Amazing Grass Green Superfood Review 2020

If you are looking for a complete and extensive Amazing Green Grass Superfood Review, then you have come to the right place.  We cover everything that’s good and bad about this product, helping you decide whether to part with your cash.

Maintaining a healthy diet is important for feeling good and living a long and healthy life, or at least that’s what most doctors say. The nutrients that you get in your body are even shown to influence your happiness levels, so eating better can actually help you lead a happier life.

Unfortunately, it can be costly and time-consuming packing in all of the healthy foods that are necessary to get the nutrients, the vitamins, the digestive aids and the other building blocks that your body needs. That’s why so many people are investing in supplements and powder solutions to fill in the gap. One popular product that people are using regularly is what our review is focused on.

Our Amazing Grass Green Superfood review takes a look at the popular supplement while trying to determine if it’s worth the asking price and if it’s even a supplement worth taking regularly. Below we break down the benefits and downsides of this product, while looking at what it’s made from and what sort of benefits it could bring to your life if you start using it.

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Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Kosher, Raw

Sold in 6 different sizes

6 flavour options

Contains over 1 billion probiotics

Over 15 vitamins and minerals

Packed with 15,000 ORAC units for anti-oxidants

Immunity enhancing


× Only 2g dietary fibre

× Won’t be to everyone’s taste

Crafted from Healthy Ingredients

The best way to judge a health food supplement is to look at what it’s made from. After all, the whole point of a healthy supplement is to get more of those healthy ingredients that you aren’t already having in your diet on a daily basis. While studying the product for our Amazing Grass Green Superfood review, we were impressed at the long list of ingredients that go into making the supplement. A total of 30 different superfoods go into making this supplement. Things like wheat grass, alfalfa, barley, chlorella, spirulina and many others are in the mixture that makes up this supplement and it’s all those different healthy ingredients that makes this product so impressive.

Not only are most of the ingredients on the list high-quality, but the solution is designed to meet the requirements of most diets without interfering with people who are Vegan or gluten-free. In fact, the mixture is Vegan-friendly, gluten-free, Non-GMO, Kosher, Raw and it’s certified organic as well. Serious dieters that want to know about everything they are putting in their body will be happy to know that high-quality ingredients are making it into the powder or capsules that this product is made from.

Immunity Support

Most people that add healthy green drinks, and supplement powders are most interested in remaining healthy, and that really means maintaining a good healthy immune system. There are a few different ways that the supplement works to boost the immune system when taken regularly. It’s packed with Vitamin C as well as specific mushrooms known to enhance immune system performance. The supplement works to enhance immunity overall. When taken regularly the supplement could help prevent illness and serve to help maintain good health over time. It’s a good investment for anyone that wants to bolster their immunity and that’s just one of the benefits that it offers.

Powerful Antioxidants

Free radicals are thought to play a role in disease development and many experts believe that if they are allowed to build up within the body that can result in the development of illnesses like heart disease, and many other diseases. In our Amazing Green Grass superfood review, we were impressed with the total number of antioxidants found in this supplement. With more than 15,000 ORAC units adding this supplement can help deal with free radicals throughout the body and will likely help improve the health of its users. While there is no guarantee that antioxidants boost health, there is enough evidence for that to be a good bet, which is why people that want to improve their health should invest in this supplement as a way to do so.

Good Vitamin and Mineral Support

Most people are aware of the benefits of getting a full dose of the most important vitamins and minerals. These items help prevent different illnesses and disorders and can help aid in good overall bodily and mental health over time. Amazing Grass Green comes with more than 15 different vitamins and minerals and is a rich source of substances like Vitamins C, D, E, A, K and also the Vitamin B complex. Between all these valuable vitamins and minerals there is a lot to be gained by adding this supplement to your diet if you’re looking for a health boost.

Digestive Support

Good digestion is so important to overall health that doctors all over the world are continually studying digestion and how it affects the body and also for clues about how to improve digestion further. There are several key ingredients included in Green Superfood by Amazing Grass that are designed to aid in digestion.

Each serving of the supplement comes with helpful digestive enzymes such as lactase, amylases, lipase and cellulase. There are also more than one million probiotics and extras like chicory root designed to help smooth out the digestive process. All of these different special ingredients work together to improve digestion and overall they can have a big impact on how your body digests food and how you feel overall.

To aid in digestion further, there are several different sources of fibre included in the mixture. Both apple pectin and flaxseed are in the powder and the tablet versions of this supplement to help increase the total amount of fibre in your diet throughout the day. Unfortunately, the total amount of fibre included in this mixture is quite low at just 2g of fibre per serving. For that reason, many people decide to mix the powder in with fresh fruits and vegetables and blend it together into a smoothie. Doing so helps them get the nutritional benefits that it offers, while also getting in some added fibre.

Good digestion won’t just help make your stomach feel better, it can also help make you feel better overall. Good digestive health is thought to play a key role in energy levels, feelings of general wellness, immunity and many other key functions of the body. After all, digestion is how the body gets all the fuel and the building blocks that it needs to keep functioning properly.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood nutritional values and ingredients list

An Affordable Option

The supplement comes in six different size options starting off as a small packet and going all the way up to a 100 serving tub. This makes it affordable for interested users to give it a try without investing in a huge supply at first. Not only that, but the supplement is quite affordable when compared to other options on the market when it’s purchased in bulk. At its current price tag, it’s more affordable than many other supplements for 100 servings of a healthy multi-vitamin and health supplement. Interested users can get more than a three month supply for less than a month supply of some other products, and that’s pretty impressive from a financial standpoint.

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Quick and Convenient

Compared to taking the time to work in a bunch of different vitamin-rich foods into your diet on a daily basis, which is really the best option for good health, this supplement is the next best thing. It’s quick and convenient to take and has been carefully balanced to offer the optimal level of health benefits to an adult. Taking the powder only takes a few minutes and it can be taken with plain water, mixed into different recipes or consumed in a large number of other ways as well. Sure, there are other supplements that are even more convenient to take but compared to preparing enough healthy meals to get all the nutrients to come in the rich powder blend that this product offers, it’s a quick and convenient solution.

The supplement is also offered in several different forms depending on how users want to take it. Some will take it as a powder in a drink, while others will take it as a capsule without anything at all. Capsules are excellent for users that can’t stomach the flavour of the powder, and they’re convenient for use on the go. The powder is sold in a bulk tub and also in smaller packets for use on the go. Both options are simple to use, but many users purchase the packets for use when away from home because they are simpler to transport around.

The Taste and Eating Experience

One of the downsides about many of these health supplements is how they taste and this also happens to be true about the Amazing Grass Green Superfood Organic Powder. While putting together the review for this product we took the time to test out several flavours and we weren’t impressed by the experience. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, though picky eaters might find it difficult to get the powder down without the use of a smoothie or some other technique to mask the flavour of the supplement.

There are a total of six different flavours that this product is available in, and most of them aren’t all that great. They are somewhat bland and earthy in flavour. While these aren’t enjoyable to take, that’s not really the point. The fact that the powder doesn’t taste great is a sign that not too many fillers and sugars have been added to it. For people looking for the healthiest supplements that is a good thing. Sure, the powder might need to be masked in some way, but by leaving out most of those sugars and extras that some other powders add-in, the supplement makes it easy to go with sweeteners and additives that you deem suitable.

The FlavorsAmazing Grass Green Superfood Chocolate Flavour tub.
Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry Flavour tub.
Amazing Grass Green Superfood original tub.
Amazing Grass Green Superfood Holiday Cookie tub.

The supplement includes all of the following flavours. Take a look at them to see which ones are most appealing.

  • Original
  • Chocolate
  • Berry
  • Holiday Cookie
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Lemon Lime

The lemon lime is the only option that is only available in tablet form. Many users prefer to go with the original version of the supplement and skip the flavouring entirely, but some go with chocolate or berry to help the powder mix into smoothies, protein drinks and other substances more effectively.

Some users will see the poor flavour as a downside, but we see it as a positive because it means there is less filler in the powder, which is a good thing in our opinion. There are also tablets that can be taken a bit more conveniently than the powder can for those users that really can’t be bothered to swallow the powder.

A Nice Energy Boost

For coffee drinkers, or anyone looking for an energy boost in the morning, the fact that this product includes 85 mg of caffeine is a bonus. Not everyone will see it that way though, so it’s important to decide if you want to intake that caffeine on a daily basis. The caffeine that is included in the product comes from a mix of Yerba Mate and Matcha green tea, and offers additional anti-oxidant benefits as well as serving as an energy boost. For people that are in the routine of drinking a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, a serving of this supplement could serve as an alternative caffeine source that saves time or helps to take up the same amount of time overall.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Review Takeaway

Overall Green Superfood from Amazing Grass is an impressive powder supplement that’s worth investing in if you want to improve the quality of your diet conveniently. It doesn’t taste the best, and some users won’t like that it has caffeine in it, but it packs in healthy nutrients from many different organic sources to help make it as effective as possible. Users that want a healthy option in tablet or powder form will like what this supplement has to offer them.

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