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My Missionme and my boy

My mission is simple.  To inspire and help you build muscle, increase strength, and torch fat.  If you’re serious about training then I’m serious about helping you.

With the right knowledge and a willingness to work your arse off, then you will achieve the physique of your dreams

A Little Bit About Me

“I’m 37 and a father to the most amazing little boy. He is one of the main driving forces behind my success.

I was born with a disability (a severe eye condition), and because of this, my parents knew I would have many challenges to overcome in life.

So, from a young age, they installed into me a never give up attitude. This is where my drive has come to achieving the physique I wanted.

They made sure I realized anything was possible, and because of this, I have never let my disability or any other challenges I have come across, stop me from achieving exactly what I want to achieve.

If you have your own obstacles blocking your path and feel there is no way around them, well I want you to know that there is a way and it’s possible.

My Story – The Beginning

I have competed in many sports over the years and have always weight trained, but it’s only the past 14 years I have really been working on building muscle and improving my physique. Before starting I was 182 lbs at 6ft 7 (so extremely skinny) and am now 234 lbs 12 years later, never going over the 14 to 15% body fat mark when bulking.

I went through all the usual rubbish that most people go through when first starting out. I subscribed to all the different magazines, followed all the crazy training programmes, and invested in a huge amount of supplements which were supposed to be the key to me changing my physique and building a vast amount of muscle.

Well after about 5 years of getting nowhere I and slapped myself around the face and thought enough is enough. My body clearly wasn’t changing and as much as I love training, it was becoming really disheartening knowing all my efforts were not being rewarded with results.

I suppose it would be a lie to say I didn’t build any muscle. Anyone chucking a few weights around when first starting out will see some kind of change, but that is as far as it went.

Time To Get Real

The first thing I did, was put all my magazines in a pile, pick them up, and throw them into the trash can. It was time to get real and do some proper research with science backing it up.

It was amazing what I had discovered. There was actually certain things I was doing right but lots of things I was doing wrong. This is what I had discovered, after seeking advice from some top strength coaches and reading scientific papers on the human body.

  • Overtraining is a thing and can severely damage your chances of gaining any muscle. There is no need to exercise for more than 45 minutes to 1 hour a day over 4 to 5 days a week. I personally weight train 4 days a week and do HITT cardio 3 to 4 times a week. My cardio sessions very rarely go over 15 minutes.
  • Using isolation exercises in any weightlifting routine for the purposes of building muscle is a complete waste of time
  • Doing high reps with light weights will not help you build muscle mass. Your routine must revolve around heavy lifting
  • Constantly changing your workout routine is pointless and will actually hinder your chances of growth. I personally make the smallest of changes once every 8 to 10 weeks.
  • Your food choices have zero effect on losing or gaining weight. Its all down to how much you eat. Don’t get me wrong in order to build muscle and not fat, or lose fat and not muscle, your nutrient breakdown has to be right. But in pure weight loss of weight gain terms, this makes no difference. You could eat pizza and lose weight.
  • There is no point killing yourself with a super strict boring and dry diet. It’s not needed and it’s easy to incorporate the things you enjoy the most into any eating plan.

From this information, I completely changed the way I did things. I was now seeing consistent results not only in my strength and fitness but in my physique. I was able to get to a point where I could compete in my first physique show.

photo from my physique show

So What’s Happening Now

I have now helped many clients, build muscle and gain the physique they have always desired. I have taken people of all ages and sizes and helped them achieve their physical goals. This includes people well into their 60s who believed it was too late for them to make any changes. I have helped mums who not only work full time but have a family to support with very little spare time make insane changes to their bodies. Dropping pounds of fat and building new muscle.

Danielle below is a prime example of this.

David and Daniel posing

I am a straight talking guy and everything I produce on my webpage is based on years of experience, trial and error and research. You will also notice I really like to keep things short and to the point and miss out all the fluff. I have spent weeks reading books before, going into stupid amounts of information on details I just don’t need to know about, and then only taking one or two valuable snippets of information for all my efforts. This really frustrates me and therefore I don’t want to put you through it as well.

I ask If I say anything that peaks your interest to please get involved within my website. I love talking about training and dieting and welcome feedback in every form, so if you have something to share or an opinion to put forward, then please do so.

Keep an eye out on my blog as I will continue to write no fluff articles that will help you reach your goals to a better physique and health.  These will include, training and nutrition articles, reviews of products that will help you improve in the gym, at home and in the kitchen and many more.



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  1. Hi David
    Your article on sets and volume really shocked me…I have been doing more then what u recommended. I’m 51 years old and planning to do your 4 days routine. Do I need to lower my volume or just do what u have recommended.

    • Hi Nazmi, it’s always good to diversify and change your routine up. Some weeks I’ll do higher reps and lower weight, then others I’ll do lower reps with higher weight (to build strength/ mass). It really comes down to your goals. What are your fitness goals?


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