Animal Stak Review: To Buy or Not to Buy (Change the tagline to suit each product)

Animal Stak Review: To Buy or Not to Buy (Change the tagline to suit each product)

Animal Stak is a testosterone booster that is intended to enhance the overall performance of athletes and fitness-nuts.

Inside man resides a beast. A beast that he (common man) has long tried to seal away due to societies desire to keep most men in a state of sub-servitude.

But inside most men, they know, resides a beast that does to want to be confined. That does not want to be chained. Which does not want to be held back from its potential?

Inside us resides not a monster but a beastly god that seeks to be free.

No argument can be made against this FACT – that men today are TOO WEAK and TIMID.

Long gone are those days where men were warriors, brutes (in a good way) legends, Icons, BEAST that looked at life and slapped it in the face and said: “I WILL LIVE MY LIFE (YOU) ON MY TERMS.”

No – most guys “are so made”, like Voltaire once said, that they see a man like this who dares to live life on his terms that they throw stones at him.


One because they have been so brainwashed like the beta males they are that when they see a loner Alpha male doing his thing, there are confused by it.

They are like the birds who were born in cages thinking that birds the fly have a sickness.


Secondly, because they know deep down in them that what you (the men that walk their own path) are doing – that great man who dares to be by HIMSELF is an insult to them because it reveals to them that they are WASTING THER POTENTIAL.

See greatness, being a boss, being a beast, being an ANIMAL that cannot be caged in life is…A…CHOICE.

So tell me brethren will you continue to bottle that beastly god within you or will you unlock that chain and let it help you really be what you can be?

If so then in this article we will be discussing the Animal Stak supplements and if you should take it or not. We will discuss if it will bring out that beastly god so that you can tackle the gym like a bear. Take life into your own hands like a Lion (King). And be the Alpha Wolf who can get any girl he wants.

If this has piqued your interest (as I am sure it has) then please…wait, wait, I’m A BOSS READ THIS REVIEW so that you may awaken the beastly god in you as well.

What is Animal Stak?

Animal Stak is a testosterone booster which is intended to give you more energy, drive, and motivation to tackle the gym like a beast. This formula includes a myriad of ingredients (which we will go into greater detail later on) that gives these supplements the edge in regards to boosting your energy levels.

As you will soon discover the energy levels which you will gain from taking these supplement will true you into a beast, and we are not too sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Who Makes Animal Stak? The Creators…

The creators of Animal Stak is a company called Animal Pak. They have been around for almost a decade now. Since their creation, the company has refined and continuously devoid and improved upon their formula.

As a result, the Animal Stak has become extremely popular for guys who want to increase their energy levels.

What Are The Benefits of Animal Stak? Highlights…

The benefits that one can expect from these supplements are:

      • increase energy
      • more drive
      • more determination
      • increased motivation
      • boosts testosterone level naturally
      • lowers estrogen levels
      • increases focus
      • increases libido helps in building muscle mass
      • Contains ZMA blend

How Does Animal Stak Work?

This supplement works by:

      • acting as an anabolic booster
      • enhancing your testosterone levels and GH levels naturally
      • including restorative support nutrients to improve your muscle recovery
      • It does all of this because of the ingredients which are found in the formula. These ingredients have been specially chosen for this formula.

How & When To Take Animal Stak?

The company gives a very clear instruction of taking these supplements. If you are going to train (go to the gym), then you should consider these 30 minutes before going to the gym. On your off days, it is recommended that you take this in-between meals (preferably breakfast and lunch and to do so on n empty stomach.

They supply their users three weeks worth of supplements and recommend that you take one week off from taking these supplements.

Animal Stak Ingredient List – What Is This Supplement That Makes It Work So Well?

The ingredients that you will find in Animal Stak are:

      • Magnesium – is an ingredient that has been well linked to nerve relaxation along with muscle relaxation. Why this is salients that muses need to rest and relax to come back bigger and stronger.
      • Zinc – is an ingredient which has been well-known to have major benefits on one’s testosterone levels.
      • Maca – this is a plant that is native to Peru. This helps in regulating your hormones as well as increasing your sexual drive
      • Vitamin D-3 – long associated with just being an ingredient that helps with bone health. This ingredient also helps in boosting on’s testosterone levels as well.
      • Diindolylmethane – this ingredient helps in lowering estrogen levels.
      • Tribulus Terrestris – this ingredient offers the body a host of benefits. However, where this really shines is in the area of this being more of an aphrodisiac. This ingredient has been known to boost and increases one’s libido.
      • Eurycoma longifolia – this is yet another ingredient which has been linked with increasing one’s sexual drive and libido. This also helps in boosting testosterone levels.
      • Quercetin – these are anti-antioxidants which are meant to prevent wear and tear on cells.
      • Ashwagandha – this is an ancient herb that comes from India which has been shown to increase one’s sex drive along with their vigor. It also helps in improving one’s testosterone levels.

These are just SOME of the ingredients. There are many more ingredients that are included in this formula which makes this such a potent supplement to take in regards to boosting your overall energy.

The Pros and Cons of Animal Stak

The Pros of using Animal Stak are:

      • It contains the famed ZMA blend and in a very good dosage
      • You only need to take this ONCE a day
      • Will help to support natural testosterone level
      • Muscle Density
      • Fatigue Reduction
      • Strength Increase
      • Vascularity Plus

The Cons of Using Animal Stak are:

      • You don’t know how many ingredients you are getting
      • It is missing some key ingredients
      • You will be a bit more aggressive
      • You will need to take a number of pills with each dose

Is Animal Stak Safe to Take? Any Side Effects?

The Animal Stak is very safe to take. However, it should be noted that there are a few side effects that one may experience as a result of using these supplements. These side effects are:

      • Oily Skin
      • Libido Boost
      • Extra Aggression (not really bad but you may be more amped to do things your buddies don’t want to do. You’ll be in that “GO! GO! GO! LET’S GO!” Mode)

Now it is always essential and quite beneficial for your own health to make sure you have spoken with a doctor before taking these supplements especially if you are on medication.

Can I Stack Animal Stak To Make It More Effective?

Yes, you can. These supplements can be stacked with another of their product called Animal Pak for more significant results. It is also very safe to take these with fat-burning supplements. However (from their website), you should take these fat-burner supplements 3 to 4 hours AFTER you have taken the Animal Star supplement.

When Can You Expect to See Results? Short-term/ Long-term? (usually both)

It is recommended to take these pills for three weeks (of course for long-term effects you should consistently take these ) to start noticing some results.

User Reviews

Here is what people are saying about these supplements:

No Limits

“I love this stuff, swear by it. I’ve used it in the past to break through plateaus, prepare for natural shows, and to aid in recovery. Just ordered it again this week. Now, you won’t look like the guys in the pictures (that should be obvious for most of us), however you will feel stronger, and in combination with proper diet, rest, and supplementation you can see muscle gains. I always feel this start to kick in around days 5-7, somewehre in there. Run it for two cylces 3 on 1 off and you’ll experience a difference.” – abombaaron

Gains. Gains. GAINS.

“This stuff is amazing… noticeable gains, and better energy. Note: For me I noticed a massive improvement in the GYM when I take it an hour+ before as opposed to the 30 minute prior dosing directions. I don’t testify to these much, but this stuff works.. and great with the estrogen blocker” – mwillson82

Lean and Strong

“This product helps me stay lean and strong.” – patrickgault


I am continually looking for something to increase my overall gym performance, and I can honestly say that the Animal Stak helped in giving me that extra boost of primal energy to tackle the gym with more effectiveness. I like to liken myself to the wolves – as they are such badass animals and with these supplements, I feel my inner wolf howling at the power I now have.

Any Reddit Reviews or Case Studies?

There are several Reddit post that talks about his supplement.

Confusion With This Being A Steroid

In one post there is debunking of this being a steroid. As the Redditor who had posted on a forum that he wanted to take the supplement but thought it was akin to being steroids.

The reason he was hesitant to take these supplements because steroids have many adverse effects on the male body, such as:

      • man boobs
      • emotional instability
      • and the shrinking of his army (testes)

You can read more about this here.

How Much Does Animal Stak Cost? Serving Size? Where To Buy?

The price you will pay for these supplements will vary as it depends on where you are purchasing these supplements. The price range that you will pay will be anywhere from between $33 to $50, and this is only for three weeks worth.

So, you might want to keep this in mind when deciding on purchasing these supplements.

You can purchase these supplements from:

      • their website
      • GNC
      • Amazon
      • A Supplements
      • DPS Nutrition INC
      • GNC Live Wel
      • Muscles & Strength
      • Nutrition Express
      • The Vitamin Shoppe
      • Vitacost

As you can see, there are many places to which you can purchase these supplements, and this is one of the reasons why the price ranges vary so much.

Final Thoughts: Is Animal Stak Worth Buying? Does it Work?

If you are looking to get more energy for the gym. Get more drive and motivation during the day. Become more of an Alpha in the bedroom. Or just simply unlock that beast inside of you then this is the supplement for you.

The Animal Stak is a great product (which many people can attest) that will give you that extra energy to tackle your day with relative ease. More importantly, you will have more energy at the gym.

Should You Purchase These Supplements?

We highly recommend that you give these supplement a try as they have shown and been proven to increase your energy levels drastically. Now, it is essential to repeat once again that it these supplements will increases your energy levels to the point that you may be a bit more aggressive than usual.

But this is not to say that you will be going out there and fighting everyone who you may have come across, but you will have that energy level where all you want to do is Go! Go! Go! Go! Gooooooooo!


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