Animal Cuts Review: Get Shredded Like A Beast

Animal Cuts Review: Get Shredded Like A Beast

Animal Cuts is a dietary supplement pill that was made specifically for bodybuilders to help shed body fat. It is also an appetite suppressant, as well as an active stimulant ingredient to increase your energy.

It can be a challenging endeavor; trying to lose that excess weight on your waist. Love handles. Why are they called love handles? If you are like me, you cannot stand the look of love handles.

Exercise as much as we may – there is only but so much that exercising can do in regards to helping us lose that extra weight. Dieting is also crucial and what I have come to realize is that taking supplements is also very important in helping us to shed those excess STUBBORN pounds.

To be our peak performance and to be in the best shape of our lives it’s important to take your supplements and although it may not seem like a tablet can be a monumental impact on our well-well-being at the end of the day they actually do.

So in this review, we will be going over the Animal Cuts weight loss supplements and determine whether or not this is a supplement that you want to give a try.

What is Animal Cuts?

Animal Cuts is a complete vitamin stack. This supplement is comprised of several different complexes that which all focus on the body in different ways. With that said, the overall purpose of Animal Cuts is to help the user gain a more ‘cut’ physique.

While Animal Cuts is most beneficial when training for a major bodybuilding competition, it can also be taken on a regular basis to keep a cut physique.

Who Makes Animal Cuts? The Creators…

Animal Cut is a supplement that is made by the very well established company Universal Nutrition. This company has been producing body builder targeted supplements for some decades. Their product is part of their full line of ‘Animal’ products which all have a different purpose and functions for athletes as well as serious bodybuilders.

What Are The Benefits of Animal Cuts? Highlights…

If you want benefits, well then you will get them from these supplements. This supplement doesn’t shy away from making extravagant promises; but the great thing, and as you continue to read on, they deliver on their promises.

Some of the more common benefits for Animal Cuts are:

      • Helps to enhance strength as well as focus in the gym
      • Helps to Increases your brain chemistry (i.e., your cognitive functionality)
      • Reduces body fat in the body
      • Decreases appetite (an excellent appetite suppressant)
      • Design supplement to produce professional results for bodybuilders.
      • Helps to boost energy level
      • Reduces weight within a few days
      • The product is a propriety blend that includes ingredients such as Caffeine Anhydrous Rasberry Ketones and Guarana
      • Improves the level of insulin
      • Enhancement of lipolysis.
      • Useful in the regulation of thyroid of hormones

How Does Animal Cuts Work?

This supplement works wonders, and this is due in part to the exceptional formula which is used. We will explain in greater detail ion the ingredient section about the ingredients and why they are beneficial in helping you to lose weight. However, this formula works wonders because of the ingredient that can be found on the Animal Cut formula.

How & When To Take Animal Cuts?

To get the maximum results, you need to take two packs per day and do so for about three weeks; it is essential to take these supplements WITH a meal. Keep taking these supplements for three weeks and then one week off.

Animal Cuts Ingredient List – What Is This Supplement That Makes It Work So Well?

Here, we have taken a look at the many ingredients that can be found in this, and we have explained why these supplements are so beneficial in your weight loss endeavors.

The ingredients of Animal Cuts are:

      • Raspberry Ketone

This ingredient comes from red raspberries along with other several other fruits. This ingredient is usually taken by mouth for weight-loss. It gained considerable popularity after appearing on the Dr. Oz show. You can see the benefits and watch the episode which was called, “Raspberry ketone: Miracle fat-burner in a bottle.”

      • Magnolia Bark

This ingredient is a plant which is used to make medicine. This ingredient claims to help you cut weight, lower stress, combat gingivitis, along with plaque; however, no research backs these claims.

      • L-Carnitine

This ingredient is claimed to help combat the signs of aging. It is also said to increase your mitochondrial potential which assists in helping you burn fat.

      • Caffeine Anhydrous

This is dehydrated caffeine. The benefits that drinking coffee can have a list unto itself, but coffee is excellent for helping to boost your metabolism as well as stimulate your digestive system in the morning.

      • Guarana

Guarana is an ingredient that is exceptionally high in caffeine. Guarana has one of the highest concentrations of caffeine than any other plant species. This is salient as we have mentioned coffee is very beneficial in helping you to lose weight and also to boost your metabolism as well

      • Theanine

Theanine is a non-dietary amino acid which is said to help lower stress as well as anxiety by relaxing the body without sedation. This ingredient is mostly used in teas (more specifically, green tea). This ingredient can also be used to treat high blood pressure.

      • Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is an ingredient that is a dried leaf that is used to make tea. Although this ingredient is used in many supplements, the Mayo Clinic warns that “some studies indicate that people who drink large amounts of yerba mate over prolonged periods may be at increased risk of some types of cancer, such as cancer of the mouth, esophagus, and lungs. Smoking in combination with yerba mate seems to increase the cancer risk greatly.” Now, this is a fact that you may want to take into consideration and something that you will want to speak to with your doctor about most definitely.

      • Green Tea Extract

Green tea can be taken to:

          • improve your mental alertness
          • treat your depression
          • treat your colon cancer
          • treat your liver cancer
          • lower high cholesterol
          • and many other ailments

The Pros and Cons of Animal Cuts

The Pros of Animal Cuts are:

      • Essential compounds are listed and explained
      • There is an overwhelmingly positive customer review
      • Animal Cuts is sold on many well-known retail stores
      • The product is described in detail

The Cons of Animal Cuts are:

      • The potential for way too many stimulants
      • Customer comments on lack of results
      • The price tag is up there

Is Animal Cuts Safe to Take? Any Side Effects?

The ingredients used within this product, it is very likely safe to take; however, users MUST stick to the set directions of usage. Now with that being said, it deserves to be mentioned there are several side effects from taking these supplements.

We have taken the liberty to compile a list of the side effects below in a list:

      • Insomnia
      • Nervousness
      • Restlessness
      • Stomach irritation
      • Nausea
      • Vomiting
      • Increased heart rate
      • Respiration

It is always best to speak with your doctor before experimenting with a supplement. If you are pregnant or under the age of 18, then they recommend that YOU NOT take these supplements.

Likewise, if you are on some medication then it is essential that you to speak with a doctor before trying to take these supplements; as the medications and this supplement, the formula may not work in tandem harmoniously. Best to play it smart and safe then to play so sorry.

Can I Stack Animal Cuts Make It More Effective?

Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to stay these supplements with other supplements. As a matter of fact, they offer a stack packet themselves on their website to which you can purchase to get the best results possible.

When Can You Expect to See Results? Short-term/ Long-term?

Users can expect to start seeing results in as slitter as to weeks, but this is wholly dependent upon a few factors.

Factors such as:

      • Are you eating a healthy diet?

This is very important. In order to have your muscles get shredded, it is essential to give them the right food and nutrients to do so.

      • Are you drinking plenty of water?

This is out beneficial as our body is mostly made up of water. If you are not drinking an adequate amount of water, you are killing your muscles.

      • The Biochemistry of your body:

Now, this is a bit tricky because our biochemistry can have a significant impact on how supplements can affect our overall health.

      • Your Metabolism

Piggybacking off of the last entry if you have a fast metabolism it will be that much more useful to cut that weight and lose that excess fat stored in your tissue. However, if your metabolism is slow, then it will be a bit more difficult to shed that weight.

User Reviews

Here is what some people are saying about this supplement:


“These rock. Container also tells you which pill is which you can pick and choose if you want.” – Christopher

Great Product

“Good product that is a good compliment to my regular diet and exercise program.”- John M. Prystupa, Jr.

Still Testing It Out (Again Biochemistry Plays a Role)

“I have mixed feeling about this supplement. Coming off years of using hydroxycut, I honestly can’t say that Animal Cuts does the job any better. Perhaps the pills suppress my hunger slightly longer, but I don’t notice any change (granted there are 9 pills). I will assess myself after this container is finished.” – Erik Antonio


I found these supplements to be extremely beneficial in helping me to get shredded. I ahem always struggled with getting rid of my love handles and thanks to this supplements I have noticed a considerable difference in my physique and how much more cut I have become.

How Much Does Animal Cuts Cost? Serving Size? Where To Buy?

You can purchase the Animal Cuts supplement on their official website along with other retail sites such as Amazon, and Vitamin Shoppe.

Animal Cuts will cost you $64.95 for one bottle.

You also have the option to purchase these in a Cutting Stack Bundle for $157.85 on their website. With this bundle, you will get, Animal Cuts, Storm along with the Ultra Iso Whey (Lemonade Chiller).

These extra supplementary pills are meant to help you “get rid of those stubborn pounds that won’t come off.”

This bundle also comes along with:

      • A free white Universal t-shirt
      • A complimentary mix boy shaker cup
      • Free-shipping.

Final Thoughts: Is Animal Cuts Worth Buying? Does it Work?

Animal Cut is a supplement that is not made for the average dieter, and that is not by any means a bad thing; as it can take you to the next level. This product contains some highly stimulating ingredients plus various diuretics that can be a bit too strong, but this is all the reason that you MUST follow their recommended dosages.

If you have been struggling for years trying to get rid of your love handles it may not be because you are sweating hard enough, but it can mean that your metabolism is just too low and the Animal Cuts is a supplement which will drastically increase your metabolism so that cutting that extra weight will no longer be a huge problem.

There is only so much that sweating can do and the need to have a supplement help you in your weight loss endeavors is a necessity.

Should You Purchase The Animal Cut Supplement?

To get to the point…YES.

This supplement will help you in ways that you may not even know you may have been in need of. Shedding weight and getting that cut physique that you so desired has never been easier.


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