Assault AirRunner Review 2020 (The Next Gen Of Treadmills)

Going on the Assault AirRunner is an exceptional treadmill experience. It’s something you may not have tried before, that’s why I’ve come up with this in-depth Assault AirRunner review. 

One of the most noticeable things about the AirRunner is that it doesn’t come with a motor. As it is a non-motorised treadmill, you’ll have to do the work by yourself, allowing you to efficiently make the most of your exercise.

With the Assault AirRunner, you’re basically moving the belt yourself. This allows you to keep up with a workout at an intensity level that you choose. With no set maximum speed, you can work out with your preferred speed. 

Because you’re running on your own energy, the Assault AirRunner is really a user-friendly treadmill to people of different ages. You can run, jog, walk, and do other cardio workouts on this piece of equipment. 

With solid steel construction, you can expect the Assault AirRunner to give you a durable performance for a long time. It’s just one of the few treadmills out there that are capable of pushing your limits as it gives you unbounded potential. 

Thanks to its unique ergonomic design, you can place the Assault AirRunner even in smaller spaces, like your bedroom or in a compact office. 

Check out the rest of my Assault AirRunner review to see if it’s the best treadmill for you.

Best Assault AirRunner Features

Because the AirRunner isn’t your typical treadmill, its basic features aren’t as similar to traditional ones.

For this reason, this Assault AirRunner review aims to look into this treadmill’s impressive features that are suitable for just about any user. It comes with a minimal design and is just really easy to use. 

Motor-free treadmill

It doesn’t come with an electric motor. Rather, it’s a non-motorised treadmill that’s expected to give your workout a boost in terms of burning more calories.

I personally believe that non-motorised treadmills help enforce the proper running form compared to motorised ones. With all these many training tools and machines made available in the market, you’ll be amazed upon knowing that you can come up with your own intense workout, thanks to your feet alone. 

Assault Fitness also claims that the AirRunner has been designed to effectively incorporate the biomechanics of running. From supporting your body’s weight to pushing off when starting your run, this treadmill can significantly improve your running experience. 

Curved running surface for the perfect form 

The curved running surface of the Assault AirRunner will place a greater demand on your body compared to traditional treadmills. This self-powered treadmill enables you to walk, run, and push your body forward. As a result, you create the momentum needed to move and turn the treadmill belt. 

You may not immediately notice it, but this helps you use more muscle groups in your body simultaneously.

The AirRunner is indeed a versatile piece of training equipment that can be used with many exercise programs

Easy to move and light to transport

This piece of equipment is one of the lightest treadmills out there. Weighing around 280 lb. or 127 kg., it comes with a built-in handle and transport wheels. This will make it incredibly effortless for you to adjust your workout space.

Guaranteed durability

Constructed with steel handrails and frame plus hardware that’s resistant to wear and tear, the Assault AirRunner may just be your next choice of training equipment. It’s built to last and requires little maintenance, thanks to it being a non-motorised treadmill.

Its low-friction belt raises the standards for toughness and durability. It’s really expected to withstand around 150,000 miles of usage. With 122 roller bearings, the Assault AirRunner definitely works as smoothly as you expect it to be.

Optimum comfort

It provides a great level of comfort when used. It’s highly durable and gives a good rebound. Even during a tough workout, your body will absorb less impact.

As a result, it won’t feel too sore the next day. The AirRunner also comes with multiple hand positions that will allow you to achieve the stability you need. 

Excellent LCD 

As what comes with most modern training equipment, the AirRunner features a sleek console that helps you monitor your key metrics. This LCD is a cinch- it’s easy to read and understand, and that matters a lot when you’re getting serious with your workouts. 

Keep track of your heart rate (you should have your own heart rate tracker with a transmitter), speed, time, distance, calories, and RPM. You also have the option to change the speed and distance outputs between metric and imperial units (like miles to kilometres).

The console is compatible with Bluetooth and Ant+ technology. 

While it consumes zero power, you’d still need 4 AA batteries for the console. It’s perfect if you’re engaged in programmable exercises like high-intensity interval training programs.

For the complete Assault AirRunner specifications, check these out:

  • Non-motorised treadmill that’s ideal for indoor running
  • Steel frame and handrails for sturdiness
  • Corrosion-resistant hardware for durability
  • Built-in handle and transport wheels for portability 
  • Digital console for programmable workouts, like HIIT 
  • Weight at 280 lb or 127 kg 
  • Zero electricity consumption means a low carbon footprint 
  • Can be used by people of all fitness levels
  • Comes in black colour

How to Use the Assault AirRunner

One of the most noticeable features of this treadmill is its curved running surface. This is what allows you to increase your speed or slow down, depending on your capacity. It’s what makes this treadmill a one-of-a-kind piece of training equipment.

As it is a motor-free treadmill, the pressure of your foot against the surface will propel the belt. Therefore, the belt’s movement will depend on your stride. For this reason, the Assault AirRunner burns a lot of calories compared to traditional motorised treadmills.

If you want to speed up, you can start by running. If you want to slow down, you can either drop your speed gradually or simply allow your legs to smoothly drift down the running surface.

This style of curved surface encourages a natural ground contact with your feet and puts your body in proper running form. Eventually, you can carry this over when running outdoors, and that’s a fantastic idea, right?

If you’re looking to achieve efficient exercise but don’t want to deal with too much training equipment maintenance, the Assault AirRunner is your best bet. 

Why Choose Non-Motorised Treadmill

A non-motorised treadmill gets its power from you alone, thanks to the friction from your every stride that pulls the belt down and back.

As you run forward on the curved running space, the belt moves faster and your pace gets faster. With this pattern, you have a greater chance of immersing yourself in effective training.

This Assault AirRunner review also looks into the benefits of choosing non-motorised treadmills, including the multiple exercises you’ll enjoy doing on this highly versatile piece of equipment. 

You’ll encourage more muscle groups to work harder.

As you run on a curved running space, your leg’s muscles are stimulated. Your calves, hamstrings, and glutes, for instance, will get a kick out of this increased mobility. It will make you a better runner and will certainly work your cardiovascular system

But it’s not just about getting your heart rate up. Similarly important in bodybuilding is to be able to do short but fast runs that can help you gain strong muscle in your legs and upper body. Be smart about it and combine these running exercises with strength training to yield the best results. 

You can run more naturally.

This piece of equipment encourages you to engage in forefoot running or running on the balls of your feet. As a result, you’ll experience less impact on your joints and eventually improve your running performance.

The arc shape of the AirRunner helps enforce a natural stride, resulting in better, softer landing as your feet come up at a slight incline. In turn, this encourages a straighter posture.

You can improve your form.

When you run on this treadmill, you need to run at a correct angle so you won’t feel off-balanced. This will give you highly beneficial results, like proper posture plus core and trunk stimulation. Now don’t fret because you don’t have to be thinking about too many things all at once. 

Good posture will just come naturally when you use this curved treadmill. A proper posture can help avoid muscle fatigue because there’s less tension in your neck and shoulders. It’s important to run in a manner that’s relaxed as possible.

You can engage in various types of training.

Almost anything goes when you work out with equipment like the Assault AirFitness. 

A good example would be sprint training. Planning to have your sprint intervals in a non-motorised treadmill? Now you can do it with no delays at all.

You can kick off your sprint intervals very quickly without the need to wait for the motor to switch the belt to a particular rate before you can sprint. Basically, it’s easy to call the shots here.

You can also enjoy the versatility of fartlek training or improve your movement through locomotor training. This treadmill just does so much for people with different needs and skill levels.

Assault AirRunner Pros and Cons

It all boils down to this.

This section of my Assault AirRunner review aims to give you a clearer picture and help you decide about getting this superior training equipment. With curved treadmills popping up in many gyms and other training facilities, it’s time you consider getting your own. 


Variable Speeds

Have a more bearable workout when the speed is entirely up to you. Whether you’re into pushing yourself in doing sprints or going for a long slow run, this machine will definitely keep up with you.

Personally, I love how I can easily switch to how fast or slow I want to be at any given moment. Plus, I’m getting rid of all the unwanted noise that comes with a motorised treadmill.  


It’s as comfortable as you want your equipment to be. Less shock, less impact, less soreness. Notice how your muscles still feel strong and revived when using this motor-free treadmill even after a tough routine.

It offers great stability as well, thanks to its handrails that offer multiple hand positions when you’re working out.

Great durability 

Because of its design, and construction, this treadmill is definitely built to last. Consider its steel frame and handrails plus its corrosion-resistant hardware. 

Low maintenance

Entirely powered by its user, the AirRunner doesn’t require any electricity, helping you cut back on training-related costs. It’s expected to have a longer life due to the absence of motorised parts.

You don’t have to spend a lot on servicing costs as long as you look after it well. 

Effective tracking

Its console allows you to track your workouts and study these metrics concerning your health. Any means of monitoring your health is an impressive feature of any training equipment.

As you’re able to keep tabs on various key metrics, such as speed and calories burned, this treadmill may motivate you to stay consistent with your training. 


Some users have reported that this treadmill could do a better job if it included incline options, especially for physically fit people who enjoy their runs on steep hills.

For first-timers, they may find it challenging to put the belt to a stop. Don’t forget to slow down your pace and shorten your strides before going to a full stop. 

My Final Thoughts

As many cardio machines have continued to show up in more and more gyms and training zones, it’s a refreshing thought to go back to the basics and enjoy a self-powered treadmill.

After reading through this Assault AirRunner review, by now you should have identified how this versatile piece of equipment offers a great deal of benefits for its users.

Firstly, it will give you incredible value for your money because it’s so convenient to have in your own space plus the training advantages never end. 

Secondly, it doesn’t matter who you are or what your fitness goals are. Whether you’re just starting with changing your lifestyle or have already reached extremely high fitness standards, the Assault AirRunner is the thing for you.

You can perform various training sessions with this minimalist treadmill and yield better results in terms of cardio and weight loss

Want to build endurance? The AirRunner can help you crush this goal. Want to increase your strength? This treadmill will also get you through it.

Being self-propelled, the Assault AirRunner can keep up with any speed. That’s why it has continually earned praise from users all over the world- being able to make a difference amid excessively complex tools and machines. 


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