6 Worst Diet Mistakes Women Make

Dieting is hard enough as it is, but many women are making it even harder than they have to. Women around the country are making repeated dieting mistakes that are causing them to gain weight and struggle to remain successful dieting over time. We put together the 6 worst diet mistakes women make on a regular basis below.

Some of these mistakes will seem obvious while others may never have occurred to you before. Even if you know about some of these issues you might have to track your eating patterns in order to identify if you’re making them or not. Study our list of mistakes, do the work to identify your own eating mistakes and you’ll know exactly what to do to reach success in your own personal diet.

Looking For That Magical Pill Or The Next Secret

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Too many women are looking for secrets that will help them lose weight without making real honest changes to their diet. They want to keep eating the same junk food diet that they always have, and they hope that some secret extra ingredient, supplement, or magic powder is going to help them lose weight. The truth is that most women are making obvious eating mistakes. One of the 6 worst diet mistakes women make is not targeting obvious issues. They should keep a food journal and look for obvious eating problems to correct instead of looking for a gimmicky solution.

Attaching Dietary Choices with Self Worth

It’s far easier than we would like to admit to attach self-worth with our dietary choices, especially for women. While many men find it easy to shrug off occasional poor eating choices, women take mistakes personally and get depressed and down on themselves. This leads to severe calorie restriction for some and what the expert’s term yo-yo dieting. Women will often go through periods of extreme calorie restriction followed by gluttonous eating sessions to make up for the missed calories. This eating pattern leads to excess calorie intake a slow metabolism and difficulty maintaining your weight. Instead of getting hung up on past mistakes try and shrug them off and focus on eating a more balanced diet. This is the key to being successful over time.

Focusing on Pure Fat Loss Instead of Muscle Gain

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Diet is an important part of losing weight, but working to lose weight with diet alone is a poor long-term strategy. Most weight-loss diets come with some muscle loss as well, which lowers your base metabolism lowering how much you can eat again to maintain your weight. Performing regular weight-lifting routines will lead to muscle growth and an increase to how many calories your body needs. Women that put on some muscle will find it easier to maintain a sleek weight and will be more likely to maintain a healthy weight over time. Stop focusing only on dieting and start trying out lifting as well.

Going To Complete Extremes With Fat

Too much fat is a bad thing, and so is too little. Too many women choose one of those extremes to go with. There are the ladies that know dietary fat isn’t the horrible villain it was once made out to be, and they often take in huge amounts of dietary fat, which means they take in a whole lot of calories.

At the other end, there are still ladies taking in little to no dietary fat. In order to maintain this low fat intake, these women are often eating fake health foods that list zero fat on the front and pack in sugar and other poor ingredients that you absolutely don’t want in your diet. The best approach is to have a moderate dietary fat intake from a range of sources including saturated fats and some healthy omega-3 fatty acid sources for maximum nutrition.

Eating Too Little Protein

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Too many women are eating small portions of protein and snacking on carbs and other junk at a disproportionately high level when they should really be doing it the other way around. Women that consume closer to .7 to 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight will feel full longer, will have less room for added junk and will be more likely to maintain the lean muscle mass that they have.

Do yourself a favour and start tracking the total number of carbs, proteins and fats you consume on a daily basis. Use this information to help you adjust those figures to get a healthier protein level in your diet and you’ll find it easier to lose weight and maintain healthy body fat levels.

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Eating Poor at Night

One mistake that’s continually giving women and men as well dieting trouble is nighttime overeating. Many people on restrictive diets keep their eating very low throughout the day, then eat thousands of calories extra at night. If you’re restricting yourself to too few nutrients during the day, you’re going to have a strong urge to eat loads of food at night.

This isn’t a major issue on its own, but if you aren’t packing in nutrient-dense foods when you’re eating you’re going to be more likely to eat too many calories while trying to get the protein, fat and vitamins that your body so desperately craves. This happens at night more than any other time.

The major solution to this issue is to plan your meals ahead of time and pack in all the necessary macros that you need for the day no matter how much time you give yourself to eat them. Plan your meals with care and you’re almost guaranteed to achieve the weight-loss goals that you want.

You won’t need as much willpower to avoid junk because you’ll feel too full to eat much of it, and that’s the power of packing in vegetables and other nutrient-packed foods that too many people are skipping over at dinner time.

Worst Diet Mistakes Women Make Takeaway

There are literally dozens of mistakes that women and men make while dieting. The list of the 6 worst diet mistakes women make up above focuses on the most common and problematic issues that women are making repeatedly. Learning to recognize these mistakes and deciding how to avoid making them is key to being successful while dieting. Learn to identify if you’re making any of the issues above and do your best to correct them to get healthier and to diet more easily.

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6 worst diet mistakes women make

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