the best option. It’s easy to take and allows you to dose your BCAAs down to 500mg each easily. Add more doses throughout the day, or take them all at once with this product easily. It’s convenient, and you won’t have to deal with drinking a powder that you may or may not enjoy. Taking BCAAs on the go has never been easier!


√ 2:1:1 amino acid ratio

√ Easy swallow pills


× Just 1g of BCAAs per serving

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#10.  MusclePharm BCAA Powder

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The BCAA powder from MusclePharm is one of the lower rated options on our list of the best amino acids supplements for a few reasons, but they’re still worth considering if you want a good cheap powder supplement for BCAAs. This solution has a good quantity of the three essential amino acids for athletes, Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, but it doesn’t use the 2:1:1 ratio that’s been tested and has proven to work well for most athletes. Instead, it opts for a higher amount of Leucine and Isoleucine and a lower dose of Valine. There are 6g of BCAAs per serving, which is pretty good, but we don’t like that the ratio has been tampered with and many lifters won’t see the exact same results as they did with other BCAA supplements they’ve used in the past for this reason.

This powder also isn’t the best tasting and many users remark that the flavour is unpleasant. There are just three flavours to choose from, and it’s a good idea to try out all three if you want to stick with this product over the long-term. You’ll likely enjoy at least one of the available flavours after trying them out.

If you want a cheap BCAA solution, this is a decent product worth trying and one of the cheapest powder solutions that we’ve found so far. If you don’t mind using capsules though, you can get the BCAAs you need for less money than what this solution from MusclePharm offers, and you’re likely to enjoy them more since you won’t have to deal with potentially poor flavours in the process. If you do want powder, consider this product for its BCAAs, it offers a good mix and should offer some nice benefits to your workout routine over time as well.


√ 6g BCAAs per serving

√ Low Cost


× Just 3 flavour options

× Doesn’t contain the 2:1:1 ratio that’s been studied

× Poor flavours

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#11.  NOW Sports Amino Complete Capsules

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For most athletes it’s very important to know that you are getting the most effective amino acids for building strength, maintaining endurance and enjoying the best possible recovery. If that sounds like you, NOW Sports Amino capsules likely aren’t for you. This is more of a general-purpose supplement than anything else. It offers 3g of amino acids per serving and offers 90 servings per container, but you don’t have a clear idea of what amino acids you are getting with each serving. This is a very affordable product for including so many servings, which leads us to believe that it has the vital amino acids like Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine at lower amounts or maybe not at all compared to the higher cost supplements available today.

The supplement does include 3g of protein, as well as 13mg of Vitamin B-6, and it packs in 3g of amino acids per serving, which is why we recommend it as an option for general wellness. It couldn’t hurt to take this alongside a protein powder solution to boost your energy levels and enhance your fitness levels a bit, but it’s likely not going to work as well as the solutions that have a clear 2:1:1 BCAA ratio. That’s why it’s important to evaluate your own specific needs and to pick the product that’s going to fit them best. If you’re a hardcore athlete, look for a 2:1:1 amino acid product. If you just want a general boost at a very affordable rate, this is a good place for you to start.


√ 3g protein per serving

√ 13mg Vitamin B-6

√ 3g amino acid blend


× Doesn’t include the 2:1:1 ratio of amino acids for athletes

× An unclear blend of amino acids

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#12.  RSP AminoLean

Click Image To See Best Price On Amazon

To someone that wants peak energy levels during workouts, RSP Amino Lean is a good solid product worth adding to your rotation. We aren’t particularly impressed with the amino acid blend that it contains, because it doesn’t specify how much of each acid is included. It does include all the important amino acids like Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine though, so it’s still a solid supplement for athletes to consider. This product is offered in a good range of flavours and gives you something new to try out each time you order the powder.

This solution is good for high-energy workouts because it contains 125mg of caffeine from green tea extract and also packs in plenty of amino acids for enhanced energy and performance. We like that it doesn’t have any sugar or GMOs as well, making this healthier than many other amino acid solutions on the market. We added this to our list of the best amino acids because it is a powerful tool for maintaining high energy levels. We don’t recommend this to athletes that want the perfect ratio of amino acids, but for athletes looking for more energy with some of the benefits that amino acids can offer as well.


√ 5mg amino acid blend

√ Green tea extract

√ No sugars or GMOs

√ 9 flavours


× Flavours aren’t all great

× 125 mg of caffeine may not be to everyone’s taste

× Lower doses of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine than other products

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#14.  Zhou Nutrition Muscle BCAA

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The Muscle BCAA nutrient supplement is a powerful tool for athletes looking to leverage amino acids for higher levels of performance because it offers just the powerful BCAAs that have been tested for their application with athletic performance. These capsules offer 2.5g of BCAAs while maintaining the exact 2:1:1 ratio between Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine which has been tested so carefully. We aren’t particularly impressed with the low amount of BCAAs per serving, but because this supplement is so affordable it’s still a decent value for athletes looking to add some amino acids to their diet.

Some athletes report that this supplement helps with muscle fatigue or recovery and that’s a common report with supplements that contain the three core amino acids that this product from Zhou Nutrition does. The pills are easy to take, but many people will be taking 8 capsules at a time, making them a bit more time-consuming than you might expect. Overall, they are convenient to use, affordable and a good source of the most important BCAAs, making them a useful tool for the everyday athlete.

If you want easy capsules to take to add some BCAAs to your daily intake, and you don’t mind taking a large number of capsules at once, this product is worth considering. If you want to enjoy a flavoured powder product, or you don’t want to take many capsules each time, you might want to look at a different product instead.


√ Maintains the 2:1:1 amino acid ratio

√ Easy to take capsules


× Just 2.5g of BCAAs per serving

Click to see price

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Best Amino Acids Buying Guide

How to Select the Best Amino Acids Supplements

Because amino acids are so important for bodybuilding and athletic performance in general, it’s beneficial to choose the best quality supplement that you can. We use a very thorough approach when comparing different amino acid blends. Read through our considerations below to help you figure out which supplements are worth purchasing and which ones you should skip over.

Look at the Amino Acid Content

Even though you might have 30 servings in two different amino acid supplement solutions, one could offer 10g of BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) while the other offers just 5g of BCAAs. If they are priced at the same level the product that offers twice the BCAAs is clearly the better value of the two. This is something we look at carefully when deciding which products are a good value and which should be skipped. We pay close attention to the overall amino acid levels in a product, and also the ratio of amino acids available in the product being reviewed.

Look at the Ratio of Acids

There are many scientific studies that suggest a ratio of 2:1:1 should be maintained between the Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine in an amino acid supplement for ideal performance. Because of all these studies, we look for products that maintain this ratio when picking out amino acid supplements. If a product has this ratio, that’s a big bonus and makes it more worthwhile to get. If it doesn’t have the ratio we look at how it’s different and if that difference is big enough to have a real impact on the product’s overall performance.

Look at the Extras

Besides for Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, many supplements contain added vitamins, minerals and different ingredients. You need to look closely at these additions as well to see if they are beneficial or not. To some athletes the addition of caffeine is a very good thing and gives them the energy boost they need, to others it’s a reason to skip over a product in favour of something else. We consider all the additional ingredients that go into different amino acid solutions, because they really change up the final product and whether or not it’s good to take.

Consider the Value

Finally, when trying to pick the best amino acids products to take on a regular basis, it’s really important to think about the cost and overall value of each product that you are thinking of. To do this, look at the number of servings a container has, and the total amino acid concentration per serving. This will give you a baseline to work from and to compare prices of one supplement pack with another. You shouldn’t have any trouble picking out a high-value product after doing that.

Flavour and Taste

female athlete in the gym, sipping amino acids from a shaker bottle

For any of the powder supplements, it’s important that they taste good. This is especially true if you will be having the powder by itself with just water. There are often many different flavours to choose from, and there must be at least one high-quality flavour that mixes well and has a decent flavour. Taste a range of flavours and make sure there’s one you enjoy before deciding to go with a particular product type.

Ease of Use

Supplements should be simple and fast to take. This generally puts capsules ahead of powders. If we are testing out a powder solution and it’s difficult to mix well without using a full-power blender, it isn’t as simple or convenient to use as a powder that mixes easily with a simple mixing ball. While testing out products we verify that they are convenient to use, and put those products ahead of the options that are more difficult or time-consuming to use properly.

Let’s Wrap This Up

It’s not as simple as it seems choosing the best amino acids no matter what form you decide to take them in. Hopefully, this guide helps you locate some of the high-quality products that are worth taking while helping you avoid some of the lower quality options. With so many different products on the market today it is going to take time to find the option that works best for you. Rely on our review to help you choose a product that fits your use-case well. Although we list Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA Train + Recover as our best overall supplement, different people will benefit from different products. Instead, so, for this reason, we explain why each product is good and help point readers in the right direction.

Amino Acids FAQ

What Are Amino Acids?

Delving into supplements, proteins come with amino acids. These amino acids are the main reason why you need protein in your life, especially when you’re on a bodybuilding journey. When you take in protein, your body breaks it down into separate amino acids and processes them into what is needed by your body during this time. Some amino acids are just one-of-a-kind when used by your body, especially in terms of physical fitness. 

Amino acids are practically your body’s building blocks. You need these aminos for food digestion and muscle building, among others. An incredible amount of your muscles, cells, and tissues have amino acids, and they are responsible for carrying out a wide range of bodily functions. 

Some of these amino acids do not naturally occur in your body, which means that you’ll miss out on fundamental nutrients if you don’t consume these aminos through your diet. You don’t necessarily have to take them in every meal, but having adequate amino acids in your diet will certainly help you stay in shape and in good health. 

Can I Take Amino Acids? 

Amino acids are for everyone. Essential amino acids are not naturally occurring in the body. Therefore, everyone must be able to take them through healthy food and supplements.

The elderly and other groups more vulnerable to disease require more amino acids. Still, this doesn’t mean that younger people should overlook their aminos intake. Taking in adequate amounts of amino acids will aid you on your way to a healthier life.  

When Should I Take Amino Acids?

It’s best to take amino acids when you’re working out because your body is working hard as it concentrates on physically demanding exercises. During this time, more essential nutrients are being consumed by your body and need replenishment.

To address this, you can incorporate an amino acid supplement to your pre-workout drink to help you fuel up and have that extra energy boost. Amino acids can also be taken after your training session as they will effectively aid in your muscle-building and repair efforts.

What Should Be the Ratio of Amino Acids?

Looking at the product label of amino acid powders, you’ll notice a ratio that says 2:1:1 or 4:1:1 and so on. These represent the amount of amino acid that the powder contains. 

For bodybuilding and weight training, leucine has been deemed the most ideal amino acid for muscle growth. The ratio of 2:1:1 may mean that the powder is two parts leucine, one part isoleucine, and one part valine. 

Can Amino Acids Help in Building Muscle?

As the building blocks of protein, amino acids have a huge contribution to muscle building. Leucine, for instance, has been shown to improve muscle protein synthesis after workouts. With this jolt of leucine, your muscles will be ready for growth and be prepared for your next training session. Isoleucine and valine also help build muscle, reduce muscle fatigue, and keep your muscles from being too sore.

Are There Side Effects When Taking Amino Acids?

When consumed in excessively large amounts, BCAA amino acids and BCAA powder may cause side effects, including fatigue, headaches, and nausea. As with all supplements, amino acids will affect people in different ways so you should certainly contact your physician or trainer if you’re raising any issues.

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    I recognized your effort for the betterment of our health. I have dabbled in the market myself for health supplements but the results were far from brilliant. I purchased many product but still get stuck on my problems.
    This brings me to your website.

    thanks very much for this post!

    • Hi Bibian

      Thank you so much for the incredible feedback.  I am really glad I have been able to help you.  If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to ask

  3. Thanks for this guide! I studied amino acids in school but I never quite understood why exactly they are so good Forbes you. Thanks for clearing it up. 

    You say that we should aim for products in which there’s is a higher amount of BCAA per gram, is this information easy to spot on the packets or does it require a bit of research?

    I found what you said about the ‘extras’ interesting; so if caffeine is a good extra for an athlete, what would be a good extra for a regular person? Hope that question makes sense, and thanks again!

    • Hi Danny

      It’s really easy to spot whether a product is high in BCAAS.  It will show clearly on each supplements label and will show how much you are getting per scoop.  Never go for less than 5g a scoop.  This should be the lowest amount you opt for.

      Caffeine can also be good for regular gym goers as well.  It can really help increase your energy levels and focus during a session.  Some people will have a coffee or caffeine in a pre-workout before training, so probably wouldn’t want more in there amino drink.

      Also if you are looking for an amino acid supplement to have during the day you would not want one loaded with caffeine either.

      I hope this helps

  4. People are always trying to find supplement to boost their muscle gain. I, personally, am not into it. I take the basic and standard protein supplements like Whey, but I usually try to stay away from supplements, because I like the feeling of hardwork and accomplishment without the assistance. However, I still enjoyed reading your article, because it was very informative, and my mindset is more of the minority nowadays. Workout supplements are all of the rave. Great job.

    • Hi Danny

      Everyone is different.  I know athletes who won’t even take whey protein, but they are able and have the time to cook food all day long.  I do agree there are so many supplements to choose from these days,  It’s now a multi million dollar industry.  However, there are many that have proven to help and I will only every recommend the very best on my site.  Hopefully this gives each person the platform to make an informed decision on whether they are for them or not.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my article.

  5. How timely this article is!  I have just opened my L-arginine supplement and finished it before reading this. I noticed that my skin became a more normal texture after doing a liver flush which included taking 20g of L-arginine for 7 days last year.

    It stayed that way for a year and now I am about to repeat a liver flush while supplementing with arginine.  Amino acids are very important for us and we definitely need them for building muscle.  I am yet to try BCAAs though!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Stella

      Although BCAAs are not the be all and end all as if you take a good quality whey protein you will normally find that contains a good helping, it definitely doesn’t do any harm in adding in extra.  Plus many of these products contain many other amino acids to help and aid in your recovery after a hard workout.

  6. Hi David;  I found your article very edcuational.  I do not personally take supplements on a regular basis as I prefer to get my BCAAs from my food choices.  That being said, I do understand the need and desire to supplement when the body has been placed under stress due to increased level of exercise or when you are looking to get over a plateau, for example.  My clients often ask me about supplementing and while I am not qualified to recommend specific supplements, I have no issue with referring them to your article.  It is a terrific resource.   Thanks for the information.

    • Hi Sonya

      Thanks for a great comment.  Also I really appreciate you referring your clients to my article.  I personally use supplements to help me meet my goals, but like you I also have clients who prefer to eat only food and are happy with the added time this takes.  

  7. I’m in the fitness and bodybuilding branche for years already, amino acids are key for your body, for the recovery, for the building of your muscle.

    You have lots of different ones, but personally, I like the ones with the 2:1:1 ratio.

    Now that being said, I always buy the one of Evlution Nutrition, for me personally, it is the best.

    The brand itself already is reaching high grounds/levels nowadays, and I’m pretty sure they will be one of the biggest brands soon.

    Your review is very in-depth, and explained everything, these are the kinds of post I love.

    Thanks for sharing it with us!

    • Hey

      Evlution Nutrition is a fantastic product.  I personally prefer the powders as I enjoy drinking them.  You are right.  The brand itself is receiving high praise in the bodybuilding world and its once Im going to be watching closely over the coming months.

  8. That’s a great review you’ve made, well analyzed and structured. I love jogging most times or I do take a walk if I don’t want to stress myself a lot which get much tired up after that. I take a lot of veggies i and milk too, though I have not bought Amino acids before. I want to know if BSN Amino X is still recommended?

    • Hi Bibian

      I hope you are well.  BSN Amino X is still my number one product.  Its affordable and you get some of the highest doses of amino acids per serving compared to other brands.  I personally love the flavours however, they don’t provide a natural taste.  So take this into account when buying.


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