Awaken Gold Review: Can You “Awaken” The Genius In You?

Awaken Gold Review: Can You “Awaken” The Genius In You?

I heard it said before that most people are sleepwalking through life; like mindless zombies walking around doing the same thing every day. This is not an ‘ad hominem’ attack towards the general population, but it is an objective truth.

For you, the reader, you understand the value of thinking; even more the importance of brain health. There is only but so much that studying can do for the mind.

And yes, studying and pushing pass that mental exhaustion can prove most invaluable for you improving critical thinking.

However, mental exhaustion, and even more mental fatigue, is a reality we all deal with. It is for this reason that taking a brain supplement (nootropics) is very important in maintaining and improving one’s overall brain health.

Improving one’s overall cognitive abilities is a reality and is very attainable. It is very feasible to become smarter, to be more alert, to have more focus, to have better clarity of mind…to “awaken” the genius that may reside in you.

So, in this nootropic review, we will answer a most important question.

If you take the Awaken Gold brain supplement will you “awaken” that genius that may reside in you?

Let’s find out… shall we?

What is Awaken Gold?

The Awaken Gold supplement is a nootropic, i.e. brain supplement, that can be taken to improve ones’ overall mental capacity. Not only does it help to improve your cognitive facilities, but these supplements seem to be multi-faceted; in the sense that they offer many other benefits that are not restricted solely to the health of one’s brain.

The Awaken Gold supplement is also beneficial for ones’ overall physical health as well as one’s emotional health. Taking these supplements helps to balance out one’s mood as well as give individuals more energy throughout the day.

What Are The Benefits of Awaken Gold? Highlights…

The benefits from taking Awaken Gold supplements are:

      • Increase Neuro-plasticity
      • Accelerated Learning
      • Improve Memory (Short and long-term)
      • Enhanced Focused
      • Enhanced Clarity
      • Enhanced Concentration
      • Increased Motivation
      • Increased drive
      • Boosts Vitality
      • Boosts Energy Level
      • Protects the brain from degenerative brain diseases
      • Assist in long-term healthy function

Who Makes Awaken Gold?

Awaken Gold was created by Awakened Alchemy. I believe they explain who they are perfectly by outlining their mission and purpose:

“Awakened Alchemy was created with the sole purpose of making the best brain nutrition supplements available, in order to assist you in evolving your mind and improving yourself and your life.

Our first nutritional supplement was named “AWAKEN”, because we believe it will help you to awaken to the possibilities of who you can become and what your life can be.” 

Awaken Alchemy offers two other supplements. These supplements being:

1. Awaken

Awaken is the first in the Awaken Alchemy which gives the blueprint for the awaken Gold to build upon. A major ingredient (which is also quite controversial) is the Noopept ingredient.


      • Boosts one’s overall cognition
      • Improves memory formation
      • Improves memory consolidation
      • Enhances memory retrieval
      • Increases levels of Nerve Growth factor
      • Increase Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor
      • Increases Neuroplasticity
      • Accelerates Your learning
      • Helps to facilitate growth as well as repair neurons and synapses
      • Improves the performance of your neural networks in your brain

2. Dream

Dream is a supplement which is intended to improve a person quality of sleep. In addition, it is meant to support brain functions while you are resting. Meaning when you awake you will be well rested and your cognition will be improved. Your brain’s health will also benefit as a result.

      • The befits of using the Dream supplement are:
      • Promotes restorative sleep
      • Enhances your learning abilities
      • Improves your memory (short-term and long-term)
      • Repairs Neural Networks
      • Expands Neural Networks
      • Balances Mood
      • Protects your Brain from degenerative disease

How Does Awaken Gold Work?

Awaken Gold works by promoting optimal brain function. It does this by nourishing the brain with ingredients that will not only maintain a healthy and functional brain – but also strengthen and improves one’s overall cognitive abilities.

The ingredients can be found in the Awaken Gold supplement all (most of them) has been scientifically proven to greatly improve many aspects of the brain’s health and improvement.

(Which we will discuss more in greater detail further down in the article.)

How & When To Take Awaken Gold?

The amount that you take can vary and it is all dependent upon the person who is taking it. If you are just trying it for the first time then it is recommended that you take two capsules a day.

These supplements can be taken any time of the day. However, it is preferable to take these in the morning or early afternoon. The website suggests that individuals take this supplement on an empty stomach.

For individuals who have taken these capsules, consistently, will be able to later on just need to take one pill a day.

Furthermore, it is also recommended that a person should take NO MORE than four capsules a day.

Awaken Gold Ingredient List – What Is This Supplement That Makes It Work So Well?

The ingredients in Awaken Gold are:

      • KSM-66 (Ashwagandha Extract) – promotes physical and mental health by reducing the amount of stress and anxiety a person may experience. This particular ingredient host a wide array of benefits that give this supplement the excellent performances it offers.
      • Beta-Phenylethylamine HCl – Phenylethylamine is an ingredient that can be found naturally in the human body. This particular ingredient has been said to be the main ingredient for increasing one’s focus and one’s concentration. And for many…this is the most essential ingredient in he Awaken formula.
      • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine – this ingredient is essential for improving one’s mood. This ingredient helps to promote the happy “feel-good” emotions that help to balance you out as well as keep you motivated.
      • CDP Choline (Citicoline) – this ingredient assists in increasing one’s focus, memory, clarity and has the added benefit of helping to boost one’s mood.
      • Phosphatidylserine – there is still ongoing research about this particular ingredient, but it could have the potential to improve one’s memory and total recall. However, it is important to know that no legitimate facts are backing this up. Awaken Alchemy, however, did decide to place this on their website and list it as an ingredient that improves one’s memory.
      • Shilajit – the Shilajit ingredient helps in increasing one’s alertness and mental endurance. It does this by enhancing the cellular energy in your brain and body.
      • L-Theanine – the L-Theanine ingredient helps to combat stress and can also reduce the amount of stress you may be feeling. Furthermore this ingredient also assist in improving one’s cognition and mood.
      • Sulbutiamine – like many of the supplements on this article this ingredient benefits people in many ways. This supplement can improve alertness, energy level, memory and help in balancing out your mood.
      • Noopept – this is perhaps one the most controversial ingredients on the list (if not the only controversial ingredients). This ingredient is BANNED in certain countries. However, the Noopept has the potential to increase and improves one’s memory (potential being the operative word here).
      • PQQ – helps to boost your energy levels naturally.
      • Bioperine – helps to protect the brain for degenerative disease act may arise. It can fight against tumors and cancer cells that may form in the brain.

The Pros and Cons of Awaken Gold Nootropic


      • The powerful ingredients used in this formula greatly assist in boosting one’s focus and motivation
      • Many people start to perform mundane and tedious tasks much easier
      • Better mental clarity and focus
      • Assist in better decision making
      • Improves cognitive speed
      • Can also help improve your overall health; specifically one’s immune system
      • Boost natural energy level (say goodbye to coffee and espresso if you are trying t quit caffeine)
      • Increases alertness
      • Helps combat anxiety
      • Helps to improve one’s memory (both short-term and long-term)


      • This supplement is banned in some countries
      • You must take it consistently to see effects (2 to 3 weeks before you start to see noticeable changes)
      • These supplements are quite expensive

Is Awaken Gold Safe to Take? Any Side Effects?

There have been no reviews (from our research) that have shown any persons who have taken these supplements of having any adverse side effects. Overall many people who have used these supplements have all mentioned how much more alert and how much more focus they have become.

The only downside that may be a problem with taking these supplements is if you are taking too many. It is possible that a person who takes too many could become a bit restless and irritable from the effects of taking these supplements.

Can I Stack Awaken Gold To Make It More Effective?

As just mentioned it would probably be best to take the recommended amount – as taking too many can give you much more energy and make you restless. Although you may be able to be a bit more productive; rest and sleep are just as crucial to your health as supplements are.

For people who love their caffeine, they can drink coffee while taking these supplements. Drinking coffee and taking Awaken will amplify your energy, focus, and concentration.

So you may be wondering if it does thus, why is it not included?

The reason behind this is that the creators of this supplement wanted to give the people the decision if they want caffeine or not.

When Can You Expect to See Results? Short-term/ Long-term? (usually both)

There have been some claims of people seeing immediate results from taking the Awaken supplement. However, for long-lasting effects, most start to notice positive effects after two or three weeks.

User Reviews

There has been an effusive amount of positive review from many people who have taken this supplement. The most beneficial aspect from taking these supplement came from people who saw an immediate result.

There have been some people who did not get that immediate surge of energy or mental clarity. However, after taking the supplements, consistently, for two to three weeks (which is recommended), they started to see noticeable changes in their focus, concentration, and mental clarity.

How Much Does Awaken Gold Cost? Serving Size? Where To Buy?

The Awaken Gold offers four prices to their consumers. These prices being:

      • A trial-sized bottle (8 to 16 day supply) – $35.00
      • 1 Bottle (1 to 2 month supply) – $99.00
      • 2 Bottle (2 to 4 Month Supply) – $179.00
      • 3 Bottle (3 to 6 Month Supply) – $249.00

You can purchase the Awaken Gold product on their website. In addition, you can also purchase their other two supplements as well.

Final Thoughts: Is Awaken Gold Worth Buying? Does it Work?

The price that you pay for these supplements will be quite noticeable on your bank account. The question if these supplements are worth it, is a resounding yes.

The price is more than reasonable; given how much your mental facilities will improve.

Awaken Gold is just one of three supplements that is offered by Awaken Alchemy and the number of positive reviews from numerous people only help to prove better how much of a positive impact taking these supplements have on a person.

If you want to improve your overall memory, balance out your mood, have a better clarity of thought, be more alert, optimize both your mind and body and just simply “awaken” the genius that resides in you – then look no further for a brain supplement because Awaken Gold offers all of this.

With the number of capsules, you will receive the price is by no measurement of the standard too high.

Awaken The Genius

The reason that the Awaken Brain Supplement has become one of the most popular nootropics out in the market is because of all the benefits that have been listed in this article.

With so many benefits to gain and with very little to lose not taking these supplements is the real loss. Awaken the genius that resides in you by taking Awaken Gold brain supplements. You won’t regret it.

Get yours here.


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