Best Adjustable Dumbbells 2020 (Top 10 Dumbbells And Buying Guide)

10 Best Adjustable Dumbbells 2020

  1. Bowflex SelectTech 552
  2. Power Block Elite Dumbbells
  3. Power Block Adjustable SpeedBlock Dumbbells
  4. Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells
  5. Power Block Personal Trainer Set 5 to 50lbs per dumbbell
  6. Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell
  7. Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells
  8. Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell Set
  9. Starring 65 105 200Lbs Adjustable Dumbbells
  10. Bowflex SelectTech 560

While most gyms today are loaded up with weight machines and heavy exercise equipment, many studies show that nothing beats the effectiveness of good old-fashioned free weights for building muscle. Dumbbells have been shown to be especially effective for putting on muscle mass thanks to the excellent range of motion that they make possible. It’s not too difficult to find a local gym that carries a good stock of dumbbells to choose from, but things become expensive quick if you want to stock up your own home gym with a large set of different dumbbell sizes. That’s why it often makes sense to buy adjustable dumbbells instead. For a lower cost, you can get many different dumbbell sizes to use, and may make it easy for you to switch from one size to the next during a workout as well. We’ve assembled a list of the best adjustable dumbbells 2020 to help you choose dumbbells that will work perfectly for use in your home.

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Best Adjustable Dumbbells 2020 Reviews

1.  Bowflex SelectTech 552

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Adjustable Weight Range: 5 to 52.5 lbs

Most people have heard of Bowflex before. It’s a big name in the fitness industry and known for making quality products as well. The Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells set is no different. These mid-range dumbbells offer weight adjustments from a low of 5 lbs. to a high of 52.5 lbs. and can be adjusted in 2.5 lb. increments. Each adjustable dumbbell comes with a special rack that houses all the additional plates not being used. They adjust quickly with a simple dial mechanism and can be set down and picked up a new weight quickly.

These weights have a natural handle that feels very similar to standard dumbbells. For lifters getting started with dumbbells, these weights are likely more than enough to get going and to build up some strength. They’re also an excellent supplement to other free weight options for seasoned lifters that want convenient options for the lighter lifts up to 105 pounds together. The weights are compact and take up much less space than a large dumbbell set would, or even some of the other adjustable dumbbells.

Another thing that we really like about the Bowflex SelectTech 552 is that the set comes with a companion app that you can use during your workouts. Connect with the app and you’ll enjoy a range of workouts to choose from, special challenge programs, lifting trackers and more to help you stay motivated each time that you workout.

While using these weights, just make sure that you set them down gently and avoid dropping them whenever possible. Some customers have complained about the weights breaking after dropping, so care must be taken. Other users report years of smooth performance when the weights are cared for properly.

Overall, these adjustable dumbbells made our list of the best adjustable dumbbells for being comfortable to use, highly adjustable and sleek. They won’t take up too much space and will give you a solid workout.


  • Natural shape
  • Smooth weight adjustments
  • Increases in 2.5 lb. increments


  • Must use with care while lifting to avoid dropping
  • Longer than standard dumbbells

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2.  Power Block Elite Dumbbells

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Adjustable Weight Range Per Hand: 2.5 to 50 lbs (can be adjusted to 70 or 90 lbs at a later time)

Power Block is well-known for making unique looking adjustable dumbbells, and the Power Block Elite adjustable dumbbells are some of the best that you can get for home use. These dumbbells come in a range of sizes with a minimum of 2.5 lbs. and a maximum ranging from 50, 70 or 90 lbs. depending on the set that you get. They are one of the few options that go up to 90 lbs. each for the set and there are even extension kits you can get to raise the maximum weight above 100 lbs. per side for a more challenging lift.

These Power Block weights adjust quickly and easily using a unique slider mechanism. A long pin-like piece slips out and then is positioned around the weight set that you want to pick up when lifting again. The weight options are colour-coded making it possible to switch from one weight amount to another in less than 10 seconds once you are used to the steps involved. It’s quick, easy and convenient compared other adjustable dumbbells.

One of our favourite benefits of these Power Block Elite dumbbells is that they are very well-balanced and not as long as some of the other adjustable dumbbell options. Sure, the weights have a bulkiness to them, but thanks to careful design they are very comfortable to hold and offer a good grabbing surface for everyone working out. These weights are very comfortable for most lifts, and one of the most comfortable options that go all the way up to 90 lbs. per side. They’re better for lifts like bicep curls thanks to their more compact design and are just more flexible overall.

These Power Block weights come with a 10-year warranty and are built to last. They utilize tough metal for all the important contact joints and offer a strength that some of the other products on here simply don’t offer. If you’re searching for the best adjustable dumbbells, these should be considered based on their strength and long-lasting durability above all else.


  • More balanced form-factor
  • Compact and better for more lifts
  • Excellent range of weight adjustments
  • Up to 90 lbs. per dumbbell


  • Must workout with hands inside dumbbells
  • Pin mechanism takes some getting used to

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3.  Power Block Adjustable SpeedBlock Dumbbells

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Adjustable Weight Range Per Hand: 3 to 24 lbs

For lightweight lifters, the Power Block Adjustable SpeedBlock dumbbells are a good solid option. While they only go from 3 to 24 pounds, these weights can be adjusted quickly, have a more compact form-factor and are excellent for quickly switching from one light lift amount to another. This set isn’t compatible with the block extension kits that you can put on the Power Block Elite weights, so you need to be happy with the lower weight limit while lifting.

A lot of care went into the design of these heavy-duty dumbbells and they are built to last but also designed to be easily repaired. The weights are compact, short and highly comfortable to use. Each one features a rubberized handle for a good solid grip. The weights use a unique slider mechanism with a removable pin that comes out and goes back into the necessary position to lock in new weight amounts. This pin is simple to use, it’s sturdy and it locks in using magnets to ensure that it doesn’t slip out during use.

Owners of the Power Block SpeedBlock dumbbells love their unique look and how comfortable they are during use. They do take a bit of time to get used to if you are used to solid dumbbells that you don’t adjust. They’re much more compact and will help clear up space in your gym though. The weights aren’t the cheapest adjustable dumbbells that you can get for the money, but they come with a rock-solid 10-year warranty that you can count on to back you up if anything happens to them. The weights are built for conveniences and are designed for fast weight changes and long-lasting performance. That’s exactly why they’re a top recommendation for us, and why anyone interested in lower weight lifts should look at the Power Block SpeedBlock set. They aren’t cheap but offer performance that you simply can’t get with other adjustable dumbbells. When the price isn’t an issue this product makes a lot of sense to invest in. Get good quality weights and enjoy a reliable workout every single time.


  • Easy to change weights fast
  • Sturdy construction
  • Won’t roll around when set down
  • Colour-coded weights for simplicity


  • Pin takes time to get used to
  • Odd square shape with hands in the middle during lifts

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4.  Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells

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Adjustable Weight Range Per Hand: 5 to 25 lbs

While Bayou Fitness isn’t as well-known as some other brands on this list of the best adjustable dumbbells in 2018, the company offers a good solid product that we enjoyed during testing. The Bayou Fitness adjustable dumbbells come in two different varieties depending on what your needs are. The lighter set offers two adjustable dumbbells that go from 5 to 25 lbs. each. The heavy set offers adjustable dumbbells that go from 10 lbs. to 50 lbs. each.

The first thing that we noticed while testing out these weights is how solid they feel in the hand and how nice the chrome plating looks. They feature tough sliders that feel very reliable, and it’s clear that these weights aren’t going to fail anytime soon. The 50 lbs. weights are pretty lengthy, but they have a comfortable grip that ensures good solid performance when you need it most during lifts.

Each weight features a nice rack to store them in when not in use and overall they performed very well during tests. They adjust from one size to the other and stay nice and tight during lifts.

We did have a few minor issues with these weights during use though. The 50 lbs. weights in particular offer pretty dramatic adjustments. They must be adjusted up or down by 5 lbs. per side, which is a weight change of 10 lbs. when you want to up the intensity. This is a significant change and might be too much for some lifters to go to. The sliders on these Bayou Fitness adjustable dumbbells are also sticky and they get jammed occasionally, slowing down the weight changing process. We fixed the issue by applying a bit of grease to the pins, which smoothed performance notably.

Overall, the Bayou Fitness adjustable dumbbell set looks nice, it offers a good range of weight adjustments and rock-solid performance that will keep you going for years. If you’re after a tough set of dumbbells to do lifts with, these are a good option to consider.


  • Different weight options available at purchase
  • Tough chrome plated finish
  • Adjustable from 10 to 50 lbs.


  • Most increase weight by 5 lbs. increments
  • Slide lever can be stiff to adjust

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5.  Power Block Personal Trainer Set 5 to 50lbs per Dumbbell

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Adjustable Weight Range Per Hand: 5 to 50 lbs

If you’re searching for premium adjustable dumbbells for use in a home gym, it doesn’t get much better than the Power Block Personal Trainer Set. These weights adjust from a low of 5lbs. to a high of 50 lbs. each, and we really like the way they are designed.

These weights are incredibly compact for going all the way up to 50 lbs. and being fully adjustable. They are shorter than most other adjustable dumbbells, making them more natural for doing workouts like the bench press with. The dumbbells also have a unique square shape, which helps keep them from rolling around when set flat on the floor during some workouts. These dumbbells are also highly adjustable and can be switched in 2.5 lbs. increments, making it easier to increase your lifting weight. This is difficult to do with other adjustable dumbbells that increase in weight by 5 lbs. per weight.

Each of these dumbbells is easy to adjust and uses a simple slider pin mechanism. Simply set the weight into the rack, slide the pin out and slid it back into place for the next weight adjustment. It does take some getting used to when learning to use the pins for this set, but after a few sessions it starts to feel natural, and a magnet holds the pins firmly in place for stability while lifting.

These premium weights are on our list of the best adjustable dumbbells of 2018 because they are sturdy, well-designed, easy to use and they look really nice. They aren’t a budget product and are more costly than many other options that we’ve outlined on this slit. If you’re looking for some of the best adjustable dumbbells that you can buy, and you aren’t worried about the budget too much, these are an excellent option to consider. If you’re searching for something affordable, you should look at one of our budget options like the Yes4All adjustable dumbbells.


  • Compact and comfortable
  • Unique Appearance
  • Sturdy and won’t roll
  • Easy read colored plates
  • 5 lbs. per side adjustments


  • Must hold wrists inside weights
  • Higher cost adjustable weights

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6.  Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell

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Adjustable Weight Range Per Hand: 10 to 90 lbs

Bowflex is a well-known and trusted name in fitness, and we were impressed with the Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbells when testing them out. First things first, this weight set features just a single dumbbell, and you’ll have to invest in two for many lifts. With that out of the way, we really wanted to stress the quality of these weights, because they are designed well for an optimal workout.

These weights are for serious lifters and they go from 10 lbs. up to 90 lbs. each. They adjust in 5 lbs. increments, which means that you’ll be going up 10 lbs. with each adjustment when doing set lifts with two of these weights, which is a bit much for most lifters when progressing to higher weights.

These weights have a nice sturdy handle with a rubber coating for maximum grip and comfort during use. Our absolute favourite feature of these weights is just how easy it is to adjust from one weight level to the next. It takes just a second or two after setting each down in the included stands. Slip them into position, turn the dials and pull them back out. This greatly increased workout efficient versus other adjustable dumbbells and makes working out comparable to using standard solid dumbbells.

Like the other Bowflex options on our list of adjustable dumbbells, these weights are compatible with a companion app freely offered by Bowflex. With help from the app you can figure out what workouts to do with the weights, you can track your progress and get all the encouragement that you need to make the most of these adjustable dumbbells.

The Bowflex SelectTech 1090 adjustable dumbbell is very long and does take some getting used to. The one major downside of this device is that it remains long even for light lifts, so you’ll be dealing with very wide dumbbells with every lift that you do, even for the lighter and often more awkward exercises.

We were impressed with this dumbbell overall and it’s getting excellent reviews from most customers today. It’s been designed to last and should offer many sessions worth of performance before any sort of wear starts to show itself.


  • Sexy black design
  • Bright red numbers are easy to read
  • Durable coated plates sound quiet during use
  • Quick and easy weight adjustments
  • Tough design


  • 5 lbs. adjustments per setting
  • Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells
  • The set comes with only a single dumbbell
  • Very wide weights

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7.  Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells

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Adjustable Weight Range Per Hand: 2.5 to 100 lbs

No matter what sort of weight you want to lift, the Yes4All adjustable dumbbells makes it easy for you to get just the right set of weights. These weights are offered at a low of 40 lbs. per set, to a maximum of 100 lbs. per set, which makes them one of the most flexible adjustable dumbbell sets on our list. They made our list of the best adjustable dumbbells for a few different reasons. First and foremost, they are extremely durable and should last through many years of performance. They are also flexible and can be used at different levels and are highly affordable compared to other options on this list.

These adjustable dumbbells use the standard screw on lock collars that twist into position after you slide the weights onto each of the dumbbell bars. They aren’t a quick swap system like the Power Block or Bowflex sets. That’s probably the main reason that these sets are so affordable though. Sure, you’ll spend a few more seconds switching from one weight to the next, but you’ll enjoy huge savings and more potential for heavy lifting as well.

The weights are nice to look at with tough black-coated steel plates and a set of brilliant chrome handles. This set also makes use of standard dumbbells, making it easy for you to use them with other handles as well. They can be adjusted at 2.5 lbs. increments per side, which means that you need to jump by 10 lbs. at a time when increasing workout intensity, but it’s possible to get fractional plates to ease this issue when trying to make weight changes.

You might want to invest in a small plate rack when purchasing these dumbbells if you don’t want to keep all the weights loaded onto their bars when not in use. That will ensure that you have a good resting place for your added weights and that your space doesn’t get cluttered with them.

If you’re searching for tough and reliable adjustable weights that you can use on a daily basis without spending a fortune, it makes sense to invest in these Yes4All adjustable dumbbells. They are slower and more cumbersome to use than other options, but they also last longer and cost less, making them a good overall value.


  • Tough construction
  • Classy chrome finish
  • Reliable knurled handles
  • Highly affordable


  • Slower to adjust
  • Must increase weights by 5 lbs. per side during use

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8.  Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell Set

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Adjustable Weight Range Per Hand: 5 to 50 lbs

While we’ve never heard of Core Fitness before, their adjustable dumbbell set is seriously impressive. These weights adjust from 5 lbs. to 50 lbs. each, and they feel really solid in the hand. The weights are surprisingly compact and each of the individual plates interlocks together, giving them a more solid feel than some other adjustable weights we’ve tested in the past. They look nice and offer performance that’s just more solid than other adjustable dumbbells are.

These weights are seriously impressive because of just how easy they are to adjust from one setting to the next. With a minor flick, you can move from one weight amount to the next. They are comfortable to adjust around and you can keep up the pace throughout your workout with help from these beauties. They are some of the quickest adjustable weights that we’ve used.

We love the feel of these dumbbells when using them. The protectively coated handles are comfortable to hold while giving you all the grip that you need to reliably lift your weights. The plates hold together like one solid dumbbell as well help you avoid that loose clinking feeling while lifting.

On top of being easy to adjust, and rock solid to use, the weights also look pretty nice. They slide into a streamlined aluminium frame and have a black colouration that blends nicely in most home gyms. The weights can be stored out of the way when they aren’t in use and are one of our favourites to use for fast-paced workouts. It’s true that you can achieve higher maximum lift weights with other adjustable dumbbells, but it’s hard to compete with the ease-of-use offered by these Core Fitness adjustable dumbbells. When you’re after the quickest weight changes and most streamlined performance that you can get, you’ll love what these weights have to offer you. These weights come in somewhere in the middle of the pack in terms of their cost, but they offer one of the fastest and easiest adjustments and a nice solid feel, making them one of our favourites for sure.


  • Have a nice solid feel
  • Comfortable handles
  • Tough construction
  • Lightning quick weight adjustments


  • Expensive
  • Max of just 50 lbs. each

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9.  Starring 65 105 200Lbs Adjustable Dumbbells

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Adjustable Weight Range Per Hand: 5 to 52.5 lbs

These Starring Adjustable dumbbells are one of our favourite options for lifters looking to add weight to their home gyms without spending a fortune doing so. These weights come in several different sizes, but no matter which you choose they are economical and designed for good reliable performance. You can easily choose between 65, 105 or 200 lbs. depending on the amount that you want to be able to lift. These adjustable weights are simple to use, though they aren’t as fast as some of the other options available.

If you’ve ever used standard adjustable dumbbells, that’s exactly what you get with these sets. You get a bar that can be loaded up on either side with plates. The screw stop collar locks into position with a rubber grommet and you get a nice snug lock when using these plates properly. They take some time to adjust, and you’ll likely have loose plates floating around unless you invest in a rack for them, but overall they are an excellent budget-friendly option when you want to lift lots of weight without spending as much as you would for a Bowflex or Power Block product.

These weights are available with or without a plastic tray meant for securely holding them in position. They also come in black and chrome styles. We found the chrome finished plates to be more durable and to resist chipping as much, but both offered good solid performance aesthetics aside. Choose the option that looks the best to you while offering the right weight range for best results. If you’re interested in having a good storage space for your weights the stand is a good added purchase, but it isn’t necessary to get good solid workouts with this set.

It’s hard to find a cheaper set of adjustable dumbbells that are going to offer solid performance. That’s exactly why we’ve added these to our list of best adjustable dumbbells. They aren’t the flashiest option or the fastest to adjust, but they allow you to lift up to 200 lbs. and give you a wide range of adjusted weights so that you can get a workout in every single time you need to. That makes them a good investment in our book.


  • Highly affordable
  • Up to 100 lbs. per dumbbell
  • Tough construction
  • Available in silver or black
  • Available in three different weight ranges


  • Takes longer to adjust
  • Loose weights can make a mess
  • No rubber coating

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10.  Bowflex SelectTech 560

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Adjustable Weight Range Per Hand: 10 to 60 lbs

Most people have heard of Bowflex and realize that the company makes high-quality products. The Bowflex SelectTech 560 adjustable dumbbells are some of the newest and highest quality dumbbells that the company has to offer. They are designed to withstand heavy use, and they have a classy look to them that other dumbbells simply can’t match. Each of these weights is designed to make adjustments quick and easy, and they offer finer adjustments than other adjustable dumbbells do, which is why they are a top recommendation from us.

Thanks to the careful design, these Bowflex adjustable weights are more compact than other adjustable weights you’ll encounter. They are slimmer and offer a nice balanced feel while working out. This makes the weights ideal for a wide range of different lifts, including bench press, curls and others. They adjust from a low of 10 lbs. up to 60 lbs. total weight each, for a maximum weight capacity of 120 lbs. including both sides of the set.

Another major perk about using these Bowflex dumbbells is that you get access to the companion app that’s specifically designed to work with them. With help from the app, you can pick out unique workout routines and learn how to make the very most of the adjustable dumbbells. Add them to your home gym, load up the included app and you’ll enjoy a rich workout experience right at home.

Compared to the older 552 style Bowflex SelectTech adjustable dumbbells, these ones are a bit more convenient to adjust. Instead of turning two different dials, you only have to adjust a dial on one side of each dumbbell to change the weight plate for both ends. This helps you get even weights on both sides of your dumbbells for each use and helps you avoid accidentally loading up different weights across the ends of the dumbbells. The adjustment knobs can be turned quickly and easily and make it simple to choose the perfect amount of weight every time.

Even though these SelectTech dumbbells are very expensive compared to other products available today, they’re worth the cost if you want the best level of performance. They’re tough and designed for a reliable performance every time that you need them. It’s hard to match the speed of the weight adjustments that you can get with these weights, and they are comfortable to use. If the price isn’t an object, you’ll love the sturdy performance that you get from these weights.


  • Can adjust by 2.5 lbs. per weight
  • One dial to adjust both sides
  • Roll-resistant shape
  • Comfortable coated handles
  • Quiet coated weights
  • Companion app for motivation and guidance


  • They are expensive

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Best Adjustable Dumbbells Buying GuideA muscular and defined female athlete wearing a black sports top and grey combat leggings, bicep curling with a set of adjustable dumbbells.

Adjustable dumbbells are highly convenient and an excellent way to save space in a home gym, but there are many different options to choose from when trying to decide on a product today. That can make it difficult finding something that’s going to work well for you. If you really want the best in performance with the dumbbells that you choose, you need to take the time to consider the different options and things like adjustment speed, durability, looks, weight range and more to help you get the perfect fit for your specific needs. We’ll break down each of those different categories below and hopefully help you make the tough decision more easily.

Choosing a Weight Range

When buying weights, the weight range is the most important factor for you to consider. If you get weights that don’t weigh enough, you can’t get a good workout with them. If you get very large adjustable dumbbells, it might be awkward to lift them when just starting out. Consider what sort of weight you can currently lift and then think about how long it will take you to outgrow some of the different products on our list. For many people a set of 50 lbs. adjustable dumbbells are more than enough to get a good resistance workout. Some can even get away with a set of dumbbells that go up to 25 lbs. together or 50 lbs. together. Others need much more weight and will want to go for a set of 200 lbs. dumbbells. Consider your current lifting abilities, and think about how long you want to wait before buying another set of adjustable dumbbells. Use all these different factors to help you figure out which set of dumbbells is going to be the right option for you.

Thinking about the Price

Price is a big issue for most people shopping for adjustable dumbbells. It’s possible to spend more than $1,000 on a good set of adjustable dumbbells, but there are more economic options available as well. Depending on the total weight that you need, and the ease-of-use that you demand from your set of dumbbells, you can get a product that’s still going to be good while offering a more economical price. We showcase a few budget products in our list of the best adjustable dumbbells of 2018, giving everyone an option they can consider. Price will play a role in the product that you choose, but it shouldn’t be the only deciding factor. Think about how you’re going to use the dumbbells, and consider spending a bit more money if it will help make the dumbbells more effective for how you’ll be using them.

Considering the Size

Adjustable dumbbells have to pack in lots of different weight options into a single unit. For that reason, they tend to be bulkier than solid dumbbells are. You have to consider the size of any dumbbells that you’re purchasing. Longer or bulkier dumbbells make some movements like curls or bench press more awkward to do. Look for compact and well-balanced dumbbells whenever buying adjustable options.

Focusing on Durability

When investing in a good set of adjustable dumbbells, you want them to last for many years after your initial purchase. Most of these sets aren’t cheap, and the last thing that you want is for one of them to fail in less than a year after purchasing it. That’s why we put a strong focus on locating durable products that are built to last. We look at different connecting mechanisms to be sure that they’re made from tough material. We also look at the coating on the plates themselves to see how tough they are and if they’ll resist wear from long-term use. Our list of the best adjustable dumbbells of 2018 contains high durability items, but some are still longer-lasting than others, so you’ll have to think about that when making your purchasing decision.

Considering Adjustment Speed

Some adjustable dumbbells, like the Bowflex SelectTech variety, are very quick to adjust and you just have to turn a knob and lift up your new weight amount. Others require much more work to get them adjusted properly. When considering different dumbbell options, make sure you think about how long it’s going to take to swap from one weight to the next. This time will make your workout take slightly longer, but more importantly, it could seem like a real hassle during a workout if you want to keep moving. If you’re just lifting weight for reps and you don’t mind resting in between sets then you likely won’t mind a longer change time. If you are engaging in a fast-paced workout and you want to keep pushing your limits, quick change times are going to be very important. Keep this in mind when comparing options, but also remember that fast-changing dumbbells are often more expensive than the more difficult options are.

Looks Matter Too

While this is one of the least important categories to think about, you’ll probably care at least a little about how the dumbbells look. You want something that you won’t mind displaying in your home gym, which is why we’ve included products that look good as well as functioning well. Some of the sets look nicer than others, but ultimately you want a product that looks good while functioning well at the same time.

Adjustable Dumbbells FAQs

How Do I Use Adjustable Dumbbells?

There are various models for adjustable dumbbells out in the market, but there are two main types. These are the traditional and innovative adjustable dumbbells. 

The traditional ones are comprised of 2 bars that carry the weight plates and the 4 collars that fasten the weight plates to the bar. Weight plates are available in different sizes and weights. When adjusting, you have to manually switch up the weights by unscrewing the two collars from the bar, increasing or reducing the weight plants, and screwing back the collars to put the plates in place. 

On the other hand, the innovative adjustable dumbbells allow for a quicker transition of weights and enable you to perform exercises that you can’t normally do with shifting weight plates. They’re a one-piece dumbbell that has different weight plates attached to the bar and is designed in a way that you won’t have to manually switch up the weights. 

Do Adjustable Dumbbells Work As Effectively As Traditional Dumbbells?

When it comes to physical results, though, there’s no difference from exercising with traditional or innovative adjustable dumbbells. Both of these types are a highly versatile addition to your training regimen and can yield the same results when used properly. 

How Long Does It Take to Build Muscle With Dumbbells?

This can be a pretty tricky question answer as it will depend on your own circumstances. If you’re new to a strength training routine, you will notice some strength benefits for the first 4 to 6 weeks as the neuromuscular system adapts.

Most beginners can look forward to observable muscle growth within two months of a new strength training regimen while experienced lifters can expect it within a month or so. 

If you’re using dumbbells as your primary medium for building muscle, you can still achieve this goal. The key to lean muscle gains doesn’t always have to be extra-heavy weights. Rather, you can always increase your training density by doing the same amount of work in reduced time or increasing the amount of work within the same amount of time. With the proper dumbbell exercises and nutrition plan, you may obtain lean muscle gains of about one to two pounds per month. 

Will Lifting Low-Weight Dumbbells Still Build Muscle?

Low-weight dumbbells combined with high repetition training can still help you build a lean physique especially if you’re looking to develop well-defined muscles without the bulk.

Heavy-weight training is typically geared towards bulking up and adding lean muscle mass. On the other hand, using low-weight dumbbells but in high-repetition training can create long, lean muscles especially as the entire length of your muscle is used to power through every contraction.

When you use low-weight dumbbells and work them at a high repetition rate, this will produce a lactic acid burn on the muscles that are in focus. In turn, your muscles begin to burn and shake with a hormone reaction that takes place for over a few days after your workout.

You’ll be able to effectively melt fat for several days and experience increased energy. Lifting low-weight dumbbells with more reps also give your muscle tissues an opportunity to recover while building muscular endurance.

Of course, heavier dumbbells are great for targeting specific muscle groups and developing their strength. You can both gain muscle and change your body’s shape when lifting heavier weights at a lower rep rate.

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      Yeah each company are trying to release new designs, styles etc to out do their competitors.  Because of this the standard of each one varies hugely across the board.  Some feel more like real dumbbells where others focus on stuffing as many weight increments as possible into theirs.  But as you say they all have exactly the same training effect in mind.

  2. Hello! I am currently attending a local gym in my hometown where I am trying to lose weight in my arms. I hate my arms. They are fat. I was thinking of building muscle in my arms and reading your article is helping me become more motivated to do so. What would be the best advice you could give a woman when building muscle?

  3. Thanks for a very thorough review of adjustable dumbbells. I have an old Gold’s Gym Switch Plate 100 set at home that I still use. The advantage of using free weights for me is I don’t worry about working on one specific set of muscles. All the other small or minor muscles come into play because my movements are never perfect. (I have balance issues.)

    • Hi Glen

      Glad you are getting use out of your adjustable dumbbells.  You can do pretty much all weights exercises with them.  

      Also you are correct doing big movements using these will involve multiple muscles all at once which is exactly what you need for building strength and muscle.

  4. Hello,

    These typs of dumbbells will take up less space than a regular set does; how do they compare to standard dumbells for the feel? Are they really safe from loosing some weights while working out with them?

    That is the two questions that pop into my mind when condsidering purchasing a set of these dumbbells. It would be nice to have the options to select the desired weight and switch quickly.

    How does a dumbbell workout compare to the medicene ball?

    Thanks for the feedback,


    • Hi Chad

      Some great questions there.  

      1.  Some pairs when using you definitely know you are not holding a standard dumbbell and may take a bit of getting used to, however, the training effect is still the same.  Where as other pairs like the bowlfex models feel exactly like normal dumbbells, and maybe even a bit more comfortable.

      2.  Each set on the list go through vigorous testing and are all extremely safe and durable.  You will never have to worry about weights falling off when training with them.

      3.  Although you can mimic many movements you can do with a medicine ball when using a dumbbell, they are generally used to target different aspects of fitness.  Dumbbells you will normally use in a more traditional way for building muscle and strength, where as a medicine ball can be used to develop core stability, explosive power and many other things.

  5. Hi David. WOW.. You have some exciting dumbbells listed in your review. I’m an older man looking to improve my overall body strength and shape. Looking through your dumbbells I came across the “Bayou Fitness Adjustable ones”, and I thought they might have suited me but I was a bit concerned about the incremental weight increases, they seemed a bit high. Then I arrived at the “Bowflex select Tech 560”. Ir looks like it might just be what I’ve after. It seems to me it might be a bit easier for me to handle, especially as you are able to adjust them by 2.5lbs per weight. I thought thew square models seemed like they could cause me difficulties, I’m not to sure I like the idea of my hands being locked in. Do you think the Tech 560 would be a good one for me? Thanks Jim

    • Hi Jim

      I have two clients who both own the bowflex tech 560 dumbbells.  I have also tried them myself and they are fantastic.  Like you say, so of the weight increments of other pairs can be a bit high, especially if you are a beginner where as these go up by the perfect amount.  They are also one of the most comfortable pairs to hold and extremely easy to change the weights (just a turn of a dial).  

      So I would strongly recommend these.  Just make sure they are something you are going to get good use out of as they are not the cheapest pair on the market.

      I hope this helps


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